Scion Radio Party – 9.28.10

So last night I was at Gallery Bar and it was pretty dead so all my friends went to a bar called White Rabbit on Houston. Evidently Blu Jemz was Djing a Scion Radio party.  I didn’t really know what was up but people were drinking for free and a lot of DJ friends of mine were hanging out so it seemed like a good time. Honestly I had some other stuff to do and was about to take off when one of the Village Voice bloggers asked me to get a few shots for a blog post.  The blog post never actually was written but I did manage to shoot a few decent pictures of the party. The last pictures I will take with my old camera.  Get excited. I got a new camera and I will tell you all about it later.

But for now just click here to see photos from the Scion Radio Party at White Rabbit.

Oh yeah, DJ’s there were Solo, Rennaisance Man, Onra and as I mentioned before Blu Jemz.

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Fuck The Jets

I don’t really have anything to say. Sunday was a travesty and one of the worst days of my life.

I hope that Rex Ryan gets nut cancer, Braylon Edwards gets drunk and crashes his car into Bart Scott, Darrelle Revis gets AIDS and Mark Sanchez finally comes out of the closet. No wait, I’m sorry, that is fucked up.  I didn’t mean to sound homophobic, but I hope the 8 year old Sanchez is molesting finally gets the nerves to call the cops.  And I wish all of these things at once on that douche bag Fireman Ed.

Augh.  Just fucking click here to look at the pictures from Sunday’s Dolfans NYC party at Third & Long. And if you care you can always check out for more exciting NYC related Dolphins news and adventure.

Ps. Yes, for the record I don’t wish any of those things on the Jets but if they don’t win another game ever, for the rest of time, I will be very, very happy about that.

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The 70’s Porn Party – 9.25.10

After I hit up the Gawker roof deck rave I headed over to the Living Theater at 21 Clinton St. for a 70’s porn themed party put on by BangOn!NYC.  The party promised porn themed costumes, a live sex show and some total madness. It delivered.  There were some great costumes and people were going crazy, especially as the night raged on.  I myself met a lovely lady who I made out with on the dance floor for like an hour after I finished taking photos. Classy move I know…  There was very much a live sex show that involved a very small bed on stage and some fantastic porno dialogue. No photographers were allowed to shoot it except me and the in house photographer so I took a few shots but then I got yelled at because evidently my flash was making it hard for the dude to get hard. I am pretty sure fucking on a tiny bed to porn music in front of a huge crowd was why he couldn’t get hard, but whatever.  I know I couldn’t do it. Around 3:30 the cops broke up the party but they were actually stripper cops and got half naked and danced around with everyone and then I left and ate a pretty gross BBQ pork sandwich from Remedy Diner.  Not that you needed to know that, but I felt it was somehow important to the tale.

Now… Normally I post these Not Safe For Work warnings on my site but they are usually about a couple of nipples or something.  But seriously, there are actual graphic blow job shots in here. Normally I wouldn’t post anything like that, but I think in this case it was important to understanding the event.  I was going to try to get shots that were a bit more tame but I never had the chance because I got yelled at for shooting after a few photos. So yeah, be warned and then ignore the warning and click here to see all the pictures from The 70’s Porn Party at The Living Theater.

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Gawker’s Silent Rave – 9.25.10

So I got hired to shoot a silent rave on the roof on top of Gawker Media’s offices.  Seriously that happened.  Everyone had head phones on and were dancing like crazy people. I didn’t have any headphones so it was sort of insane to watch.  It was also a lot of fun. There were super on point body painter’s making everyone look awesome and there was an open bar and a giant bubble that you could go dance in.  At some point the bubble burst so to speak, but that was fun too.  I really don’t know what else to say about the night other than it was a really cool experience and that the Gawker roof deck is pretty amazing.

The party was sponsored by Superglued and Diesel.

I am feeling a bit under the weather so I think today the pictures will tell a better story than I will so please click here too see all the shots from “Rave” at the Gawker Media Roof Deck.

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Webster Hall Fridays – 9.24.10

I missed you Webster Hall.  Okay, maybe I don’t miss 95% of your patrons, but you still know how to party. I can’t remember the last time I shot Trash and Girls & Boys but it was my only Friday party for a very long time and it was good to go back.

An old friend of mine was there after he friends ditched her so I spent some time making sure she was okay but I still shot a lot of photos both downstairs in the studio and upstairs for Girls & Boys.  Vitalic played upstairs and a man named Charlie Demos did a insane musical performance downstairs.  There was also a naked burlesque dancer named Flower and my home girl Alex Magnetic was back from her extended stay away from NYC.

All and all it was a good time. There are NSFW pictures so watch for that and yeah, just click here to see all the pictures from Trash in The Studio and Girls & Boys upstairs at Webster Hall.

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Another Post Office Live Blog

I have done several Post Office live blogs on my Twitter and people have seemed to love them so a few weeks ago when I did one I took screen shots of my Tweets and then instead of posting about them I totally forgot about them.  Yesterday I had an actually almost positive experience at the Post Office and it reminded me that I never posted the last live blog.  So guess what? You get to enjoy this shit today.  Hip hip hurray.

