Indigo Augustine & Melina Mason

It’s not every day that you run into two porn girls who are dating each other but Indigo Augustine and Melina Mason seem very much in love with each other.  This of course made it really easy for me to convince them that getting naked together in my shower would be a good idea.  I think they were having a lot more fun than I was.

You guys of course have seen Indigo Augustine on my site before but Melina is a new edition. I met her through Indigo but she is a former Suicide Girl and is now doing legit porn.  Indigo you also might know from Burning Angel. I mean that’s how I met her.  Two serious alt porn together in a love. How cute. I can’t wait to see what their babies look like!

Before you look at this pretty fucking hot pictures let me mention that today is my last day of jury duty and I am getting back to work tonight. I get to shoot Insane Clown Posse again and they are having an after party on a boat! This should be amazingly weird. I got a fun gig on Saturday too but it’s not confirmed yet so you will just have to wait to see the pics. Also, can I point out how funny it is that I am uploading super NSFW pictures of naked porn stars while on lunch break during jury duty? I am seriously in the court room right now.

Click here to see the very hot photos of Indigo Augustine & Melina Mason in my shower.

Indigo Augustine & Melina Mason

Indigo Augustine & Melina Mason

Indigo Augustine & Melina Mason

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Leaf’s Sweet 16 – 4.8.11

Back in jury duty after trying to catch up on sleep and hanging out with a friend visiting from Atlanta.  I didn’t get any real work done but I did mostly clean out my inbox.  One more week of slow updates and jury duty will be over and it will be nice enough outside again that I will be wanting to party daily.  Expect some good rooftops parties and summer time madness coming very soon…

In the meantime I am trying to come up with reasons to post and I decided to post some shots from a sweet 16 party I shot a few weeks ago.  Normally I wouldn’t post shots like this, but it wasn’t your normal sixteen year old’s birthday.  This girl Leaf celebrated her birthday at the Red Bull Space in Tribeca and she had performances from Hyper Crush, Dev and my homie Shwazye. Leaf also performed and is a talented musician in her own right. Oh, and did I mention that Usher showed up and was just hanging out?

I edited this gallery down to mostly just shots of the performances since it’s a little weird to be posting a bunch of shots of 16 year olds on my blog, but I left in a few fun crowd shots and of course pictures of the artists and Usher hanging out in the roped off VIP area.  Why didn’t my 16th birthday party have a VIP area?  Actually maybe it did… I certainly don’t remember it…

Anyway, I should get back to judging people right now, but you guys should click here to see some of the shots from Leaf’s Sweet 16 Party at the Red Bull Space.

Usher & Leaf



Sweet 16


Hyper Crush

Usher, Dev, Hyper Crush, Leaf & Shwazye

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Let’s get this out of the way right now. I am a terrible singer and I have no business singing in the shower much less recording a song. You may have heard me mention this punk band I started and I am in fact the singer of that, but I decided to front a punk band specifically because my terrible singing can be overcome by intentionally hurting myself on stage and entertaining angry kids with mohawks. I am honestly completely without any musical talent what so ever.  Fortunately for me I have some very talented friends.

When my friend Ross Harman killed himself last September I kept thinking about how many amazing musicians showed up to his memorial.  An hour into the service I knew what I had to do.  I manged Ross’ band The Gaskets for five years and it was time once again to put on my managerial hat and get to work.  I started asking all his musician friends at the memorial if they would be interested in contributing a track to a tribute album in his honor. Everyone there could not have been more into the idea.

Six months later I was wrapping up the CD and making sure everyone was getting in their music.  I think in total the CD is going to contain 18 tracks and I was very impressed with all the music.  As happy as I was to be working on this album I suddenly had the great desire to be a part of it but I wasn’t exactly sure how. I was going to ask one of my friends if I could record some back up vocals or something to a song but most people had pretty much finished already. Luckily I had another idea.

I reached out to my friend Patrick Albertson to see if he would be interested in helping me cover the song Posture which Ross wrote for his solo project Ballpoint Pens. It only had a few lines of vocals in it and I figured I could get throug them.  Patrick was honored to be part of the album and quickly recorded the full song complete with his own vocals.  It sounded amazing and I hated that I was going to have to ruin it with my voice.

