Sammie Sixx And Mia Rebel

Remember this crazy party we did to benefit Jessie Lee? Well that night, pretty much at the end of the night, Sammie Sixx and Mia Rebel started making out.  They are both Bombshell Brats but they had just met that night and fell in lust at first site.  They were all over each other and of course I suggested being the creepy dude I am that we should take this to the bathroom.  We took a bunch of photos of them topless kissing and then all of a sudden shit got serious. I pretty much watched them have sex in the bathroom while I just took pictures.  Now unless it happens on stage at a party or something I do not post hard core images on this website.  Driven By Boredom is NOT a porn site despite what you have heard.  I like my photos trashy, but not sleazy if that makes any sense.  So I decided to do two things with these pictures.  The first thing I did was do an edit that I felt comfortable posting on Driven By Boredom.  These photos are still a lot more scandalous than most of the stuff I post on here, but they aren’t graphic.  The second thing I did was I did a second edit but I left in all the super graphic shots.  I decided to make that available as a special prize for helping Jessie Lee.

We have raised a lot of money for Jessie Lee after her car accident but she still needs help.  So if you go to and donate $15 between now and January 18th (which is when I return from a 2 week trip to the West Coast) I will send you all the pictures from this set. These girls and I were all at this party cause we love Jessie Lee so I figured this was the best way to deal with these super hot, yet way too dirty pictures. So donate some money and forward your Pay Pal receipt to me and I will send you a link to a zip file full of sexy lesbian goodness.  So help a girl who needs it and get some dirty pictures.  I feel like everyone wins.

Now again, thes rest of the photos are still very NSFW so be warned before clicking here to see Sammie Sixx and Mia Rebel make out naked in a bathroom.

Update: These photos are now available on Girls of Driven By Boredom.

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Professional Wrestling Musical Classics

So I haven’t updated since Christmas.  Bad form, but fuck it, everyone else was on vacation… I guess I was too.  Really I just didn’t have internet for a few days but I’ll pretend I was vacationing. I finally made it back to NYC today.  I am pretty jealous that I missed some serious photo opportunities in the blizzard.  Today my cab got stuck in the snow a block away from my apartment. Somehow snow came through my air conditioner and I made a snow ball in my bedroom. It was nuts. None of that matters… It’s time to get back to work.

I am going to start this week off in a totally weird and random way… with songs written by professional wrestlers.  I want to do more Mp3 blog posts on Driven By Boredom and I felt like today would be perfect for one since I haven’t slept yet and I need to crash for a bit and then try to catch up on life.  I almost thought about not posting at all again today but I need to get some stuff cooking for you guys.  I haven’t shot any parties in a while so I need to get back to work. I have a bunch of nude stuff that I shot over the holidays but I might wait until after New Years for most of it.  We shall see.  I got on another trip on the 6th of January but I am going to do a better job of keeping DBB up to date while I am on the West Coast.

Anyway, this post keeps getting more rambly and incoherent as I type so let’s start talking about this music so I can go to sleep…

For some reason I have two full albums of rap songs written by pro wrestlers on my computer. I am not sure when I downloaded these but they are fucking hilarious.  The first one, Hulk Hogan’s is called “Hulk Rules” and is credited to him AND “The Wrestling Boot Band”.  This 1995 album is a classic and is filled with song about Hulk Hogan and eating vitamins.  The most mocked song on the album is probably “Hulkster in Heaven” which is about one of his fans dying and he sings a sentimental tribute to him. It’s absolutely horrifying. That being said, I chose for you a more uptempo jamming hit called “Hulkster’s Back” because I love you.

Hulk Hogan – Hulkster’s Back

The next track is off “Macho Man” Randy Savage’s classic “Be A Man“.  This rap album feels like a response to Hulk’s album only it came 8 years later.  While Hulk’s is cheesy in that early 90’s celebrities rapping kinda way, “Be A Man” is actually trying to be some sort of actual rap album. I feel like Randy Savage really thought that this was going to give him some serious street cred.  He hired what appears to be actual black people to help him with his album.  They rap with him and hype him up throughout the record. (As a side note whatever rap careers those rappers had ended the day this record dropped.) The whole thing is substantially more embarrassing due to the earnestness of Savage’s attempt to become a rapper. And while this album is absolutely full of hits I really had no choice but to drop you guys with the title track “Be A Man”. It is a homophobic diss at the Hulkster himself.  He calls out the Hulk and his movie rolls, while praising his own cameo in Spiderman. It’s all very adorable. You just wanna hug him.

