Skrillex, Tommy Lee, DJ Areo And DJ Cassette – 2.25.11

Friday night at Webster Hall was packed. I heard it sold out but it didn’t seem as crazy as some other nights but it was still very clearly out of control in there. Skrillex and Tommy Lee with DJ Areo were all upstairs for Girls & Boys and people seem to really care about such things.  I was a huge fucking Motely Crue fan when I was 10 so I can understand.  Other than the sort of surrealness of the dude from the Pam Anderson sex tape standing next to you the highlight was clearly Skrillex.

Despite taking photos of and being friends with tons and tons of DJs I don’t actually listen to dance music so unless I know the dude I usually have no idea who anyone is. People kept being like “It’s Sonny Moore from From First to Last”, but since I am not at all emo or whatever I would have to be to listen to what Wikipedia calls “post hardcore” I had no idea who he was.  Clearly about 1500 people at Webster Hall did know who Skrillex was and he rocked the fuckers. Since I can’t tell the difference between one DJ and the next all I can do is judge stage performance and how crazy the crowd gets and Skrillex passed with flying colors. He put on a great show and got these kids going nuts and that’s all you can ask as far as I am concerned. Also I feel like I have hung out with this Sonny Moore guy before but I can’t place where.  Maybe SXSW or WMC or something but I am 99% sure I have taken his photo before. If anyone can figure that out let me know.

Moving on… Downstairs my homegirl Andie Cassette was DJing Trash and celebrating her birthday.  Fat Shain was also celebrating his birthday.  My love for those kids was why I showed up to Webster in the first place.  Andie rocked the crowd that wasn’t flooding the upstairs and Shain just caused a bunch of trouble.  Suicide Girl Bettina did a burlesque number and Albert Cadabra did things with a balloon I best not speak of.  Apathy and Dangrr Doll did some topless go-going as well so the whole gallery gets a NSFW stamp on it. Whatever the case it was a fun night.

Click here to see all the pictures from Trash and Girls & Boys at Webster Hall.

Sonny Moore AKA Skrillex

Webster Hall Sold Out

Tommy Lee DJing

I Fell In Love With These Lips

Dj Cassette

Happy Birthday Shain


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The Measure Of Me

One of my best friends goes by the name of Barry Gamble. He is wondrous man that I met when I was eleven years old. In fact my four closest friends in the world were all in the same 5th grade class with me. Considering the class probably had about 16 students that is pretty fucking impressive. But back to Barry.  Barry is a weird dude. He is one of my favorite people on Earth but he does not really make a lot of sense as a human. He has some of the strongest opinions of anyone I have ever met but most of them contradict each other. His fashion sense is unexplained borrowing elements of punk and hip hop culture mixing it with exclusively Old Navy T-shirts that he buys off the $5 rack. He is a fitness fanatic and at 6’4″ he is kinda an imposing dude yet he has never been in a fight and the only sport he has ever excelled in is bowling which he has a 200+ average. He was the capitan of the varsity cross country team  his senior year in high school despite never running a varsity race. He was one of the slowest members of the JV team yet he was beloved by all that they bestowed upon him the honor of captain which was probably as funny to them as it was to me.  He is not just a slow runner, he is an unreasonably patient man and does everything with purpose and intern is one of the slowest mother fuckers I have ever encountered.  This trait as earned him the nickname Slo’ Barry which I will personally carve into his tombstone if I somehow manage to outlive him.

On top of Barry’s physical gifts he is also quite the showman.  He is a pianist and singer and we once started a 1979 style rap group called The Party Rock Three. Together with a group of three other gentlemen came in third place in our high school talent show for our rendition of Soft Cells rendition of Tainted Love. Barry won the male beauty pageant at his collage three years in a row making him the only three time Mr. Lynchburg College in school history. He was robbed of his fourth crown purely because he was the front runner. I drove several hours to witness him defend his title and he was the clear winner despite losing in the end. But above all, Barry is a friend.  A friend who dedicated a song in my honor for some reason.  I have no idea what gave him the idea to write a song about me to the tune of Elton John’s The Measure of A Man, but he did and I thank him dearly for it.

