20 Erotic Photographers For Jessie Lee – 11.29.10

Last night at Beauty Bar 20 erotic photographers came together led by JM Darling and Darling House to raise money to support our injured friend Jessie Lee. By now you should know all about her injury but if you are coming here from some other site linking in just to see some crazy naked party pictures, then you can click here for a recap of what happened to Jessie Lee. There were a ton of amazing photographers work on the walls and a ton of it sold.  My pictures were sort in the dark which is my excuse for only selling one print. I sold it right after I moved the lights so you could see my prints so I feel like my argument is somehow valid. I bought two photos myself a picture of my ex-girlfriend doing coke with a 400 pound black man taken by Bob Coulter and this picture taken by Lithium Picnic. Unfortunately for me someone walked off with the prints, hopefully accidentally, but I hope to get them back somehow.

The party was a ton of fun as you would expect from a party filled with nude models, burlesque dancers and way too many cameras. The night started off pretty tame and art show like but after a few burlesque numbers including some serious nudity from Stormy Leather and Madame Rosebud and a lot of booze people started getting wild.  I did a mini topless photo shoot with Burning Angel mom and party host Joanna Angel and Dastardly Dave posed for some shots with a sexy lady. There was various random nudity and making out and good times all around. I just wish Jessie Lee could have been well enough to make the trip.  I am sure when she gets better we can throw another party that she can get naked at too…

Anyway, these photos are clearly very NSFW and very much worth looking at and if you would like to donate to help Jessie Lee that would be really amazing of you. You can do so by clicking here.

And without further ado, click here to see all the pictures from the 20 American Erotic Photographers for Jessie Lee show at Beauty Bar.

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The Official Unseen NYC Launch

A while ago I blogged about the soft launch of Unseen NYC. I reached out to friends and fans of this site to submit street art and street life pictures to Unseen and you did not disappoint.  Well, after a few weeks of gathering content Unseen NYC officially launches today!

So let me refresh your memory…

A few years ago an old college buddy of mine, Rick Ramos, launched a website called Unseen Denver. It was basically a Denver based street art site but Rick sees street art a bit differently than a lot of people. Rick isn’t really interested in graffiti and he is not active in the street art culture but he loves the little things that people don’t notice that make Denver a more interesting place to live. He posts a photo a day that people from around Denver submit of street art and graffiti, but also things like notes and signs and snow drifts and cracks in the sidewalk and moments that make Denver home for those people.

I had seen Unseen Denver before a while ago but it wasn’t until recently that I took a good look at the site and realized how interesting it is. I asked him if he had ever thought about branching out and making Unseen sites in other cities. He told me he would love to but never had a person to really push the site in other cities.  Enter me.

I have been reaching out to you guys and my friends and fellow photographers to get them to submit images to this Unseen NYC project and it has already been pretty fantastic. The blog was just a few photos on a blank page but we still received a TON of photos and have already been blogged about on the NY Times and Sundance Channel blogs. It’s pretty clear that if Unseen Denver could have so much success that the New York version is going to me 10x more amazing. We have way more people, way more art and way more streets and cracks for art to hide in. Unseen NYC has no choice but to be huge!

So last week Rick redid the layout so Unseen looks like a real website now. We added a few posts about street art happenings in the city and we stared adding a bunch more content and as of today Unseen NYC is officially ready to roll!

So this is it. This is your re-invitation to check out the site. We really want you to submit photos! You can also follow Unseen NYC on Twitter or join us on Facebook or you could even become a blogger for the site!  We really want to find more people interested in writing about this stuff so hit me up if you are interested in joining the team!

And please… do us all a favor and visit Unseen NYC!

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20 American Erotic Photographers For Jessie Lee

As you guys know by now my friend and Burning Angel model Jessie Lee was badly injured in a car accident.  If you need to know the details you can read my write up here and of course check out her fundraising site HelpOMGitsJessieLee.com.

On Monday photographer JM Darling has put together a pretty impressive collection of erotic photographers who are going to be selling their photos to raise money for Jessie Lee. On top of being able to get relatively inexpensive photos from amazing photographers like Bob Coulter, George Pitts, Holly Randall, Dave Naz and Lithium Picnic you will also get to see Madam Rosebud and Stormy Leather get naked in fantastical burlesque performances.  You can also get photos by friends of Driven By Boredom like Ellen Stagg, Steve Prue and Chase Lisbon… PLUS… photos by the legendary Nate “Igor” Smith from DrivenByBoredom.com.  Yes that’s right on top of the huge list of legendary photographers who have come together to raise money for Jessie Lee, you can get photos taken by yours truly. You clearly cannot miss this event.

We will be at Beauty Bar Monday night from 8-11 PM and the event will be hosted by the amazing Joanna Angel who unfortunately was driving the car during Jessie’s terrible accident.  The cost of this event is only $5 and both the cover and part of the bar go to raise money for Jessie Lee.