Macho Man Randy Savage – Be a Man

I wanted to give you one more Mp3 because it seemed like that would be the reasonable thing to do, so I googled Pro Wrestling Musicians and found out that John Cena has a rap album too… but I don’t give a fuck about that guy because he didn’t wrestle in the 1980’s so I dug a bit deeper into google and found this amazing Rowdy Roddy Piper song called “I’m Your Man”.  It’s actually kinda awesome and since I couldn’t find a good Mp3 I am going to hook you up with this sweet video of it. I mean seriously, it’s no “They Live” but it’s pretty fucking amazing.

See you guys tomorrow…

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Merry Christmas!

I have been talking shit about my Christmas Card for weeks now and you finally get to see it!  I sent out more than 250 of these for Christmas but since more than 2500 of you view this site a day I know that 90% of you haven’t seen this glorious masterpiece yet.

In 2005 I decided to make a Christmas card when I was living in Richmond, VA.  I went to my friends (AVN nominated) sex shop Taboo and bought a Christmas thong and posed for my card in just the thong and a santa hat.  When I moved to NYC in 2006 I didn’t get a card together, but the next year I decided to up the ante and put two cute girls in Christmas thongs with me.  That card seemed to be very popular.  I had a lot left over so I sent out those cards again in 2008 and 2009 mostly because I am lazy, but in 2010 I thought it was time to step up again and make everyone’s Christmas dreams come true.

I figured most people who had seen my old card would expect naked girls again and I have gained a few lbs and decided maybe a thong wasn’t my best look, so I decided to come up with a new idea.  That idea was The Fat Jew.  For those who don’t know the Fat Jew he was a musician and will soon be a TV star but for now he is just a fat lunatic who makes an excellent naked Jewish Santa.  The Fat Jew owed me some money from when he hired me to shoot him and Kid Cudi hanging out on the day that Michael Jackson died.  I figured I was never going to get paid so I told him we would be even if he posed for my Christmas card.  He was more than willing… some  would say he was excited.

So I got my self a woman’s Christmas sweater from the thrift store down the street, bought a few rolls of Christmas wrapping paper for a backdrop and called my friend Chris from Eat The Cake NYC to come help me take pictures. When the Fat Jew showed up I tossed him my thong and hat and we got to work.  I tried sitting on his lap but it wasn’t quite working. My legs looked way too big in the frame. We tried a few things and ultimately settled with me on the ground between Santa’s legs.  And yes, the Fat Jew’s balls were tickling the back of my neck for the entire shoot. We eventually tried some hilarious Home Alone style shots and then I took the camera from Chris and shot a few of the Fat Jew as solo Santa.

After the shoot I took the pictures overs to my friends at Chips NY and had them make me a lovely card.  Then I had 500 of them made, bought 80 dollars worth of stamps and convinced a really cute girl to help me stamp and label them all…. And that is how you make a Christmas miracle.

So check out the card below and then you can click right here to see all the outtakes of the greatest Christmas card ever created!

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All I Want For X-Mas Is More Football

I have excellent news for you guys… The Miami Dolphins lost to the fucking Buffalo Bills last Sunday which means they are officially out of the playoffs.  This means that you only have to put up with one more update about the Dolphins this year since I am going to be out of town for the game this week. They only have one game after this weekend and I am not even sure I will take photos since it will probably be a disaster so this might be the last time you have to deal with hearing about football from me for months. Rejoice.

I do have to talk about our event last week though.  Dolfans NYC threw one last blow out to end the season with the help of Buffalo Trace Bourbon. They provided 300 free wings and a lot of free shots of bourbon and discount drinks at the bar. We did a raffle and accepted donations and in the end we raised another $250. The club this year donated $1200 to charity and raised money to do a big tailgate event at the Jets game, get t-shirts printed and really make this club into something awesome.  I was really proud of what we did this year.

Anyway, check out the pictures from Third & Long if you want. They are all pretty shitty since I shot them on my little digital point and shoot, but the kids at the bar like them.  And then most importantly have an excellent Christmas even if you don’t celebrate it, (I hear Christmas Chinese food is fantastic) and I will see you guys back here tomorrow with my epic Christmas Day Christmas card outtakes update.  If you haven’t seen my card yet, you do not want to miss tomorrows post.

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Did You Get Yours Yet?

As you probably are aware I sent out more than 250 Christmas cards this year.  If you didn’t send in your address unfortunately it’s too late.  I am going to do a post with the card and a bunch of outtakes on Christmas day but until then I am just going to keep teasing you.  I hyped this card up so much that most people thought it could never live up to the hype.  Well it sounds like it lived up to it and is changing lives as promised. Here is a bunch of the twitter hype. I wish I could post some of the texts I got about it, but this is just going to have to do…  Get excited for the 25th when I release the outtakes.  It will be just like Christmas!