Below the video I present annotated lyrics.  Click the highlighted links to learn just a little more about me than you ever wanted to know. God save us all.

He’s taking pictures every night
Which he then shares on his website
He gets the ladies in the mood
So that they model in the nude
Join him in the bathroom for a shoot.

Take off your clothes, untie your shoes
Show him your boobs
You’ll see Igor is a man

He downs hard liquor twice a year
Best of the best at chugging beer
His appetite a god did make
I’ve seen him eat 5 lbs of steak
He drowned his beef in A1 and cleaned his plate
He seldom drinks, he’s a good dude
Eats lots of food
He is a mountain of a man

It’s the warmth of his voice, the touch of his hand
Tattoos you’ll never understand
Heart on his sleeve, reluctance to dance
That’s why Igor is a man

He’s always got time for his friends
And his baby brother Ben
Obsessed with football in the fall
I hope his Dolphins win it all
His posture sucks, he never stands up tall

One of a kind producer of work
Sometimes a jerk
You’re the measure of a man

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Rocky Business – 2.23.11

Rocky Business headlined a packed show at Mercury Lounge on Wednesday to celebrate the release of their “White People Are Drug Dealers Too” mix tape. I meant to get there in time to catch Hussle Club too, but I totally failed at that.  I managed to catch Trouble Andrew who were fun but I was there to see Rocky Business do their thing.  They are the only Radical Outing members I haven’t seen live so I figured I needed to make an appearance.  They were as good as expected and put on a hell of a show.

You know what? Just look at the fucking pictures already.  Oh, and download their mix tape too.

Click here to see all the pictures of Rocky Business at The Mercury Lounge.

Rocky Business

Rocky Business

Rocky Business

Rocky Business

Rocky Business

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DBB x I Am An Evil Carrot Tattoos

Another person go a Driven By Boredom tattoo yesterday, only this time I had to get tattooed too. My old friend Doug Sakmann became the 14th person to get a DBB tattoo and I in return got his “I Am An Evil Carrot” logo.

I was introduced to Doug almost a decade ago when he was working at Troma Studios. He was the guy who introduced me to Joanna Angel and of course the whole Burning Angel crew. Doug and his company Backseat Conceptions do all sorts of projects from making horror films to editing porn to putting on super legit film festivals in Philadelphia.  They do commercial film work, throw zombie crawls and sell a “liquor filtration system“.

I Am An Evil Carrot was originally a zine Doug created over 15 years ago but has become sort of his personal brand, production company and blog.

Both tattoos were done by Jess Versus at Glamour Garage in Williamsburg. She rules, go in and get tattooed by her.

And if you want to see more Driven By Boredom tattoos click here.

I Am An Evil Carrot Tattoo

Another Driven By Boredom Tattoo

Doug Sakmann's Driven By Boredom Tattoo

Driven By Boredom Tattoo

Doug Sakmann's Driven By Boredom Tattoo

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Andy San Dimas

Of all the shoots I have done the one I hear the most about is the shoot I did with Andy San Dimas last June.  People really like the photos, but they fucking love Andy. People love her so much that she just won the 2011 X-Biz Female Performer of the Year award and the AVN Award for Best Actress.  That’s some impressive shit. ASD is blowing up.  The girl is so rad and so retarded hot that I couldn’t be happier for her. She is so rad in fact that she let me stay with her for two days during Exxxotica, NJ and she even let me order room service. What a fucking champ.

Another good thing about Andy San Dimas is that she loves my photos. She told me the last shoot we did was one of her favorite shoots of all time. I was pretty psyched to hear that since all she does is get naked for cameras all day. It seems that we work well together so when I was in LA in January I had to link up with her for another shoot.

