Lil Death – 1.15.11

Sorry I have been MIA guys. LA has been kicking my ass and the internet at this hotel fucking sucks. I have been shooting a bunch of hot ladies and their is proof on my Tumblr and Instagram. I will try to get in at least another update this week before I head to Vegas and shit gets really crazy.

Last night I shot the first and only party I will probably shoot in LA. My friends from Overthrow are out in LA now and doing a weekly Sunday party called Lil Death at a spot called One Eyed Gypsy.  I needed something to give to the LA Weekly this week and this seemed perfect. Oddly enough One Eyed Gypsy used to be called Bordello and it was the location of the first party I ever shot for the LA Weekly.

The party was fun and there were babes and some punk rock kids and some nudity and a fight which is pretty much all you can ask for a party. I would talk more about it but I gotta go eat lunch before I can shoot two more girls today before it gets dark. Good times. These pics are slightly NSFW thanks to a girl who randomly pulled her boobs out for me which I appreciated and gave her a drink ticket for.

Click here to see all the photos from Overthrow’s Lil Death at One Eyed Gypsy.

Lil Death

The Overthrow

Tamara Sky

Lil Death

Buff Monster

Lil Death

Lil Death

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