The Many Disguises Of The Hipster Grifter

Remember the Hipster Grifter aka Kari Ferrell? Well she is still in NYC and last time I shot her we took a few pictures with my 35mm camera that no one has seen yet.  They were shots of her dressed up in a variety of exciting disguises. I mean I think we all know that if you are going to be a successful grifter you are going to need some good disguises.

Oh, did I mention she is topless in all of them? I am not sure exactly why that is, but we like it, and it makes the gallery NSFW obviously.

Um yeah, so I am going to go ahead and try to sleep a tiny bit since I am not doing really awesome right now and you guys should click here to check out the naked Hipster Grifter disguise photos. Enjoy!

By the war Kari, we are still all waiting for you to become a Burning Angel

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