Patrick sent his music over to Teddy Blanks who was Ross’ band mate and one of my closest friends. Teddy patiently helped me record my vocals over and over again until he thought I had given him enough takes. They all sounded terrible on their own but Teddy went through each take pulling a word here and a word there until he assembled several vocal tracks that sounded okay and he put them on top of each other and then added Patrick’s falsettos underneath.  He also added some hand claps and mixed the whole thing together into and almost listenable song.

I am really proud of this album, but I am also very proud that I got to contribute to the actual music on the CD.  I am going to be blogging about this album again once it is complete but I wanted to give you a little preview now and let you hear my contribution to the Ross Harman tribute album. So listen to my song below and then head on over to where you can download nearly every song Ross or The Gaskets ever recorded for free including the original version of Posture which is taken from the album Calcutta.

Thanks for humoring me I hope you like the song or at least the idea of it. I would love to hear what you think…

Igor & Patrick Albertson – Posture

Ross Harman

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Trash – 4.15.11

Can we take a moment to appreciate the fact that I am blogging from jury duty?  In the midst of hearing testimony about rape and muggings I am editing party photos from Webster Hall.  It’s kinda crazy.  Grand jury duty is not the same is trial jury. You are just inditing people and then they go to trial later so we hear a bunch of cases every day. It isn’t so bad but there is a lot of sitting around.  Yesterday I played angry birds all day but today I am taking care of business as the late King of Rock and Roll would say…

My break is up in 15 minutes so I am going to crank this update out real quick so I don’t have a whole bunch to say but this is just the photos from Trash downstairs at the Studio at Webster Hall. Usually I shoot the Girls & Boys party upstairs but I didn’t end up shooting any pictures up there. Annie Mac was doing her thing but I just came to hang out with some specific people and they were all downstairs.

I came primarily because Jessie Lee was back in town and it was of course fantastic to see her.  She brought Joanna Angel with her, the queen of Burning Angel, plus Joanna brought her sister who I have a crush on so all of that was worth putting pants on for.  Plus it was a birthday celebration for both my homie Brock AND the cute girl who I have on multiple occasions bitten the neck of but for some reason don’t know her name.  I should, and that’s embarrassing, but these are the facts and I would hate to bring  you anything less than the truth my friends.

Obviously any time Jessie Lee shows up the gallery is NSFW so be warned about that.  But I think you are old enough to handle some nipples by now, so let’s just get into it.

Click here to see all the pictures of Trash at Webster Hall from last Friday night.

Joanna Angel & Jessie Lee

Torrey Berkson

Brendon James

Love The Fur, Hate The Lipstick

Happy Birthday Brock

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I am in an online art show over at Dirty Pilot. Dirty Pilot is an online art gallery out of Boston and they saw some of my public nudes in a show in Philly that my friend DAZE curated.  Dirty Pilot asked me for similar shots for their show so I gave them five of my public nudes and I asked them to sell the art super cheap so people might actually have a chance to buy it.  Aside from my dirty photos the show features some sick photos photos by DAZE, Charlie Ahearn, Dave Schubert and Ellis G. The show is up on until May 15th.

I can’t post any of the shots on my site because they are all nude and I wouldn’t want to offend anyone obviously so you are going to have to go over to Dirty Pilot to check them out.  And buy some art already, it’s good for you!

Also the flyer features a shot of my friend Vicki AND I had this update autopost so while you are reading this I am actually at jury duty. How exciting is that? Presents: Urbana

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Jury Duty!

So today I went to the Kings County Brooklyn Supreme Court building to get assigned some jury duty.  Turns out I will be serving on a Grand Jury for two weeks minimum. This seems like it could be really bad for Driven By Boredom for a bit.  Not only will I have to wake up at the crack of dawn every day but I can’t even tweet about the trials or I go to jail or something.  What a fucking bummer.  On the bright side I get $40 a day which is about 1/4th of what I carge for two fucking hours.

So yeah basicly I am probably not going to be posting a lot of updates over the next couple weeks and I am going to have to cancel a bunch of stuff. But I do have to say that my favorite model on earth is coming to visit me next weekend and hopefully I can get her to come out of retirement long enough to make you guys a little bit happy… and don’t worry I have a few updates ready to go next week already.

