Another Post Office Live Blog

I have done several Post Office live blogs on my Twitter and people have seemed to love them so a few weeks ago when I did one I took screen shots of my Tweets and then instead of posting about them I totally forgot about them.  Yesterday I had an actually almost positive experience at the Post Office and it reminded me that I never posted the last live blog.  So guess what? You get to enjoy this shit today.  Hip hip hurray.

Here are a few things you need to know before reading this. One is that my post office is the Williamsburg Post Office. I have never been to a worse Post Office before but I hear that there are actually worse ones in NYC.  I find that hard to believe. Secondly the blog mentions two photos, one of them is a blurry picture of people standing around so you can just imagine that one, the other is a man sitting in a folding chair that he brought with him.  I have uploaded that for your pleasure so click here if you want to see it.  And lastly, remember to read these from the bottom to the top because that’s how Twitter works or something.


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