This is a huge group of amazing photographers that I am honored to be a part of and we have all come together to help support a girl who has been a muse and a friend and I hope you guys can come out and help as well. It should be a very fun night.

Also we will be doing this again in LA in January and I will be out there for it. So if you are on the wrong cost I will see you in Jan!

Click here for more info via the Facebook invite!

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Thanksgiving Football

I ate so much food today after being horribly sick for the last few days. I had food poisoning and didn’t really eat anything for 24 hours. Today I stuffed myself completely and sat down on the couch to watch three straight football games with my family.  My dad’s Cowboys lost and now I am busy rooting against the Jets. It’s good that I can still enjoy football despite the fact that the Miami Dolphins are fucking ruined. The team is so hurt and they lost to the damn Bears last Thursday. They are now 5 and 5 and have pretty much no shot at the playoffs.  That being said last Thursday wasn’t all horrible.

Dolfans NYC threw a big party for the Thursday night game and we had a HUGE crowd out.  We were doing it as a fundraiser for the Miami Dolphins Foundation and we raised over $500 for the charity. It was a lot of fun… at least until the game started and we found out the Dolphins offense was so badly wounded that they couldn’t score a single point.  It was disastrous… but the week got better…

My Dolfans NYC partner Michelle used our weekend off to take a coworkers offer to sneak us into a taping of CBS NFL halftime show where we got a chance to meet Dan Marino.  Dan Marino is pretty much my fucking hero.  When I was 8 I made a Dan Marino puppet for a school project. When I was 20 I went to Miami to see the Dolphins retire his number. When I was 27 I got his number tattooed to my arm.  I shoot a lot of celebrities doing this website and other than Bill Murray I never get very excited about it. But meeting Dan Marino was pretty intense.  I got to talk to him for a second, shake his hand and take some photos with him.  I even asked for an autograph. You guys would have thought it was really cute.

Anyway, the Bengals are driving on the Jets and I gotta go hang out with my family so I am going to go but you can click here to see the photos from the Dolfans NYC fundraiser at Third & Long.  And then check below for the bonus pics of me and Daniel Constantine Marino Jr, the greatest quarterback to ever play the game.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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More Published Stuff

Once in a while I like to dump some links and scans and stuff on you guys to let you know what I have been doing outside of this website.  I always post this stuff on my Twitter and my Tumblr and such but here is a round up of some published work and recent press.  It’s not really that exiting but everyone is going on vacation tomorrow and I haven’t shot anything too exciting in the last few days so I guess now is as good time as any to do this post. Oh and yeah, I am going to DC to visit the family for Thanksgiving so if shit is slow over the next couple of days cut a guy some slack. Damn!

Here is a link to The L Magazine’s write up of me and some pictures of mine in their Best Of NYC Nightlife Photographers.

So here are just a bunch of things I have shot in the last few weeks for the Village Voice:

Here are a few Dos & Don’ts that I have shot for Vice Magazine:

The NY Daily News wrote up this Harry Potter street art stunt at the Union Square Subway stop. My DBB sticker just happened to be in the shot. Both The Village Voice and Gothamist wrote it up as well so here are some serious viral points for my sticker.

And lastly I shot a bunch of photos for Ryan Keely’s Porn Star Sex Life workshop a while ago. Evidently they ended up in Penthouse Magazine which is always pretty funny. I think I was voted most likely to be working for Penthouse in high school so it’s always good to end up in there… even if it’s not a real shoot or anything.  Oh, and if you want to see all the pics from the Porn Star Sex Life workshop the are right here.

And if I don’t see you guys tomorrow… have a fantastic Thanksgiving!

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Every Which Way But Loose

My attempt at doing a weekly, or at least semi-weekly Mp3 post continues today with a few selections from the Every Which Way But Loose soundtrack.  I have been talking about getting the poster art for Every Which Way But Loose on me forever. It features Clint Eastwood looking like a total bad ass while being hugged by an orangutan. We don’t even have to talk about how awesome that is. I mean, it is life changing and you know how much I love dumb tattoos of old conservative white guys who have starred in movies with apes. But even though I have wanted the tattoo for several years I didn’t actually watch the movie until a few months ago.

I loved it even more than I thought I would. Clint Eastwood plays a street fighter who goes from town to town fighting for money and trying to rescue a girl who doesn’t want to be rescued. Totally unrelated to the plot is his pet orangutan Clyde who spends the movie getting drunk and looking cute. The movie would be barely changed at all if you removed the ape, but the movie poster would probably only have been 1/10th as awesome.

One thing about watching Every Which Way But Loose is that you will finish it with Eddie Rabbit’s title track stuck in your head.  For me it was probably a week before I stopped singing it aloud to strangers on the subway. I knew I needed the album so I went on eBay and picked it up on vinyl and after some desperate searching found a download of it online.  The soundtrack is pretty amazing. I am not even really a country music guy, but there are a bunch of really amazing songs on it.  There are also a bunch of random instrumental songs that I don’t really care for, but luckily we live in a world where you can just delete those from your iTunes library.

