Circa Vs NC-17 – 7.29.10

Thursday night was a lot of fun.  I tend to be in a bad mood all the time so it was nice to have gone out twice in two weeks in good moods.  Maybe it was the weather… both nights were kinda breezy and not cripplingly hot, but whatever it was I was feeling good.  I put on my blue ruffled tuxedo shirt and stupid lensless hipster glasses that a friend left at my house once, and hit the town dressed as similarly to Tony Clifton as possible. It set a tone for the evening.

I went to the naked art show I posted about yesterday but it was over before midnight so I headed two blocks away to Darkroom for Circa and met up with a friend of a friend who had just moved to NYC.  I introduced her to a bunch of people and took a bunch of pictures and had a lot of fun. If you haven’t been to Darkroom the place consists of two rooms the bigger of which is almost always closed. They have it open for the Bridge and Tunnel crowd on the weekend and for big events. But right now they are doing construction on the smaller room so just the big room was open.  They moved the DJ booth and it was actually a pretty cool set up and more fun than I have had at Darkroom in a while.  I hope they leave the boot there, it’s a good look.

At Darkroom I ran into this dude Bradley that I met in LA. The Darkroom Demons introduced him to me and is a rad dude who I look forward to talking football with since I know about 3 people in NYC who give a shit about the game.  Brad also gets points because he hangs out with hot Chicagoland babes one of which got naked in a bathroom with me.  I mean, she was with me in the bathroom, unfortunately I kept all my clothes on.  Anyway, she has top 10 lifetime boobs which is impressive considering how many boobs I have seen, so enjoy the third NSFW update in a row.

After Darkroom I hit up Lit for NC-17.  The basement was hot and the upstairs was hectic.  I saw a pretty big fight break out.  It was fun over there too, but after I took a handful of shots I realized I shouldn’t have left the Darkroom. I headed back there but it was 330 by then and it was dying down. I was walking to the subway when I ran into some friends at Motor City and I finished my night up there, but I didn’t actually take any photos post Lit.

So yeah, now you have read about it, it’s time for you to see about it. That probably doesn’t make a lot of sense but you should just fucking click here to see all the pictures from Darkroom & Lit Lounge on Thursday.

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Naked Sculpture Garden – 7.29.10

On Tuesday I ran into my friend Revay and I hadn’t seen her in ages. The next day I got a Facebook message from her inviting me to some thing where she was going to stand around naked at 105 Rivington. It seemed like the type of thing the Village Voice would buy from me and the whole thing was only and hour… there were a bunch of girls standing around naked… so I dropped by 105 Riv.

I can’t really explain why it happened or what was going on so to save me time and give you the best possible explanation of what the hell you are looking at, I am just going to copy and paste the description Revay sent me.

The American debut of Argentine artist De La Plata’s conceptual live nude art series, Statue Garden, comes to New York City. The interactive art exhibit will be featuring live figure nude art models serving as its centerpiece and in Manhattan’s artsy Lower East Side. Enjoy the sensual figure artwork simultaneous to music pulsating; fusing together to create an energy the artist himself calls “magical and moving”

“Americans can’t seem to get passed human nudity,” says artist behind the exhibit, De La Plata, “This exhibit is designed for viewers to come in close contact with the human figure and confront their discomfort and embrace it.”

In addition, the artist hopes to highlight the innate beauty and perfection of the human body, “So much attention is given to making people more beautiful, with expensive clothes, makeup, accessories. We are trying to expose and highlight that those are unnecessary societal constraints, that the human body is beautiful in natural form.”

So right, that happened and it was pretty fun to watch people interact with random naked girls at a party. Clearly the photos are NSFW. But you should very much click here to see them all.

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More Dana DeArmond!

Have I told anyone how much I miss Dana DeArmond? She might be the internet’s girlfriend but I would cuckold the shit out of the internets.

Seriously, Dana is the best.  She is a totally babe and totally rad and she makes fun of me so much that when she is actually friendly it is like if an adorable badger were to curl up in you lap and lick away the blood from when it attacked you only moments ago.

Oh, did I mention that she is super hot?

I shot Dana twice on the same day.  If you missed it you can see my first shoot with Dana by clicking here. We shot in the apartment I was subletting in Koreatown.  I shot the first sent in the living room and then we shot a few hundred pictures in the bathroom. I shot her in a Mishka flannel that they gave us when we visited the Echo Park store.  They even wrote a cute blog about our trip. But yeah, I can’t say enough about how great it was shooting with her.

Speaking of great people to shoot with, I shot Andy San Dimas the day after I shot with Dana and those pictures will finally be up Monday so get excited about that. And after that I am mostly out of LA N00dz and I guess I will have to get back to work!

So yes! Click here to see all the super sexy pictures of Dana DeArmond – the internet’s girlfriend! Oh, and clearly they are NSFW!

Ps. How dope are Dana’s tan lines? Right?

Dana DeArmond The Internet's Girlfriend

Dana DeArmond The Internet's Girlfriend

Dana DeArmond

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Gold Whistle Vs Rando – 7.27.10

My old Richmond, VA pals Cobra Kai are back throwing parties. In Richmond in 2005-06 Krames and Nick The Duke put on some of the best parties in town. We were all living there and going to Virginia Commonwealth University… I think.  Anyway, we were at least all living there. Nick actually came up to me last week and said something about how funny it was that all three of us all made it out of Richmond and were doing exactly what we wanted to be doing 5 years ago for a living. Two other of our friends are as well. It was actually a reasonably successful group. I hope my friends still stuck in Richmond decided to get out one day too.