I went over to her apartment and she was just sort of lounging about her house with her boyfriend.  We had no idea what we were going to shoot and she didn’t have much make up on or anything like that.  We figured we would just do something chill and easy.  She was in her closet looking for something to wear when I remembered that two years ago I sent her a Driven By Boredom tank top.  We hadn’t even met yet but we had known each other online for years so I sent her and her ex-boyfriend shirts. She pulled it out and put on some red Chucks and some red glasses to match.  It was a pretty good look but I had just been given a new Mishka Keep Watch hat when I visited the Mishka Echo Park store so I gave her that to rock for the shoot.  The black Keep Watch was the first Mishka item I owned and I was so glad to see them making it again since my old one got destroyed.

Anyway, the shoot was quck and lazy and it’s pretty obviously no where near as awesome as our last set.  Of course ASD is so fucking hot that it really doesn’t matter what the photos look like.  All that  matters is that she is in them and she is naked. Seriously.  Sometimes I think that people give a shit about my photography, but let’s be reasonable 90% of you just look for the NSFW tag and click to look at the naked girls.  Well, you better fucking enjoy this set motherfuckers, cause Andy San Dimas is fucking life changing.

I need to stop this poorly written rant now and try to get some fucking sleep. I have been awake for more than 21 hours for some reason.

Click here to see pictures of Andy San Dimas naked in her bedroom in Los Angeles, CA.

Andy San Dimas

Andy San Dimas

Andy San Dimas

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All My Friends Are In Bands (Part 8)

Happy Presidents Day! Oh wait… it’s not technically Presidents Day anymore… I sort of fell asleep reading a Time Magazine article on singularity and woke up and it was Tuesday. I’ll take my sleep when I can get it. I’ll also post date this blog post so it looks like I actually got it up by midnight. So I guess I win.

Anyway, we are continuing the All My Friends Are In Bands series with three more videos from musicians that I like both as musicians and as peoples. This week features some videos I wanted to post about a while ago and probably did on my Tumblr already but fuck it, these are all videos I really dig and I want you guys to fucking pay attention to.  Let’s get started.

The oldest one is Johnny Nelson’s “Put Em In A Body Bag”.  I fucking love this song, the video is fucking tight AND most importantly Johnny Nelson has a fucking DBB tattoo so you know that dude is family.  But once again I just wish I was in the fucking video.  Come on guys, we need to start putting me in these fucking things. It’s not like I am doing anything better before midnight…  Honestly though, this song and video are amazing and his brother Telli from Ninjasonik is along for the ride.

The second video is Hussle Club’s “Loose Tights”.  Prince Terry is obviously part of the Driven By Boredom family despite flaking on his DBB tattoo and his Hussle Club is pretty fucking bad ass but I am sure you know about that by now.  The video is sick too although I do have one problem with it. He gets off the J train at Bowery and then ends up at the Delancey F train. I mean there is a J stop in the same station, clearly you missed your stop homie. You live a block from there, you should have that figured out by now…  In all seriousness… good song, good video… watch that shit now.

The third and final video is a documentary about the Death Set’s tour with Girl Talk called The Adventures of Quanni Cannonz.  When that show was in NYC at Terminal 5 I shot it and that’s how I both discovered the Death Set and met Ninjasonik.  All those dudes are fam now so that show was a pretty momentous occasion.  Plus it was a fucking amazing show.  I had seen Girl Talk a bunch of times before anyone ever heard of him but seeing him for the first time in front of a sold out crowd was fucking nuts.  Anyway, the Death Set killed it opening for him and this documentary is fucking hilarious.  It’s 20 min long but well worth watching.

The Death Set – The Adventures of Quanni Cannonz from The Death Set on Vimeo.

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More Envy Amor

Hey, guess what?

It’s Sunday and I am posting nudes.  That never happens. Sunday is the least trafficd day of the week. Why the hell would I post the type content that gets the most page views on a day that gets less traffic than any other?  Well the simple fact is I owe you.  I didn’t post any thing on Friday and Saturday because my internet was down so I decided to post these today since I didn’t get them up Friday like I had planned. Besides I have more nudes for you next week anyway.  Can anyone say X-Biz adult performer of the year Andy San Dimas?  A new set of her will be up this week so get fucking excited.  Meanwhile let me rant for a paragraph and then we can get on to the nudes.