For your listening pleasure today I am going to pull three of my favorite tracks. The first is the previously mentioned title track, Eddie Rabbit’s “Every Which Way But Loose”. It is super slow and twanggy but somehow it is the most catchy damn song on earth. It will probably be in my head from now till Christmas.

Eddie Rabbit – Every Which Way But Loose

My second choice is “A “Six Pack To Go” by Hank Thompson.  I have loved this song ever since my friends punk band in covered it nearly a decade ago. It’s a rocking country tune about getting wasted instead of paying rent. How can you not love that?

Hank Thompson – A Six Pack to Go

My third choice was a bit harder to make. I wanted to go with a Charlie Rich song because he is actually in the movie playing live at one of the country-western bars in the film. I also considered Mel Tillis song “Coca Cola Cowboy” because it is fucking awesome but I figured I should figure a lady since Sondra Locke is one of the stars of the film and has two songs on the soundtrack, but her character is sort of a bitch, so fuck her. I went with the Carol Chase song “I Can’t Say No To A Truck Driving Man”. It is a fantastic little ditty and super catchy.

Carol Chase – Can’t Say No to a Truck Drivin’ Man

Anyway, this write up is not super coherent so I am going to go, but you should probably watch the movie as soon as you can and do what you can to track down the damn soundtrack. Have a good day.

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2011 Mishka Calendar Release Party – 11.19.10

Last night Mishka released their 2011 calendar shot by the lovely and talented Ellen Stagg. I have been using the calendar for the last three years. Fortunately this year is the first I don’t have an ex-girlfriend in the thing. In fact this year features exactly zero girls I have done a real shoot with, but it does include 5 girls who have flaked on me epically on shoots so I guess that counts for something.

So yeah the party was at the Mishka store at 350 Broadway in Southside Williamsburg. I pretty much hit up every event they do there and it’s only a few blocks from my apartment. It’s always a good time.  Last night Ellen brought out Ms. June Marlo Marquise and the two of them were signing calendars and sitting there being cute.  At the end of the night Marlo did a burlesque number in the store.  It was a fun time and over early so I could still make it to my boys birthday throw down by 10:30. All and all a good night.

Click here to see all the pictures from the 2011 Mishka calendar release party.

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Beauty Bar’s 15th Anniversary – 11.17.10

After the National Book Awards party last night I headed over to Beauty Bar to help celebrate Beauty Bar’s quinceañera. I have only been around for the last 4 years or so of Beauty Bar’s existence but the place means a lot to me. I have had some amazing times at that bar and some crazy times in their back bathroom. I am not at Beauty Bar as much as I used to be but I tend to stop in Sunday nights still. Hollis James DJ’s old punk and rock and roll on Sundays and there’s only a handful of people in there and it’s my favorite night to just have really good conversations and listen to amazing music. But Beauty Bar gets crazy too and there have been some epic parties there over the years.  Just click here to do a search of Driven By Boredom for Beauty Bar to see all the good times.

Also the Beauty Bar NYC managing owner Mike Stewart is one of my favorite people in NYC.  Last night he told me he was glad I came and that I was part of the family. That meant a lot. I really love that place.

Last night was just a bunch of old friends getting together. It was a ton of fun and I can’t say much else about the night. I had to leave early because I had a deadline for my book award pictures and I had been out since 4pm and had to get home, but there were a lot of people I love there last night and I wouldn’t have missed that for the world.

You should click here to see all the pictures from last night’s 15th anniversary party for Beauty Bar.

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National Book Awards After Party – 11.17.10

The Village Voice usually lets me just shoot whatever the hell I want for them and usually that ends up being photos of my drunk friends at random dance parties. I like that arrangement quite a bit and the Voice seems pretty happy with the results. But once in a while they assign me something and last night they sent me to Cipriani’s for the National Book Awards after party.  Let’s just say I was a little under dressed. When I checked in on Foursquare I got a Real Housewives badge. Weird.

Anyway, the party was actually a lot of fun.  All these literary nerd types were getting down on the dance floor and everyone was getting seriously wasted on the open bar.  I actually overheard someone say “Is this really your first National Book Awards party?” That person happened to be Foster Kamer who was there reporting for the Village Voice.  He has made a career out of lambasting people as a media reporter for Gawker and the Voice and was quite the celebrity and gossip at the party. He was in his element; it was fun to watch.

I got to meet Patti Smith who won the award for the best non-fiction book for her book “Just Kids” which was pretty cool.  Tom Wolfe was at the awards but I didn’t see him at the after party which was pretty disappointing. I kept telling people I saw him on the dance floor getting loose, but I was lying. Sorry.

I would write more about the actual awards but I was just there for the after party and I am not really literate enough to have any sort of reasonable conversation about book awards. So instead you should read Foster’s epic tale of book awards and after parties by clicking here.

Then what you should do is click here to check out all the photos from the National Book Award’s after party at the Cipriani Club.

Patti Smith @ National Book Awards

Andy Borowitz @ National Book Awards

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