Soon, There Will Be Magic…

You may be wondering why I haven’t updated in 5 days. The truth is I didn’t realize that I hadn’t. I feel like just yesterday wa New Years Eve, but it appears that is not the case. Luckily for us there is magical things happening on DBB and we just have to wait a little bit longer but good things are coming!

So things have been a bit slow around here but for good reason.  I have been busting my ass organizing my life and working on projects that will hopefully make everything awesome in the very near future.  So let’s break down the exciting shit coming up for Driven By Boredom.

1) Wild Adventures. I am going on a three week trip that should bring some crazy fucking photos to the site. I am going to LA to shoot a bunch of naked girls, Vegas to shoot an party and the AVN Awards, then back to LA and the finally to Aspen to shoot the fucking Winter X-Games.  Expect a LOT of amazing content coming soon.

2) Driven By Boredom 4.0. I put a down payment on getting this site finally redesigned properly. This site has out grown it’s design and by March things should be a lot cleaner and a lot more functional. As far as you guys should be concerned the galleries will work properly, mobile viewing will be greatly improved and there is going to be a secondary blog which will make it easier to do little updates daily without moving the quality posts off the front page. On top of that the site is going to be much improved on my end making my job easier and improving boring things like SEO and social networking integration.

3) DBB.TV. I can’t give away too much here but there is finally going to be a proper video component to my website and it is going to launch with the new site design. Right now I have to mini web shows in development and hopefully I will have a few episodes of a third show by the time we launch.  The shows are going to be really simple things that I can keep up with without spending too much of my time on it so don’t expect anything too crazy but they should be a fun change of pace for the site.

4) Love Me When I’m Gone. Although this isn’t really anything most of you care about I have been busting my ass working on the tribute album to my deceased friend Ross Harman. Everything is done on it and I am going to be releasing the album in late February. It has been taking up a TON of my time and will continue to do so for a little bit longer but it’s a big deal for me and will lead to things you might care more about like…

5) A Web Store. With this record coming out and this new design in place I am going to be relaunching a web store. I built one a long time ago but never really pushed it but with the launch of the new site the store will be featured into the design.  You will be able to buy a bunch of stuff including DBB T-shirts, stickers buttons and tote bags as well as other stuff like the tribute record, Fucking Bullshit t-shirts, and prints. Plus other things I have created over the years that I have in boxes in my apartment like The Gaskets merch and some of my friends projects that I have worked on.

Anyway, there are also a few other things going on that I can’t really talk about yet but just know that even though things are a little slow around here right now there is A LOT of magical stuff coming. I hope you guys are at least 15% as excited about this stuff as I am… Cause I am pretty fucking psyched about all of it.  See you guys tomorrow.

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