Fools Gold WMC Party – 3.25.10

So Duck Sauce played the Fools Gold party at Grand Central and everyone was so excited and it was all crazy and all these people DJ’d and everyone was there and party time rock and roll.  Meanwhile I was on zero sleep and losing my mind.  The highlight of the night was a long conversation with JFK of MSTRKRFT about how this dance scene is devoid of art and no one is going to give a fuck about any of these pointless photos I am taking.  In the process I got called out by someone for being a party photographer, and I was photographed with JFK by a party photographer.  At this point I had been at the party for 30 minutes with my camera out without taking a photo. There were probably 25 party photographers at the party.  The whole thing made me want to quit this bullshit forever.

All that being said I have been working a long fucking time to make a living working for myself.  I started a business when I was 15 and started photography when I was 16 and started doing websites when I was 17.  15 years later I am just now making a living doing any of it and fuck if I am going to quit now, despite how souless I think all this bullshit is. These photos are all pretty awful, but the party was pretty epic, I just wasn’t feeling it so I took 50 photos and then set next to this really cute girl from Georgia for a while who was as tired as I was and we sat quietly and waited for our friends to want to go home.

Click here to see all the pictures! Spring breeaaakk!!

PS. In my idiocy I forgot to include any of the vertical images in this gallery. I will fix that later. Fixed.






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