Slaughterama – 4.3.10

I had plans to return to NYC on Saturday after relaxing at my parents house in DC for a few days after my crazy three week trip.  My plans were instantly changed when I realized just 90 minutes south of DC in my old home town of Richmond, VA they were having Slaughterama. Slaughterama is this crazy bike party thrown by RVA’s rowdiest bike gang, the Cutthroats.  I used to be friends with a bunch of those kids but that was many many years ago.  I haven’t owned a bike since I got a drivers license so I don’t exactly fit in.

Still the party was intense, with bike jumps and bike jousts and mud and violence and vomit and blood and very little clothes. It was hard to shoot a lot of the more fun stuff without destroying my camera but I did my best.  I got there a bit late too, but fun was still had.  I ran into a bunch of kids I really missed in Richmond and went to a series of shitty house parties with them afterwards. I ended up driving back to DC around 3 am.  It was a pretty good day trip all in all. Oh yeah, my friend Alex got the shit beat out of him by some rednecks, that fucking sucked. Otherwise, a good day.

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  1. April 6th, 2010 | 5:47 pm

    Igor thanks for letting me use your flash at that party. Your photos are amazing as always. Its always good running into you. Next time you are here I will line up some nudes for you… And I cant wait to work on a candyrain photoshoot together

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