Naked Girls In Bathrooms

When I first started doing this nightlife photo blog bullshit I shot a lot of girls naked in bathrooms. It was fun and I wasn’t taking any of this too seriously. But as I started making a living doing this a few things changed. The first was that when I would try to shoot girls who took being a nude model more seriously I would always hear “I don’t wanna be some drunk girl in a bathroom.” I also got an unfair reputation for taking advantage of drunk girls or some bullshit like that even though every girl I shot in a bathroom I made sure that they were fine with the pictures sober and I always took photos down if they ever changed their mind.  But either way that reputation was not something I wanted and when I started giving a fuck what my photos looked like I quickly realized that bathrooms are not the ideal location for a photo shoot. The lighting sucks and you have an extremely limited time to shoot in there.  So I pretty much stopped shooting girls in bathrooms.

Well, for whatever reason that has changed recently and I am kinda glad it has because even though the photos usually suck it’s a lot of fun.  And just seeing the looks on peoples faces when I come out of a bathroom with a hot girl with a camera in my hand is pretty hilarious.  When I was on tour with Prince Terry & Dances we stopped in Cleveland and I shot Haley Ann in a bathroom there. The club was closed but it seemed like the best spot to shoot anyway. So why not?

A couple weeks later some Chicago Burning Angels came to town.  I was hanging out with them and a few other people at the metal bar Duff’s in Williamsburg.  I did a shoot there years ago and I loved the bathroom so I suggested we shoot in there. I had already done a great naked in public shoot with Veruca James but I hadn’t shot her friend Azure Maddox yet and I figured this was the place.  We snuck into the bathroom and did a mini photo shoot. I was going to put it up earlier in the week but things kept coming up so I waited until today.

Meanwhile, while I was waiting to put up Azure’s set I got a text from my friend Whitney.  I met her ages ago and she hated me but then she started following me on Twitter and realized that I am fucking amazing so we became friends. I have been trying to shoot her for ages but she kept flaking on me so when she texted me saying she was drunk and at Max Fish, had six boxes of nitrous oxide cartridges on her and wanted me to take photos of her half naked in a bathroom doing nitrous I got in a fucking cab and got down there.

She didn’t want her nipples online for whatever reason so she covered them during  the shoot but it looked sort of awkward so she ended up putting her bra on. I think she did like 4 or 5 balloons of nitrous while she people were banging on the door trying to piss or do coke or whatever people use bathrooms for.  I thought it was pretty funny but she was drunk and high and the photos kinda sucked so I wasn’t even going to post them until she told me she thought they were hilarious and demanded I put them up.  I cannot argue with that logic so here they are.

Despite Whitney mostly covering her boobs both of these sets are clearly NSFW.  You have been warned.

Click here to see the naked bathroom gallery of Azure Maddox at Duff’s.

And click here to see the almost naked bathroom gallery of Whitney “Whip-it” at Max Fish.

Whitney Naked In A Bathroom

Azure Maddox Naked In A Bathroom

Whitney Naked In A Bathroom

Azure Maddox Naked In A Bathroom

Whitney Naked In A Bathroom

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  1. wolfgang kritter
    November 8th, 2012 | 1:31 am

    I like to see beautiful Girls

  2. Hunt
    September 6th, 2014 | 10:57 pm

    Can I fuck all of y’all

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