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I finally debuted a few of my secret 35mm photos that no one has seen yet.  I have been shooting roll after roll of film over the last 2 years and I haven’t shown much of it to anyone, but I was asked to contribute some photos to the Converse blog a long with a little interview.  I gave them some shots that I have taken over the years of random graffiti and signs that people left around New York for me to find.  I really wasn’t super happy with the shots they picked from the selection I sent them, but one of these days I am going to learn my lesson and only send shots I AM super happy with. Still, I am happy to have some photos up that are looked at slightly more artistically even if they are just photos of other people’s art.

Check the photos and my slightly awkward interview by clicking here. 

PS. Speaking of my 35mm work, tomorrow is t he 9th anniversary of DBB and I have some big news about a 35mm project I have for you, so come back soon!


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I Have A Tumblr

I now have a Tumblr. Let the fun begin. Follow me and shit, then blog about my shit, and tell your friends.


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Sahra Starr & Aleia Marie

Last Wednesday my friend Sahra called me to tell me that her friend was in town and wanted me to come take pictures of her boobs. I was busy eating pineapple chicken at a weird restaurant in Chinatown that was wallpapered in dollar bills with Bad Brillance and one of the girls from Tayisha Busay, but when boobs call, you must take action. I cabbed it over to Ella where it was demanded that I meet these girls in the bathroom.  I lead a rough life I know.  I started shooting Aleia but Sahra quickly got in on the photos and it sort of devolved into just a drunken make out sesh but I tried to capture it as best as possible.  Eventually I dragged them over to Happy Endings and they spent the rest of the night getting out of control on the dance floor.  At some point in the evening Sahra fell asleep and fucked up her knees pretty good.  Despite their supreme drunkness they seemed to like the photos a lot while sober, so I guess that means I get to show them to you.  I am sure you will appreciate that.

Click here to see Sahra Starr and Aleia Marie take their clothes off make out drunk in the Ella bathroom. NSFW.

sahra-starr-aleia-marie-14.JPG sahra-starr-alei-marie-64.JPG


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Lit Lounge’s 8th Year Anniversary – 2.22.10

Every single person I have ever met was at Lit.  If you weren’t there then I we probably haven’t met, or maybe I just didn’t see you.

Monday night was the 8th Anniversary of Lit and possibly the last one if people don’t stop smoking in the back room downstairs.  Lit is getting hassled by the city for that shit, so knock it out.  Everyone complains of “smelling like Lit” anyway.  Let’s keep it open. Lit was one of the first places I ever danced in my life.  I used to NEVER dance (and I very rarely do now) but like 5 years ago I was visiting NYC with my friend Jamie.  I used to visit him at college and I fell in love with one of his friends.  When he graduated I never thought I was going to see her again.  She was moving to NYC and she had a boyfriend and she never seemed to have any interest in me in the first place.  Well when Jamie and I went to NYC we ended up staying with her.  We spent all day in Coney Island and I rode the Cyclone with her.  It was really an amazing day and at the end we went to Lit. It was my first time there and they were spinning old rock and roll and I danced with this girl all night and I finally kissed her and it was one of the best days of my life. Unfortunately, her boyfriend found out and I never really got to see her again after that.  Ironically she is moving and I am going to her going away party tomorrow. It will be the first time I have seen her since I moved to NYC three and a half years ago.

Moving on, enough about my life, let’s talk about the party.  Lit was fucking crazy.  There were so many people there that you could win hipster bingo in about five minutes. You could barely move but some how people managed to stay there all night.  Ron Jeremy was there for some unexplained reason and I heard  he was fucking girls in the back.  It wouldn’t be the first time I have been at a party that Ron Jeremy was fucking girls at. He works for this company and I have a bunch free porn cards that Hotmovies gave me last time I was in Vegas and I pulled one out and gave it to him.  He looked super confused. Speaking of porn, the first Burning Angel I ever knew was there. I met her on Make Out Club before she moved to New York and she introduced me to Joanna at SXSW in 2004. I haven’t seen her in like a year so that was cool. In fact, there were probably 20 people there I hadn’t seen in over a year.  It was really awesome. I even got to play with my new telephoto lens a little bit. It was really just a great night and I got home after 7am…

The photos are super crowded, let’s just put it that way. I had to be really close to people.  You can see for yourself if you click right here to see all the picures from the 8th Anniversary Party at Lit.









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DBB Presents – 2.20.10

I don’t really have a name for the show I put on last Saturday so you get a very uncreative post title. I think I have talked enough about what was going on with the show, but if you need a refresher, click here.

As far as how the show went, it was amazing. Four great bands played and it was packed the whole time. It was completely full of people from 10:15 until 3, but a lot of us were still there at 5am.  Kingdom is a brand new spot so we had a scare when their PA satrted smoking, but they somehow managed to get a new one and Great Tiger was ready to play by 10.

