The Wild Ones – 1.28.11

Oh snap! We finally have some new legit party photos. It’s been a while.  You know why? Because I fucking hate shooting party photos these days.  It makes my soul hurt to shoot the same pictures of the same people doing the same things day after fucking day.  I need some new events people and you guys need to start throwing them. Let’s think outside the box here people and let’s get the fuck on to summer where we can have some fantastic pool parties and roof top parties and I can start enjoying taking pictures of you pretty bastards again.  Until then I am not taking anymore party pictures unless someone is paying me to do so.

Luckily working for the Villlage Voice I have to send them some party pictures once in a while so it makes me get the fuck out of my house. Last Friday I was trying to go to some underground boxing shit in a mall in Chinatown but it was completely sold out when we got there. I didn’t really know what to do but I was at White Noise on Thursday and I had a really good time and I knew that Michael T and Sam Valentine do a Friday night party there so I figured I should check it out.  My favorite bartender on earth Kate happened to be working and my boy Mikey from Just Friends was bar backing and two people with DBB tattoos were there so I decided that I should start shooting some photos.

My friend Arden was go-going as was another girl who asked me not to post her pictures because her mom was a Sunday school teacher.  A third girl was just partying in her underwear which seemed awesome.  This cute girl with a Black Flag tattoo was having her birthday as was another girl so everyone was just clearly down to party. The whole thing was just a lot of fun and for a moment it made me forget about how much I hate taking party photos. I almost enjoyed myself.  Eventually I came to my senses and realized I had enough photos for a gallery and went home to watch like 5 hours of season 3 of Skins. Plus on the way home I saw a really good street fight outside of a McDonald’s that made up for my missing the underground boxing.  It was a good night. Let’s just hope the Village Voice runs these pictures so I don’t have to go out again for a few days…

Click here to see all the pictures from The Wild Ones at White Noise.

Samuel Valentine & Michael T

Loko Suicidal

I Don't Know Whats Going On Here But I Am Really Into It

Driven By Boredom Tattoo

Arden Leigh

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Nicholas Gazin’s No Escape – 1.28.11

My friend Nicholas Gazin AKA the Toilet Cobra AKA Nick Gazin had an art opening at Mishka’s 350 Broadway store.  I don’t have to tell you that Nick’s art is fucking insane, you can clearly see that for yourself. The dude is just a sick fucking artist and seems to be everywhere these days.  He is the Vice Comics editor and shoots and writes Dos and Don’ts for them (including a bunch of the ones I shot).  He designs t-shirts and blog for Mishka.  He shoots photos and was somehow named by L Magazine as one of the best photobloggers even though he was borrowing my camera at the time (he finally gave it back).  And the dude draws shirts and flyers for every fucking rad band.  If Nick can keep up this pace he is going to be a legend and people are going to start comparing him to Raymond Pettibon even more than they already do.

As far as the show goes he had a ton of work on the wall from illustrations for magazines to sketches to paintings.  The show was as packed as I have ever seen an art opening at Mishka.  Ellen Stagg’s shows seem to bring a lot of people out but Nick doesn’t have the advantage of porn stars hanging out at his openings.  I was only at the show for a little bit but it was a great time and hopefully he sold some arts.

You should clearly click here to see all the photos from Nick Gazin’s No Escape show at Mishka’s 350 Broadway.

Nicholas Gazin's No Esacape

Nicholas Gazin's No Esacape

Nicholas Gazin's No Esacape

Nicholas Gazin's No Esacape

Nicholas Gazin's No Esacape

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Cortne Lanier’s Beasts & Burdens

My friend Cortne Lanier had an art opening for a series of paintings called Beasts & Burdens at the clothing store Billy Reid last Thursday.  She is an amazing painter who I met in college when she was using the darkroom to develop prints that she was painting for a show.  She was in the MFA painting program at VCU when I was an undergrad photo major.  She is one of the few people I have stayed in touch with since leaving Richmond, VA and it’s always great to see her when she comes to NYC for shows.  One of the images in the show was based on an image that I took of my friend Vicki naked in the snow last winter.

I just shot a few pictures of the art in the show for her personal use, but I figured I would do a little post about it for you guys.  So I don’t have a full gallery or anything but a few of my favorite images are below. The musicians below are Bennett Sullivan & Thomas Bailey who were hired to provide music for the event.  They were pretty great.  If you are interested in any of Cortne’s art you can head over to Billy Reid on the Bowery or you can contact Cortne via her website.

Cortne Lanier - Beasts & Burdens

Cortne Lanier - Beasts & Burden

Bennett Sullivan & Thomas Bailey

Beauty & Beast

Cortne Lanier - Beasts & Burdens

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Eden Von Sleaze

I gotta do a real quick post to end the weekend since I am supposed to be somewhere in 25 minutes. I have sort of been fucking up the last couple of days I gotta go out and shoot something tonight and hopefully get a lot done this weekend. Wish me luck or something.

