Brooklyn Zombie Crawl After Party – 5.27.12

The Brooklyn Zombie Crawl after party at Public Assembly is always total madness so when I saw a Misfits cover band play last year and kill it I knew that my punk cover band Fucking Bullshit had to play this years. I begged king of the zombies Doug Sakmann to let us play and then I had to beg my band not to go out of town for Memorial Day. The whole thing was worth it as we played the best show of our short career. Of course I didn’t take any pictures of our set but Coach Mike did. You can see his shots here. I can proudly say we were the highlight of the evening even if we may not be ever asked back. It was a real shit show.

Before we played Andy Shaw’s awesome punk band Bikini Carwash opened up the night. They are fronted by this hot lady who sings in a bikini which is appropriate given the name and I fully support. Pretty sure I attacked her during our set.  Sorry.

After my band played things were a little questionable photographically. I hit my head badly during a stage dive and I was properly concussed. I also was pretty drunk on Sailor Jerry rum. They were a sponsor and it was my birthday and they kept pouring it in my face. I managed to shoot some of the rest of the festivities even though I was ruined and I managed to break my flash. I shot my pal Scarlett Storm get naked on stage. She is a Bombshell Brat and a member of the burlesque troupe Rigor Mortis Revue. I was too messed up to document the Smut Cave talk show or the Zombie Gilbert Gottfried but I did manage to shoot the insane Strip For Pain which as always involves naked Burning Angel girls beating the shit out of dudes. The guy who won was possible the best I have ever seen at taking the pain.  There was also a “Hot Zombie Contest” but it devolved pretty quickly into Scarlett getting naked and making out with some other girl who emailed me asking me not to post her tits on the internet so I did what I could. Either way the whole gallery is properly NSFW no matter what.  Enjoy.

Click here to see all the pics of the 2012 Brooklyn Zombie Crawl After Party.

Bonus Links: 2012 Brooklyn Zombie Crawl Pics and pics from last years Brooklyn Zombie Crawl after party.

Brooklyn Zombie Crawl

Brooklyn Zombie Crawl

Bikini Carwash

Metal Vader & Dr. Grosz Of Fucking Bullshit

Scarlett Storm

Brooklyn Zombie Crawl

Brooklyn Zombie Crawl

Strip For Pain

Smo K Dust Of Fucking Bullshit


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