This is all besides the point. Cobra Kai is back and they are throwing Gold Whistle upstairs at Gallery Bar with Rando still downstairs. It is a great combination and made for a fucking great party.  I seriously never have fun anymore and I was just standing outside and there was a slight breeze and all around me were old friends and new friends and some cute girls I had just met and I was just in the best mood. I was feeling better than I had in weeks.  Then all of a sudden one of my friends got thrown out of the bar by one of my other friends and dudes just started pouring into the street.  All these guys just started taking their shirts off. By this time the people I knew involved in the fight were down the block so I followed them.  Suddenly the shirtless dudes came around the corner and picked up a wooden temporary street sign and some Double Dragonesque street fighting broke out. I wanted to help but I had my camera on me and I couldn’t risk getting it smashed. I felt pretty bad but that shit is my life. Anyway, I am not gonna give too many details or name names but it was pretty serious.

When I got back to the club it was dying out a bit and then another one of my friend knocked out some dude who for some reason wouldn’t let me take his picture. I mean if it were me and I was bleeding from the head getting my photo taken was my first priority. I decided to make the best out of it and take a few naked pictures of my friend Revay in the bathroom, but as soon as I started the bouncers realized they had to clean up a bunch of blood and kicked everyone out.

Over all the party was a lot of fun, but I hope next week we can keep the violence to a minimum and mostly out of the club.  Lastly, this gallery has no fight pictures for obvious reasons, but it does have some naked ones of Revay so, NSFW.

And now if you would just click here to see all the amazing photos from Gold Whistle & Rando at Gallery Bar. Thanks!

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Disco Down – 7.27.10

Just a quick update before I head out for the night.  This is the earlier half of my evening last night before I headed to gallery bar.  Those pictures will be up soon, don’t worry.

Anyway, I hit up Happy Ending for a bit just to say hi to everyone and shoot a few pictures.  I think the party is picking up steam a little bit. It was dead downstaris but upstairs was pretty bumping.  It would nice to have that party fun again. Tuesdays at Happy Endings have always been good as long as I have lived in NYC and I would like that to continue. But I had fun and I met some kids who were try to go to One Oak but I convinced them to go to Gallery Bar with me instead. I hope they had fun there… I got distracted.

But yeah, not much more to say, but there are some pictures and you should of course click right here to see them all. Bye!

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So since I haven’t taken a single picture since last Thursday you get made up updates that I have just laying around.  Remember when I rescued the kittens I found in a box on Avenue D? Well I took a ton of pictures of them but everyone was sick of hearing about them.  I feel like enough time has passed that I can drop some cute bombs on you again.  After this I am pretty much out of kitten updates as I found them new homes and hopefully they are being treated wonderfully.  They had ear mites but they got treatment, got all their shots and we found out they were both boys.  They are named Maven and Jameson.  Jameson is the black one and I got rid of him first so most of the shots are of Maven because I shot an entire roll of 35mm film of him the last day I had him.  I miss him the most.

Thees things are just LOL cats waiting to happen.  Whoever makes the best LOL Cat out of these pictures wins a DBB tote bag or something.

Anyway, this is all I got for you today. Hopefully I shoot something epic tonight. Click here to see all the fucking adorable pictures of this fucking retardely cute kittens.

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Shay Ryan Returns

Since we last left the amazing Shay Ryan she has become a Burning Angel and starred in a movie and done a few scenes.  We are super proud of her. She also has some full time rock and roll job that kept her from hanging out with me the whole time I was in LA.  Luckily she was in town right before I left and she came over to the apartment I was subletting to shoot. I had already shot Dana DeArmond in the living area and Rabbit in the kitchen and Tayte in the bathroom so I didn’t know where I was going to shoot Shay.  We decided on this closet and then we moved to some other cabinets and it actually ended up being one of the cooler locations with her being suspended above me and getting to crawl into all of these cabinets and things.

Anyway, Shay is amazing. If she didn’t have normal human things to do I am sure she would be a super famous porn star and I am sure she will be awesome at whatever madness she is doing.  Clearly she is retarded hot and you are very lucky to get to look at naked photos of her for free. Clearly they are NSFW.

Now click here to see the super hot photos of Shay Ryan that I shot in a fantastic studio apartment in Koreatown, Los Angeles.

Shay Ryan

Shay Ryan

Shay Ryan

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Circa – 7.22.10

I am way behind on posting these pictures and by now I don’t even remember Thursday. That was at least three days ago. I can’t even remember what happened an hour ago (I was alseep). I do remember a few things though. I do remember meeting a few rad girls including one I called “musesque” and one that was one of the original Burning Angel girls who I hadn’t heard about since like 2004. I actually met her after picking her up after she fell into the street which was pretty amazing. You guys are just going to have to guess who is who.  I also ran into a girl who used to go-go at Lit and the Skinny who I haven’t seen in probably a year. It was good to see her.

I am not sure anything about this story was interesting, but it is all so very true. I am trying to blow you guys away with some fucking real talk here. You are just going to have to deal with it.

Or you could just skip the bullshit and click here to see the handfull of photos I took at Circa at Darkroom last Thursday.

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Smell The Glove – 7.22.10

Smell the Glove is a monthly heavy metal dance party at St. Jarome’s. Clearly that is a really good idea. The party was totally packed, totally hot and sweaty and totally fucking metal.

At some point I was shot in the head with a confetti cannon or something. I had glitter in my moostashe all night after that. I tried to blame it on one of the gogo dancers because she tried to rub her nether regions on my head. She told me that she would take that as a complement. I think that is very important.

Later I was given a t-shirt and violently threatened. Over all it was a pretty good time. If you like 80’s metal and sweaty rock and roll madness you should probably check out Smell the Glove next time. Get the fuck on it already.

Click here to see all the pictures from Smell The Glove at St. Jarome’s or die trying.

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