Hipster Sharks

So I finally left Miami and got ditched twice on my way Orlando. I took a Greyhound bus all the way and met a high school photo student who I got to give sage advice to about photography.  I am probably not the best person to give advice, but she seemed excited about it and told me I was the most interesting person she had ever met.  That kinda made me cry a little bit and I told her to get the hell out of Florida. Hopefully one day she will take that advice if nothing else.

Anyway, on the content side of things, my friend sent me this video called Hipster Sharks and it totally name drops this site which I find hilarious.  The whole thing is pretty funny until it goes into a long tangent about Burning Angel and alt porn, but if you edited it down this thing could be a hit.  I need to make a reply video or something. I think I have a rhino puppet somewhere…

Lastly, I just wanted to tell you guys I am about to go to Disney World with my muse.  That should be awesome.

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Two Years Ago…

Two years ago yesterday I was in Miami like I am now.  I had no place to stay like right now.  I ran into my friend Brendan, aka DJ VH1, and he told me I could crash with him and the chick he was DJing for if I took pictures of them at some gay bar called Score that night.  I ended up waiting much longer than I planned and was really bored all night.  Finally the girl he was DJing went on with her two back up dancers and made those gay dudes go nuts.  Afterwards we celebrated her birthday and I took pictures of her blowing out a disco ball cake. Almost exactly two years later I sold a couple of those photos to New York Magazine.

The artist? It was Lady Gaga.

Click here to see the pictures from that night.



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XXL Holiday Party – 12.21.09

So many months ago I shot the XXL Magazine holiday party. I wasn’t able to post the photos until XXL published them.  I haven’t actually seen the issue with my photos, but I have got to assume they published them already, I mean it was more three months ago.  I am still on this crazy trip of course, so I figure it’s a good time to post old stuff, since I don’t have time to get you new stuff.  Anyway the highlight of this party at Marquee was the Jersey Shore cast showing up five minutes after the club opened.  I got to talk to a few of them and take some pretty funny photos. Also there were some football players like Eddie George and the hated Jet, Darrelle Revis. I was glad I didn’t know who he was until after I took his photo because I might have had to fight him. Anyway, when the party finally got good the club made me stop taking photos because of all the football players so I went home.

Click here to see all the pictures from the XXL Mag holiday party at Marquee including photos of the Jersey Shore.






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Vice Bottle Report Part 4

This is the last week of the series on homeless recycling that my friend Brendan and I did for Vice.  I think it’s probably the best of the four sections. I don’t really have a lot to say about it, but you should just read the article.

In other news, I am in Miami with a place to stay at least for tonight.  I think I might be good this weekend too, but tomorrow could be intresting. Still, I am being productive while aslo taking it easy. I shot a party last night at White Room that was fun and I have a sexy type photoshoot planed for today.  I am also working two parties for Roxy this weekend.  Other than that I am trying to take it a bit easy and try to recover from SXSW. That being said, if anyone wants to get naked for me, or hire me to shoot a party this week, let me know.  I will also be in Orlando on Monday, Tues and Wed of next week, so same thing goes.

Get at me.


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Welcome To Miami

So I finally made it down to Miami for this Winter Music thing.  Austin was so exhausting after two weeks sleeping three hours a night on a couch that as soon as I got to the Airport in Miami I booked a cheap hotel room by the airport and went to sleep. That’s where I am right now.

Unfortunately after tonight I don’t have any place to stay.  My housing fell through and I am stuck with no place to go. If anyone has a place for me to crash near South Beach it would be amazing. I just can’t be walking around with all the stuff I packed for a three week trip, including 2 cameras and my computer. Please contact me if you have anything that can help. I have to be here through Sunday.

As far as actual updates go I still haven’t gotten any SXSW pictures up, but there is a gallery from the Mog.com party up on Mog and I have a best of SXSW music gallery up on the Village Voice and some pics from the Mashable interactive party on the LA Weekly. Oh, and some more LA Weekly tattoo shots here.

Anyway, that’s all the updating I have for now.  Things might be weird this week, just keep checking my Twitter and my Tumblr. See you soon I hope.

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So SXSW has come to an end. Today I went to a pretty crazy party but the cops busted it up early so I finally had some time to chill, finish editing photos and update my site.

Before I left I finally photographed the Burning Angel Chase.  We had a plan to shoot in a specific bathroom in Williamsburg but we got kicked out after a few shots.  We didn’t know where to go until I saw someone leaving an apartment building. I grabbed the door before it closed and we walked up 7 stories and snuck onto the roof.  We tried to shoot but it was fucking freezing and the roof was covered with tar that was fucking up our shoes. On top of that we were both kinda winded from running up 7 flights of stairs. The whole thing was sort of a disaster.  I like to think that I am a better photographer than this, and I know she is way hotter than this… but fuck it.  You want to see some tits, I want to update my fucking site and she wants you to check her out on Burning Angel and Gods Girls, so fucking do it already.

Oh, and you can click to see a few mediocre photos of her taken by me for free!

Ps. Hopefully I will have free time to update tomorrow too! Wouldn’t that be something….



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SXSW Pics On Mog.com

I know I am not really updating this page like I should be, but I have been shooting 15 hours a day and coming back to edit so I can send them off to my client, Mog.com.  You can check out their SXSW mini site to see a lot of my music shots.  I will have them up on my page when I get back of course, but for now, you have a lot to look at there.  The highlight for me might be the Hussle Club shots but there are a lot of good things there.  Just a few more days and I will have Sunday and Monday mostly free to relax and try to get some pictures online.

And remember, I keep updating my Tumblr and Twitter so check those things out while you wait for me to get to real work on this site.

Anyway I just took a break to charge my phone but I gotta get back out there.  See you guys soon… I hope.


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In continuing to try to get stuff up for you while I am on the move, here are some half naked shots of my friend Aire taken outside of Sway a week ago Monday.  They are mostly covered, but they are still pretty NSFW.  She does crazy disco make up at night clubs, has rad hair and is cool as fuck.  If you see her out, convince her to do your make up, or at least try to find some other reason to talk to her, it is for the best. It was also freezing out and a cab driver was watching our shoot so you have to be impressed with her doing her thing anyway. I have to go to sleep finally, but I shot some good stuff today that I will hopefully be able to get online soon.

Anyway, click here to see some nearly dirty pictures of the Disco make up queen, Aire.




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Vice Bottle Report: Part 3

I actually have a bunch of stuff to update you guys with right now, but no time to do it.  I have to get out of here in a few minutes so I will just send you to the third part in my weekly series on Viceland. I don’t remember if it’s four or five parts, but this is one of the better sections.  The last part is pretty great too.

On a news note, today is the end of the film and interactive parts of SXSW and the beginning of the Music part.  My job goes from mostly freelancing and watching movies to working for Mog.com and busting my ass all day only to come home and have to edit and upload photos all fucking night.  I will be getting absolutely no sleep, but I got to sleep in today finally, so at least I am rested and ready to go. Hopefully I will find some time later tonight to update the site again.  See you guys soon.


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