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The Insane Clown Posse In Worcester – 12.17.10

I don’t even know where to begin. Last Thursday Camille Dodero, my editor at the Village Voice asked me if I wanted to go see the Insane Clown Posse in Worcester, MA the next day.  It didn’t take long for her to convince me that this was a good idea.  As you probably remember a few months ago Camille and I covered the Gathering of the Juggalos for the Village Voice.  It turned out to be one of the most successful stories in the paper’s recent history and was even heralded by ICP as one of the truest stories about ICP and juggalo culture.  For me it was pretty successful too, I took over 6000 pictures that ended up becoming 21 of the most successful posts this website has ever had. I sold photos to Vice, Rolling Stone and Radar Online and I did 2,000,000 page views in one week. Juggalos and their haters rule the internet.

Most people see photos of juggalos and laugh.  They are supposedly these violent poor white trash kids who dress in goofy make up and listen to bad music.  But I come from a slightly different place.  I can laugh at some of these kids and be horrified by pictures of naked fat girls, but I my self was once a juggalo.  I have told the story before but it’s time for a refresher.  When I was 17 I lost my virginity to a juggalette. The next year my very first girlfriend was also very down with the clown. Between two of them and small group of friends that I met in my 10th and 11th grade years of high school, we became huge ICP fans.  I think one Christmas I asked for pretty much nothing but ICP rarities and memorabilia. I saw the band a number of times, painted my face and had a hell of a lot of fun, but by the time I had graduated high school I pretty much regretted the year or two I spent as a juggalo.

Fast forward more than a decade and ICP hits the internet with a viral explosion.  First with their advertisement for the Gathering of the Juggalos 10 and then again months later with their Miracles video.  I thought they were pretty funny too, but secretly I just kept thinking about how much fun the Gathering looked and how fucking crazy it would be to go there and take photos.  So when the 11th annual Gathering of the Juggalos was announced I quickly got to work trying to find someone to pay me to go to it.  Luckily Camille was thinking the same thing and we pitched the Village Voice the story.

So we went off to the middle of nowhere and spent 4 days with 10,000 juggalos and almost no cops.  When I finally left the Cave In Rock, IL campground I was very happy to leave, but I honestly had a lot of fun and met a lot of really nice people.  Yeah, they did attack Tila Tequila, but they were nothing but cool to me and Camille. They embraced us as family and I sort of realized why I loved this band to begin with. They are fucking fun. They play music that is basically the equivelent to watching a bad horror movie. And there is a real sense of community, even if it’s slightly cultish and scary.

Friday afternoon Camille picked me up in a rental car and drove to Worcester, MA. It was supposed to take us less than 4 hours but because of traffic it took us close to 7.  We listened to ICP the entire drive. It was pretty intense.  When we got to Worcester I was totally sketched out.  The place looks like it is just crawling with crackheads. It looked like the most shady place I have ever been to and I grew up in DC in the ’80s. When I got to the club we got searched head to toe TSA style and we dropped off some toys we bought on the way for the Toys for Tots drive they were doing. I spent the rest of the time photographing people in the lobby while Camille talked to people for a story she is writing on New England juggalos.

The club was called the Palladium and was actually an amazing club.  Their security didn’t really know how to handle juggalos and took a really strong armed approach to policing them which led to a few incidences, but the club itself was fantastic.  It’s and all ages club with three floors including a balcony up top from which you could watch the show without getting covered in Faygo.  (Wish I had known that, I would have brought my telephoto lens and actually shot the band.) The main bottom floor has stadium style seating going down to a pit area in front of the stage, but their were no assigned seats so people just sort of roamed. It was a pretty cool environment.

When ICP started playing everyone went nuts. Faygo flew and people just got mental.  I found out that they are on the “Old Shit” tour and only played old songs which meant I actually knew about 90% of their set list.  I was amazed to find out how many lyrics I still knew. I was rocking out with the crowd but of course mostly taking their pictures.  The show ended with a huge brawl in the back of the crowd and a lot of people doing Nitrous in the parking lot.  So yeah, they might be a little violent and a little bit white trash, but juggalos know how to fucking have fun and that is more than a lot of my hipster friends know how to do…

Now that I have done my little speech you are free to laugh or whatever you want to do with these pictures.  Either you love them or hate them, but anyway you put it juggalos make for some fucking awesome photos.

Click here to see all the photos from Insane Clown Posse in Worcester, MA. And if you are new to this site, click here to see all my pictures from the Gathering of the Juggalos.