So yeah my digital life has been a struggle of late.  My internet has been really shitty the last few weeks and I had to get a cell phone because my old one kept dropping calls and shit.  Well guess what? The new one still drops phones and loves to text people old messages in the middle of the night. Awesome.  Oh yeah and then my Facebook got taken down (I got it back) and fucking Twitter decided it would be a good idea to make Twitdroyd stop working (it’s coming back). And if that weren’t enough my internet went down for a few days.  I tried to run my life as normal by tethering my phone to my MacBook so that I could keep working and it was great for a day or two… until T-Mobile decided that my unlimited internet plan was not so unlimited and they cut my data speed.  So my internet is once again working (although I need to get a new router) but my cell phone service is slow as fuck and I barely check my email on my phone now. Fucking wonderful. Moving on…

I have shot Envy a few times.  The first time we shot alone in this creepy motel I was staying at in LA. A year later I shot her again in the same motel, but this time with Shay Ryan. In what seems to be a January tradition I was back in LA again shooting with Envy only this time she was on her way to work, I was subletting an apartment two blocks away from the creepy motel and I kinda half assed the shoot.  We shot really quickly, in the bathroom because I had no other locations in that apartment left and the bathroom seems to be my go to location. I don’t love these shots but they are kinda hot anyway.  My flash bouncing off the mirror in a lot of the pictures is sort of interesting and there is a softness from the ceiling bounce that most of my bathroom shots don’t have.

Also, these shots are interesting in that Envy decided she would not be shooting anymore naked photos. She is married and I guess retiring from the world of porn.  But don’t worry you can always see her naked on Gods Girls and banging dudes on Burning Angel.

Obviously these photos are NSFWYou can see all the shots of Envy Amor by clicking right here. And I will see you motherfuckers tomorrow.

Envy Amor

Envy Amor

Envy Amor

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Rando Vs Blackout – 2.15.11

First of all fuck fashion week.  Maybe it’s cause I haven’t booked any gigs this week, or maybe it’s because I haven’t bought new clothes in 5 years but whatever the case I didn’t do a damn thing this year.  I did manage to get out on Tuesday night to hang out with normal friends who don’t wear shoes that cost more than my camera.

I first headed over to Gallery Bar for Rando.  Roofeeo was guest DJing and Dances With White girls was taking party photos for some reason.  I hung out for a bit and then ran over to Le Souk Harem for the Blackout Tuesday party that has been going on for a while but I haven’t had a chance to check out yet. I am friends with a few of the hosts and Raquel Reed was go-going and this girl Lindsay who I used to know from the Rated X party days hit me up randomly and invited to it so it seemed like the right time to go over there.  I was wearing my high school letter jacket for some reason and they weren’t trying to let me in but luckily the door guy had heard of my website and let me in. I was there late so I didn’t get to do too much hanging out but I did get a bunch of crazy photos there.

Look, I gotta cut this short. I haven’t slept but a few hours in the last two days and I just found out that Facebook decided to delete my account without any real warning. I never post nudity or anything on there but somehow my photos offend them anyway. About a month ago they deleted 22 pictures and I thought that would be the end of it, but today that shit is just gone. So many people I can only get in touch with through Facebook and a big part of my business is dependent on it. This is fucking bullshit.

Oh yeah, click here to see the fucking photos from Tuesday night.

Fulltime Fun

Heems Of Das Racist

Raquel Reed & Worm

Blackout Tuesdays

Blackout Tuesdays

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Zoe Voss

I spent more time with Zoe Voss on my Vegas/LA trip than anyone else yet somehow we didn’t manage to do an actual photo shoot.  I was introduced to her online by a mutual friend a few months ago and we talked on Facebook and Twitter briefly but that was it.  I was in Las Vegas for the AVN Awards and I recognized her and introduced myself. She didn’t seem super interested in talking to me so it surprised me when I heard her tell someone how great of a photographer I was the next day.  She asked me if we could shoot when I was in LA. Zoe was a fashion and runway model for four years before she started doing porn. She’s a fucking babe and kinda famous.  Clearly I wanted to shoot her.

