And it’s Monday and we are back with another dose of naked girls from my LA trip.  I still have about a half dozen NSFW sets to go but this is one of the better ones remaining.

Meet Jocelyn.  Well you should recognize her already if you are a long time fan of the site.  I have known Jocelyn for several years and she used to show up on my website all the time, often half naked, back when she lived in NYC.  I think the first time I ever met her we did a shoot but it never made it up on to the site.  I had been trying to find time to do a real shoot with her for ages but it just never happened and then she moved….

Luckily I remembered she was living in LA when I was out there and I hit her up to see if there were any good parties or anything going on.  She ended up taking me and Zoe Voss to some house party that consisted of a total of us and 4 other people. It was pretty disastrous but she promised she would make it up to me.

I am pretty sure she more than made it up to me by agreeing to let me shoot her finally.  We shot in our mutual friend kitchen because I love kitchens and it seemed like a good idea.  I was trying to mostly shoot natural light stuff but the kitchen wasn’t quite well lit enough for that but the ceilings were perfect for bouncing my flash off of so it ended up looking pretty good. I was actually pleasantly surprised when I was going through the shots and Jocelyn told me she loved the photos so if you guys like these photos then everyone wins.

You should click here too see all the naked pictures of my radical friend Jocelyn.



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