Oh and by the way, I didn’t want to disappoint anyone so yes, there is some juggalo porn in this gallery so we get to rate it NSFW.  Woop Woop.

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All My Friends Are In Bands (Part 6)

So this is the 6th part in a series called All My Friends Are In Bands. Each time I do this I post three videos from musicians I am friends with or directed by friends or something like that.  Normally I talk a little bit about each band and video and it’s sort of a lengthy post. This time I am using these three videos as an excuse to do a really quick update because I have to go on a secret mission today. You will find out more later or more sooner if you follow my Twitter.

Anyway, real quick, the three videos I have for you are my boy Shwazye’s (aka Aaron Smith) solo track Said It All Before, Trouble & Bass’ AC Slater teamed up with Dell “o8o” Harris for a track called “Right Now” and finally a preview to Loli Lux’s video “Wannabe” which I am in.  Well I am in the actual video that comes out in January, not the preview. Still, I gotta represent.

So yeah, watch the videos and I will talk to you fuckers on Saturday.

Aaron Smith – Said It All Before (Rock Version) from Aaron Smith on Vimeo.

AC & DELL – “RIGHT NOW” [official] music video from Trouble & Bass on Vimeo.

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Never Forget – The Four Loko EP

Even though I don’t drink and have never actually had a Four Loko before, the beverage has gained a spot in my heart and I am going to miss it.  I will never miss it as much as Radical Outing‘s Anton Glamb who has pretty much dedicated his life to the Loko. He has recorded and entire album of Four Loko song including the classic R&B hit “Girl I Wanna Buy You A Can Of Four Loko”.  I heard him working on this stuff a while ago but I had no idea he had so many songs.  He has also accompanied the album with some offensive September 11th themed artwork and a note which could be the beginning of a Four Loko manifesto about how the government taking away the Loko is an affront to civil liberties.

In light of the recent Four Loko bans, this is Radical Outing’s response, 8 tracks of songs influenced by Four Loko produced under the influence of Four Loko. The EP features contributions from Anton Glamb, Chad Dubz, Santhya, Pink Cash and Johnny on the Rocks of Rocky Business. All tracks are original with the exception of Beautiful Problems, a rap/remix of an original song by Jade<3. We at Radical Outing drank a lot of Four Loko and feel that these recent bans are an attack on our freedom and way of life. We feel that it is our civic duty to respond stand up for our basic American right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

All I know is that this album is pretty fucking hilarious and I almost wish I drank so I could “Drink Four Loko’s In The Rain”.  Seriously. That shit is amazing and poetic. You need to listen to this shit right away. It will change your life.

Click here to listen to Anton Glamb & Radical Outing’s Never Forget – An Attack On Our Freedom & Way Of Life.

Radical Outing - Never Forget - The Four Loko EP

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Hello Beautiful Christmas Card

Before I talk about the Hello Beautiful Christmas Card shoot I wanted to talk to you for a second about MY Christmas card!  I shot a pretty amazing Christmas card a few weeks ago and I just go them in the mail about two hours ago.  All the cards are going out on Friday and you need one! Seriously, they will change your life.  If you saw my card a few years ago, you will know that this thing is a must have for your holiday season.  All you have to do to get one is email me with your address and I will send you one out on Friday.  That’s it. I am singing them all personally and you will never be the same again!

Now, about these super sexy Christmasy photos you are about to look at… Hello Beautiful is a salon in Williamsburg owned by my friend Rebecca Faye.  She also owns the salon/tattoo studio Glamour Garage where most of the Driven By Boredom tattoos have been done.  A while back I met (and then developed a huge crush on) Rebecca at a fashion show that I covered for Inked Magazine.  Rebecca and I got to talking and she offered me some free Driven By Boredom tattoos in exchange for a photo shoot.  At that same party I met Jess Versus who now does the DBB tattoos at Glamour Garage.

Anyway, Rebecca and I were talking about doing another photo shoot and she came up with the idea of doing a Christmas card.  Instead of offering me free tattoos to shoot her card this time I got a hair cut and I got to see her boobs.  I think that is a pretty damn good trade.  I came over to Hello Beautiful the other day and she had one of her stylists Faith and one of her tattoo artist Gerald dress up in sexy Christmas outfits and we shot a card.  The shoot got interrupted by a client but after his hair cut we got back to work this time topless in a bathroom.  And for once it wasn’t my idea to shoot in a bathroom.  The photos are mostly covered but I still have to rate this set NSFW and they are all either pretty hot are pretty fucking hilarious. I hope you enjoy them.

Click here to see all the outtakes from the Hello Beautiful Christmas card!

And remember to send me your address for my Christmas card!

Rebecca Faye

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