I have a ton more nude stuff from my LA trip to go up so we are going to end this week with another one. I will have at least three more nude girl galleries next week too.  And probably another three the week after that. It might be a while before we get rid of all these…

Today we have my buddy Eden Von Sleaze.  You have probably seen her on Burning Angel or Gods Girls but she seems to be doing a lot of porn work these days. She was the very last person I shot in LA only a few hours before I left town.  I shot her and then we got some food and then I packed up and drove straight to the airport. We shot in the kitchen of the place I was staying because for some reason I really wanted to shoot in there.  It wasn’t really an ideal location but for some reason I love shooting in kitchens. It’s not even the first time we shot in a kitchen… I hope you dig the NSFW photos.

Click here too see Eden Von Sleaze naked in a kitchen.

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Bobbi Starr

I met Bobbi Starr at Disneyland of all places. About 18 months ago I got stranded in LA at 10am with nothing to do. I was going to sit in a rental car all morning until I called my friend Madison and she invited me to Dana DeArmond’s birthday at Disneyland.  It was a pretty fun time but I gotta say when you are at the happiest place on Earth with four porn stars the conversation can get a little weird.

I didn’t really stay in touch with Bobbi after that but I did really enjoy hanging out with her. I saw her at the Adult Entertainment Expo in Vegas last year while she was signing autographs and she made me take one.  It said something along the lines of “Shmeeegor! Let’s go to Disneyland and stare at little children together.”  I kinda thought that was hilarious and I am pretty sure I have it somewhere still.  This year at the AEE I saw her again and told her I would be in LA the next week.  She asked me if I wanted to shoot something with her and of course I jumped at the chance.

Bobbi Starr is so fucking pretty it’s unreasonable.  She just sits there looking  fucking cute, totally natural.  When she smiles she turns that shit up to 11.  You thought she was as cute as you could get and then bam! the adorableness is nearly doubled.  She also happens to be awesome.  After we shot we got into this conversation that lasted about 45 minutes and the whole time I was trying to walk to the door of her apartment.  She had shit to do and I was trying to go but we just kept talking until I was all the way out in the hall.  So yeah she is super adorable, really cool… and oh yeah.. she makes really filthy porn.

I hope you guys like this shoot. I really do.  I shot Bobbi right as the sun was going down. We had lost most of the light in her room but I kept opening my lens wider and wider as day turned to night.  You can see how much the light changes as the shoot went on. Anyway, check them out and let me know what you think. NSFW of course.

So stop reading this nonsense and click here to see some free naked pictures of Bobbi Starr.

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Tell Them Anything You Want Screening – 1.23.11

Last Sunday I got asked to come down to shoot a screening of Tell Them Anything You Want a 40 minute documentary about Maurice Sendak.  Sendak as you probably know is the creator of Where The Wild Things Are and about 100 other children’s books.  The film was directed by Lance Bangs and Spike Jonze who were on hand to do a Q&A after the screening.  The screening was the third film in a weekly series presented by Oscilloscope Laboratories’ The Circle of Trust Screening Series at Liberty Hall at the Ace Hotel.

The film was fantastic, I got free food and after I ate I got to watch the Jets lose on the movie screen.  What a great night.  Honestly if you get a chance to see this film you should.  It’s available for sale from Oscilloscope and worth going out of your way for. Sendak is an interesting and hilarious man in the last years of his life who has accomplished so much but is much more concerned with what he hasn’t done.  I have a feeling if I make it to my 80’s I will be just as pissed off about it, although probably with a much less impressive resume to look back on. Spike Jonze befriended him in the 1990’s and made the documentary over the five years that it took to make the Where The Wild Things Are movie. Sendak really trusts and loves Jonze and it comes out in the film and makes for a really intimate portrait of a brilliant man.

This write up is probably really poorly written because I am trying to write it and watch Obama’s State of the Union address at the same time.  So I am just gonna go ahead and get these photos up. But two things I should note.  The first is that I didn’t really shoot this like I would a party. These pics were for press and in house reasons for the Liberty Hall screening series so I mostly just took environmental shots to show the big crowds and then some photos of the introduction and the Q&A.  The second thing I should mention that a long with the directors of the film Catherine Keener showed up for the Q&A.  She is in the film and happened to be in town so Spike and Lance brought her a long.  I am a pretty big fan of all three of them so it was really great to shoot them and talk to them for a second after the film.

Okay, let’s do this. Click here to see all the pictures from the Tell Them Anything You Want Screening at the Ace Hotel’s Liberty Hall.

Ps. Oscilloscope Laboratories is way worth checking out as well. They have released several documentaries that I have loved and pretty much every film in their library looks well worth watching. They have a subscription service that you can order for $150 that sends you their next 10 films (on DVD or Blue Ray) before they have been released to the public and you don’t even have to pay shipping. Hell of a deal..