The end.

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Donald Glover

A month ago I was a pretty big fan of the TV show Community.  Today I am a pretty big fan of one of Community’s stars Donald Glover. I didn’t really know anything about Donald Glover other than he and his partner in crime on the show (Abed, played by Danny Pudi) were my favorite parts of the show, which is impressive since the show features Chevy Chase and the always hilarious Dr. turned comedians Ken Jeong.  But while I was at SXSW I was asked by the web editor of Village Voice Media if I could take some photos of Donald for a story he was doing on him.

The story was on Donald’s versatility. Not only does Donald do stand up and act, but it turns out he is actually rapper that goes by the name Childish Gambino. When I found out I was going to be shooting him I googled him and listened to a song real quick. I thought it was entertaining enough. I also found out he was one of the main guys in Derrick Comedy a web video comedy team who’s videos I am sure you have seen.

So I headed down to the Austin Music Hall a few hours before Donald was hosting MTV U Woodie Awards there. The original idea was that I was going to shoot him getting ready for the show or something but when I got there I found out that I had 15 minutes to shoot him outside.  It was super bright out and I had no location so we walked around for a bit and couldn’t find anything good. They told me that I should go find a location and that we could try to shoot again right before the show if I was willing to come back. I told them that would work but I wanted to get some shots just incase so we shot for about 3 minutes up against a fence and then up against a truck. They weren’t very inspired but I figured I would get another chance.

Unfortunately they got behind with the Woodies and I didn’t get to shoot him that day, but he showed up to the Village Voice Media music party and I ran into him back stage. He and Danny Pudi spent like 20 minutes looking at the photos on my iPad and we hung out by Wu Tang’s dressing room talked about shooting again in a few days.  Both of the guys seemed like rad dudes. Plus I got to see Childish Gambino live and he absolutely killed it. Seriously, he was amazing. I was not prepared for that.

A few days later Donald had this comedy show at SXSW and I was going to meet up with him before it. Unfortunately I didn’t get there in time to shoot again but we made plans to meet up later to shoot. Unfortunately that didn’t happen either.  Luckily he was going to be in NYC and it was looking like this article was going to be for the cover of the Village Voice and I might get to shoot it.  Again, luck was not on my side and the art director of the Voice wanted studio shots which is not what I do.  All of this was a bummer.

Now all that aside it turned out to be a good experience anyway.  First of all, Bill Jensen’s cover on Donald came out today and it is really great and they used a few of my photos. You need to read it now. Secondly, I got turned on to Childish Gambino. I understand why he goes by the pseudonym. If you hear about a comedy rapper you might think it’s a joke, but Childish is seriously awesome.  Download his free EP now. Thirdly, Donald and Danny both said they will let me shoot them in the future which should be fun, plus Donald might by a photo from me which I cannot complain about, and lastly and most importantly the shots I took came out pretty great and that is the whole point of this damn post.

Click here to see all my shots of Donald Glover AKA Childish Gambino.

Donald Glover AKA Childish Gambino

Donald Glover AKA Childish Gambino

Donald Glover AKA Childish Gambino

Donald Glover AKA Childish Gambino

Donald Glover AKA Childish Gambino

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Sammi Sprinkles

Sammi Sprinkles does not care that you think she’s fat.  Home girl embraces that shit and makes it work for her. Sammi makes money as a cam girl getting naked for random dudes on the internet proving that not only do big girls need love, but they have dudes lining up willing to pay money just to look at that love. As far as I know Sammie has never done a professional photo shoot and I have never shot any girls who out weigh me but fuck that shit, it’s time all that changed.

Sammi is a fan of my site and when I ran into her at a Halloween party at Beauty Bar she grabbed me and made me take photos of her and her friend topless in the bathroom. I rarely refuse such requests. Since then we have been talking for ages about doing a shoot. Specifically I wanted to put her in just a lobster bib and put her with a fork and knife in front of a baby dressed as a lobster, but unfortunately the mother of the baby I had in mind left town before her baby daddy could let me use the kid for the shoot.  Probably for the best.