Here are a few things you need to know before reading this. One is that my post office is the Williamsburg Post Office. I have never been to a worse Post Office before but I hear that there are actually worse ones in NYC.  I find that hard to believe. Secondly the blog mentions two photos, one of them is a blurry picture of people standing around so you can just imagine that one, the other is a man sitting in a folding chair that he brought with him.  I have uploaded that for your pleasure so click here if you want to see it.  And lastly, remember to read these from the bottom to the top because that’s how Twitter works or something.


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Park Row – 9.22.10

My favorite bouncer in NYC is Rowe who works Darkroom and used to work the Annex before it became a sports bar.  Anyone who hangs out in the Lower East Side knows and loves Rowe. Even though he is a New York Jests fan he is still a good dude so I had to get around to shooting his new party on Wednesdays called Park Row.

It has been happening for a couple months now but I keep not going out on Wednesdays. I don’t know what it is but I really find it hard to leave my house on Wednesday. I finally made it out the other night and the first thing Rowe says to me is that it’s the worst it has been in the history of the party.  Still, I went in and it wasn’t that bad at all. Turns out everywhere was dead on Wednesday.  I talked to 10 people about it last night and everyone of them told me everywhere they went was dead. I tried to drop by Ella around 3am and it was already closed.  I heard Lit was dead all night.  I don’t know if it was the rain or if everyone was just some place else but it seemed like NYC was empty.

Still, despite all this I had a great time and the party quickly filled up. I met two rad Austrailian girls and hung out with them all night. I ended up putting them in a cab at 9am before finally going to sleep. At some point we ended up at this guy Chris’ apartment where I left my favorite Miami Dolphins hat and he played us weird Persian instruments. It was a good time, I just hope he contacts me so I can get my hat back.

So yeah, meet me at Darkroom next Wednesday, we need to do it up. Until then, click here to see the handful of pictures I shot at Park Row at Darkroom.

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Saying Goodbye To Ross Harman

Last Sunday I was in Richmond, VA to say goodbye to my friend Ross Harman. As  you probably know from reading my site recently my friend Ross passed away on September 6th.  The funeral was in Louisiana and it happened right away so none of his friends got to attend.  A bunch of his friends and coworkers got together and threw a big party in his honor at Cous Cous in Richmond.

It was a very sad occasion but through periodic moments of tears I managed to have a really great time. It was wonderful seeing so many old friends and meeting Ross’ new ones. It brought together so many people and I got to hear a lot of great stories about Ross I never knew. There was a slide show with hundreds of images of Ross and in pretty much every photo he seemed like he was having so much fun.  People brought so much food although I couldn’t really eat anything.  We played a live video of his band The Gaskets and then played his solo material after that was over.

After the party was over a few of his close friends went on to the roof of Sticky Rice, the sushi place he worked at, and set these flaming lanterns off on the roof.  They were paper lanterns that when set on fire they fill with hot air and rise into the sky until you can’t see them any longer. They were very beautiful but I think the best part about them was how dangerous they seemed.  We kept making jokes about setting Richmond on fire or getting arrested for arson. This seems really silly but I think it cheered everyone up a bit as they went home. I know it cheered me up a lot. We actually got stopped by the fire department after one of the lanterns got stuck in a tree. But the fireman who stopped us was really nice and actually suggested we set them off in the middle of the street. He actually lit one of them himself.

Anyway, I just wanted to thank everyone who came out and everyone who helped out. Special thanks to Cous Cous, Sticky Rice and Sticky Togogo who provided food, drinks and a place for everyone to gather. Also I wanted to thank Ryan Jones and Heather Bregman who put the slide show together and possibly most importantly my old friend Kirsten Lewis who organized this whole thing and bought all the lanterns and memorial wrist bands and dealt with a lot of shit that Teddy and I couldn’t deal with. Oh, and I also wanted to thank Ross’ older brother Braden for giving me Ross’ flask. That really means a lot to me.

This is probably my last update about Ross for a while but I am not going to let people forget about him. We have a tribute album in the works and we are going to organize a show to raise money for a scholarship fund set up in Ross’s name. I also just wanted to mention one more time that you can download all of Ross’ music for free at

Now please click here to see photos from the Ross N. Harman memorial party at Cous Cous. Thanks.

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Nova T Apocalypse Returns

I am back! I am back in NYC and I am back to work! Get excited.

My homegirl Nova TA sh0ws up on the website again. I shot her ages ago close to when I first met her, but I like these shots a little bit more.  I shot her in a bathroom at the Alumni 2012 lookbook shoot.  Tragically we are now totally out of naked girls wearing Alumni but I am trying to get them to fly me to LA for their west coast release party so maybe we can get some new shots if that happens… You never know…

So yeah, let’s ease into me being back with this really short update. Just know that Nova rules and that these photos are NSFW but not nearly as NSFW as the photos (and video) of her on Burning Angel. Oh, and she also has my logo tattooed to her elbow!

Click here to see the naked photos of Nova from the Alumni 2012 look book shoot!

Nova T. Apocalypse

Nova T. Apocalypse

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