On the second day of the Adult Entertainment Expo I saw her in line to get some food. She was taking a break from signing autographs and needed a hot dog.  She asked me to walk her back to her booth so porn fans wouldn’t harass her and I ended up spending her whole lunch break with her and we kinda bonded. She gave me her number and told me to hit her up when I got to LA.

I ended up texting her pretty much the whole drive to LA. It was pretty clear I had kinda developed a crush on the girl.  The next day she invited me to the dog park with her amazing puppy Kaya.  We drove out to the Hollywood Hills to this dog park right under the Hollywood sign. I took some photos of her with my 35mm camera.  After that we got some food and she drove me to the apartment I was subletting. I had to pick up the key.  My place was right next to Grauman’s Chinese Theatre and the premiere for Green Hornet was going on so we took her dog for a walk down Hollywood to check it out. We could see Seth Rogan and for some reason Tom Green across the street but Kaya was getting all the attention from the gawking tourists.

I was just planning on heading home after our walk but Zoe invited me for drinks with her ex-boyfriend and another friend of hers.  So we went back to her place and she got ready to go out while I played Angry Birds on my iPad. I took a bunch of photos of her getting ready to go out which is obviously the right move when a model/porn star is standing naked 5 feet from you.  I had my point and shoot 35mm camera and my old Pentax loaded with some black and white film so I finished both rolls on her.

After she got dressed we met up with her ex-boyfriend from high school who was visiting from Minnesota and headed over to the Chateau Marmont where she was meeting her friend for drinks.  It turns out her friend was James Frey who wrote the book A Million Little Pieces. It was a huge non-fiction best seller until it turned out he made most of it up and then that became and even bigger story. He was in town writing a pilot to a TV show for HBO that has something to do with the porn industry and wanted to talk to Zoe about the project.  When we got there he was at dinner with Richard Prince and several other well known artists. It was a bit surreal.  While she talked to him about porn I talked to the photographer next to me about photography and it turned out he was a fan of my ex-girlfriends dad’s art or something. Also sitting next at the table next to us was Katy Perry who happened to be sitting with my friend Mia. Mia was DJing at Bar Marmont at midnight so we ended up meeting her there after the James Frey drink session was over.  Zoe was really excited about getting to meet Jason Segel on the way out and her ex-boyfriend couldn’t believe that he had just spent $14 on one beer.

After we watched Mia DJ for a bit we dropped off Zoe’s ex and made a play for some more food at Fred 62. We created the worlds greatest milkshake by adding chocolate sauce to a peanut butter milkshake. It was kinda life changing. After dinner Zoe was falling asleep and she had a few drinks in her so she just wanted to pass out at my place.  I didn’t even have sheets on the bed but we hit up Wallgreens and I bought some sort of Snuggie like blanket things. She also made me buy her tampons which is always fun and awkward. We finally got back to my place and found out that there was a fucking bomb threat on my street and that we couldn’t even get to my apartment until it was clear.  She fell asleep in the car while I just sat there waiting for the cops to leave.  Eventually we made it home and curled under our makeshift blankets and passed out.  It was a lovely day in LA.

Zoe and I hung out a few more times that week but we never did manage to get that photo shoot in for some reason.  But I am sure I will see her again soon and we will get those fucking shots. Zoe is one of the coolest girls I know in porn and you would never know she did it unless you saw one of her movies. Which you should clearly do. But yeah, I totally miss the shit out of her.

Despite not shooting with her, I did take a bunch of photos that first day we met. I don’t have any photos at the Chateau Marmont for some reason, but I do have shots from all our other adventures including shots of her puppy, shots of the delicious milkshake… and oh yeah there might be a dozen or so photos of her naked… not that you guys would be interested in anything like that…

So what are you waiting for? I can’t believe you read that whole thing! Click here to see a photo document day in the of the exciting adventures of the stunning Zoe Voss and her adorable puppy Kaya! And of course these photos are very thankfully NSFW.

Zoe Voss

Zoe Voss

Zoe Voss

Zoe Voss

Zoe Voss

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