Sammi finally came over the other week and we ran over to my neighbors house, the same place I shot Crystal, and we took a bunch of photos of her naked.  It was pretty intense and most of you are going to have your fucking mind blown when you look at these photos.  And the dudes who love big girls… you are going to thank me for this shit.

These pics are pretty fucking NSFW so be prepared when you click through to this gallery.  But if you think you can handle this shit, click here to see Sammi Sprinkles in all of her glory!

Sammi Sprinkles BBW

Sammi Sprinkles BBW

Sammi Sprinkles BBW

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Playoff Beards And Playoff Boobs

There are two things I know about fans of Driven By Boredom; You guys hate it when I talk about sports and love it when I post photos of naked girls.  I think I have finally figured out a way to use your love of boobs to get you to care at least a little about my sports related blogging. And it’s for charity! It’s so rare these to find a way to make nudity tax deductible…

As you may know I am a huge fan of the Washington Capitals hockey team.  The Caps finished their regular season schedule yesterday and they are getting ready to face my local team the New York Rangers in the first round of the playoffs.  The Caps are the top seed in the East but they are playing the Rangers that kicked the shit out of them twice this year. Living in NYC I can’t stand the fucking Rangers and I am pretty worried about the match up so I have decided to grow a playoff beard for charity.

In the NHL it is tradition for hockey players to refuse to shave during the playoffs as a matter of superstition.  In the last few years the NHL has used this tradition to raise money for charity and I think it’s a really great idea.  Personally I love growing really stupid facial hair so this is a perfect excuse not to have to shave for a while.  The playoffs in the NHL last several months so if the Caps play as well as they are capable I could be looking pretty awful for quite some time!

So if I am going to be growing this beard there needs to be a good reason for it and that’s where you guys come in.  I need you to sponsor my beard! I am trying to raise a bunch of money for the Friends of the Fort Dupont Ice Arena a charity offering free or subsidized skating programs to children.  The Fort Dupont Ice Arena is the only skating rink in the DC area and it gives inner city kids a chance to enjoy skating which is something I loved growing up and took for granted as a kid with parents who could afford to take him skating all the time. I am asking you guys to sponsor my beard and help these kids get to skate!  Now I know a lot of you don’t care about hockey or the Fort Dupont Ice Arena so that’s where the boobs come in!

When I think of beards the first person I think of is Kari Ferrell the Hipster Grifter. To give you a little refresher on the Hipster Grifter she was a girl who made headlines in NYC after she got caught scamming a bunch of Williamsburg hipsters out of money but seducing them and then convincing them to give her money through a variety of cons including a story about how she was dying of cancer.  What made her more interesting than your standard con artist was that she is hilarious.  When the story broke all these people came through with hilarious stories about her including pictures of her now famous tattoo proclaiming her love for beards.  I first heard of Kari when a friend sent me nudes of her. I thought they would be all over the place so I posted them on my site.  Oddly, I was the only person who had them and the nudes generated my site hundreds of thousands of hits.  After Kari did her time in jail she came back to NYC and we actually became friends. She is clearly a little bit insane but she seems to be pretty reformed, is holding down a real job and is a really fun girl to hang out with so I asked her to help support my beard fundraiser!

Hipster Grifter Playoff Beard

Anyone who sponsors my beard with $25 or more will get a personalized photo of a topless Hipster Grifter holding some sort of sign about you which she will make hilarious obviously. If you want her to make it for your website or your band or your company you can do that too. Think of the promotional value!  She will even make the fan sign safe for work if you want to put it on your Facebook page or something. The possibilities are endless really.  And all this can be had for just a TAX DEDUCTABLE $25 donation to a great charity!  And if you donate a lot of money like $100 I am sure we can get her to do something super weird like come over to your apartment and rub exotic oils into your beard. She didn’t agree to that but she does love her some beards.

So check out my personal donation page and sponsor my beard! You can pay with Pay Pal or a credit card.  If you want a fan sign just email me your donation receipt and let me know what you want the sign to say.  If you don’t want a fan sign you can just do the right thing and support my beard!

Oh, and I’ll be updating my picture after every game so you can come back to my page and check out how embarrassing it is that a 30 year old man can barely grow facial hair!  Good times! Go Caps!

Playoff Beard-A-Thon Day 1!

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