Leaf’s Sweet 16 – 4.8.11

Back in jury duty after trying to catch up on sleep and hanging out with a friend visiting from Atlanta.  I didn’t get any real work done but I did mostly clean out my inbox.  One more week of slow updates and jury duty will be over and it will be nice enough outside again that I will be wanting to party daily.  Expect some good rooftops parties and summer time madness coming very soon…

In the meantime I am trying to come up with reasons to post and I decided to post some shots from a sweet 16 party I shot a few weeks ago.  Normally I wouldn’t post shots like this, but it wasn’t your normal sixteen year old’s birthday.  This girl Leaf celebrated her birthday at the Red Bull Space in Tribeca and she had performances from Hyper Crush, Dev and my homie Shwazye. Leaf also performed and is a talented musician in her own right. Oh, and did I mention that Usher showed up and was just hanging out?

I edited this gallery down to mostly just shots of the performances since it’s a little weird to be posting a bunch of shots of 16 year olds on my blog, but I left in a few fun crowd shots and of course pictures of the artists and Usher hanging out in the roped off VIP area.  Why didn’t my 16th birthday party have a VIP area?  Actually maybe it did… I certainly don’t remember it…

Anyway, I should get back to judging people right now, but you guys should click here to see some of the shots from Leaf’s Sweet 16 Party at the Red Bull Space.

Usher & Leaf



Sweet 16


Hyper Crush

Usher, Dev, Hyper Crush, Leaf & Shwazye

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