Spike Jonze & Catherine Keener

Lance Bangs

Lance Bangs & Spike Jonze

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Sparky Sin Claire

So I may have mentioned that I just have a ton of nude stuff from my Vegas/LA trip and it’s time to start getting stuff up.  I actually only shot one legit set in Vegas so I think we should start with that one.  The first girl I shot on my trip was Sparky Sin Claire and I have to say that it might be the best shoot I did on the whole trip.  I was pretty surprised that this shoot turned out as well as it did actually.  Not to say that Sparky isn’t amazing.  I mean I love the girl.  A year ago she won me $120 in Vegas and if I didn’t think her boyfriend was such a good dude I would probably hit on her even more than I do.  But I was still surprised that they came out this well. I have shot Sparky twice before and neither set really stood out to me.  Plus this set was totally out of nowhere.  I was exhausted and headed back to my hotel room to nap and I ran into Sparky in the casino. I asked if she wanted to shoot something really quick because she was looking fucking adorable so we went back to my place and started shooting.  The hotel room was so ugly and the light sucked and I really thought the set would be a disaster.  I had to actually turn on the TV in the room just to get enough light to shoot.

And yet, with all that against us, Sparky and I shot one of my favorite set ever in probably about 20 minutes. I liked one of the shots so much I put it on my iPad and just started showing it to everyone we ran into that night. Everyone seemed to love it and I hope you guys do to.

Okay, that’s enough hype. Let’s get to some photos.  And when you are done looking at these pictures you can always watch Sparky have sex with dudes and whatever the porn kids are doing these days over at Burning Angel.  Oh yeah, these are clearly NSFW.

Click here to see Sparky Sin Claire naked in a Vegas hotel room!

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Hussle Club Mishka In-Store – 1.21.11

On Friday night Hussle Club did a in-store appearance at Mishka’s 350 Broadway flagship in Brooklyn. I was on my way into the city to drop off a bunch of rolls of film from my trip that I needed to get developed.  I had a bout 10 shots on the roll of film that was in my camera and I thought that stopping by their  in-store would be the perfect way to finish off the roll.

They were scheduled to play at 7pm and I had to be in the city by 8.  Unfortunately they didn’t start playing until about 7:40 and since I knew that I couldn’t shoot much of their set I figured I would just burn the end of the roll and then jump in a cab. I caught about two of their songs and they sounded really good as a scaled down three piece. I actually haven’t been to any of the other Mishka in-stores but the sound was actually really good. Oddly it might be the best, soundwise, I have heard Hussle Club. Plus no one got iced this set…

Anyway, I finished the roll and made a break for the city and made it to my film lab (Luster for those who care) by 7:58pm.  Perfect timing.  So usually I leave you guys with a whole gallery of photos, but instead I just picked out three of my 10 shots and posted them below.  Sorry about the lack of gallery but I hope you enjoy some of my 35mm snap shots.

I will be posting tons of my 35mm snap shots from my Vegas/LA trip over the next week on my Tumblr so make sure you are following that.  If you aren’t into Tumblr I feed all my tumblr stuff to my Twitter so you can just follow that.  If you aren’t on Tumblr or Twitter you probably don’t know how to turn on a computer and you probably can’t read this, so I won’t stress it too much.  See you guys tomorrow!

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Reality Bites – 1.20.11

On a cold, snowy, horrible Thursday night what could possibly get me out of my nice comfy bed and all the way across the city to Sway?  Um… a 90’s themed party of course! My friend Pebbles asked me to come out to take pictures of the fiesta which consisted or Rok One and Michna spinning songs I really hoped to never hear again.

I mean there was some pretty great hip hop in the 90’s and you know Nirvana was fucking awesome, but pretty much everything else was fucking horrible.  From the day Kurt Cobain died until the ball dropped on 1999 I listened to almost exclusively punk rock in the 90’s and listening to Stone Temple Pilots and Alice And Chains seemed like the worst idea ever, but once I got there I sort of changed my mind and I realized that even these songs I hated 15 years ago I sort of have a fondness for. At some point in the night I was actually yelling at people for not doing the bee dance during Blind Melon’s “No Rain“. I would have not guessed my life would have ever come to that.

If I were DJing a party like this I would have played Doggystyle, the Judgement Night sound track and The Bevis and Butthead Experience straight through with “Do The Bartman” thrown in there to change it up a bit.  I was pretty offended when Rok told me he didn’t have the “Hey Dude” or “Ducktales” themes ready to go, but hits like Candyman’s “Knockin Boots” and C&C Music Factory’s “Things That Make You Go Hmmmm….” kept me pretty much sated.

It was a good night and I had a ton of fun and I even managed to find a cab even though it was snowing like crazy and it was after 4am when I finally left.  And all was good in the world.

Click here to see the Reality Bites photos from Sway.

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