Why Do I Live Like This 35mm Pics

You have seen all my digital photos from the Prince Terrence/Dances With White Girls Why Do I Live Like This mini tour.  We went to Indianapolis, Louisville (and the Kentucky Derby) and ended the trip in Cleveland (and in a bathroom). But what you haven’t seen are the 8 roll of film that I shot on the trip.  The reason I got in the car with Terry and Dances and their ladies is because I wanted to shoot some crazy road trip madness and I got my wish. I shot all the crazy, but I also shot a lot of the just hanging out and eating food. Seriously, there are a lot of shots of us eating… I even shot a roll of slide film that expired 15 years ago.

When you look through the gallery I will give you some highlights to look for. You get to see Terry and I hanging out with some cows. Me screaming at a blue hippo. In Indy we shot off a lot of fireworks so there is a bunch of that. In Louisville you get to meet Terry’s amazing grandfather “The Dude”.  You get some NSFW shots including more of Haley Ann and a drunk lady flashing a midget at the Kentucky Derby. Speaking of the Derby there is a pretty nice shot of a guy getting arrested.  And of course there are a lot of shots of food.  All and all it’s a pretty serious gallery I think.

You need to check it out right fucking now by clicking here.

Why Do I Live Like This Team Photo

Fucking Fireworks

Dances And His White Girl

The Dude

Prince Terrence

Port-a-potty Running At The Kentucky Derby

Frog's Frogs

Bijoux & Isabel (And Terry)

Jonna & Dances

Me; Doing What I Do

Prince Terrence & Cows

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