Great Tiger plays crazy electronic beats with vocoded robot vocals that got everyone dancing. It was early but by the time they they finished their set and came out into the crowd to rock people’s faces everyone was grooving pretty hard.

After that Theodore Grimm took the stage.  They brought a ton of kids with them from Jersey and made those kids glad they came.  The Grimms are the least dancy, most like a real band of the four acts, but the kids ate them up and they all stuck around to see the other bands.

My boy Teddy Blanks came on next and played probably the best set I have seen him do as a solo performer.  He told me it was his favorite show yet so that means a lot.  He got everyone dancing and I had a bunch of people talk to me about how awesome he was.  I was really glad some of my friends finally got to see him do his thing.

Finally Gang ended out the night.  They had the trickiest sound and I was running the board and I have no idea what I am doing so their first two songs were a disaster, but when I finally figured out what was going on they started fucking people up left and right. Their set was tight, people were dancing like crazy and when they ended with a cover of Rage’s Killing In The Name Of, people lost it and started moshing.  I was pretty sure something was going to get destroyed, but everything was cool and it was a perfect end to the night.

Shout outs of course to Sean Motherfucking Roberts who spun between all the bands to keep everyone dancing and stayed after DJing until everyone had left.  At one point at 3:45 when there was only a handfull of us left he was killing it so hard that he brought in a group of 10 people off the street who figured there was big party. The look on their faces was great when they saw about 10 people sitting at bar talking.

The show was great, I got to pay all the bands and a few hundred people got to check out Kingdom. You should check it out for yourself soon. It’s a great spot with awesome owners and it’s right next to a San Loco.  It’s on N. 4th and Bedford in Williamsburg.  Look into it.  Tell ’em I sent you.

Anyway, I don’t have much more to say, but thanks to everyone who helped make the show awesome and thanks to all my friends for coming out.  I am so glad I could put on something this awesome for these bands.  Everyone needs to see these guys.

Because I was doing 100 things at once, I took really awful photos, but at least you can get the idea of what the show was all about.  Click here to see all the pictures from the first DBB Presents show at Kingdom.






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I shot these photos ages ago when I was in Austin, Texas at a wedding.  I never posted them because I was really happy with them and I wanted to do a really good edit.  I kept trying to install Adobe CS4 and I eventually just gave up, did my normal edit to them and decided enough was enough, these pictures have to go up.

Meet Anais.  She is a Gods Girl. When I went to Austin I hit her up after having an awesome time shooting the Gods Girl Kleio at South By Southwest last year.  Anais came over to my hotel room and we shot for a couple hours and I think we got some really great stuff.  She had only shot home made sets for Gods Girls and had never really done a real shoot before but she was a great model.  She kept climbing all over the room and coming up with ideas that I should have thought of but didn’t. I actually wish we shot a lot more some of this stuff.  I left some great shots in the hotel room.

I asked her if we could shoot again at SXSW this year and I found out she and her boyfriend are having a baby so shooting might be off the table. So a big congratulations to her and I am just glad I could finally get these pictures up before she had a kid. Give her some love in the comments…

Get excited and check out all these pictures of the super cute Anais shot in Austin by clicking right here. NSFW of course.

Ps. For more Anais, check out Gods Girls and she is coming soon to Deviant Nation!




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Dre Day 2010 – 2.18.20

It’s one, two, three and to the four. Dr. Dre turned 45 so we partied some more. Dre Day 2010 was celebrated in NYC at The Williamsburg Hall of Music. It was totally packed when I got there and the air smelled like the 1992 debut Dr. Dre album The Chronic.  RokOne invited me out and he and Nick Hook were behind the tables when I got there. There were low rider bikes, a giant $20 sack pyramid and a shit load of Colt 45 40oz. Nothing but Dre related tunes went off all night. There was a pretty low rent wet t-shirt contest that featured two girls and lasted around 20 seconds, but was hilariously hosted by Dances With White Girls.  And there were a lot of people dressed like LA gang members which is always pretty funny.  I myself rocked kakhis and some Chuck’s with a buttoned up flannel.  Ironicly I purchased both the flannel and the Chucks for my Kurt Cobain costume on Halloween.  I guess gangasta rap and grunge had a lot of similar sensabilites.  I mean who wasn’t wearing flannel in the early/mid 90’s?

Anyway, there are a lot of pictures of the whole thing that you can see by clicking here and some of my photos were used for a pretty funny write up about Dre Day on the Village Voice.  Check ’em out.








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Brooklyn Royalty Fashion Week Closing Party – 2.18.10

Brooklyn Royalty has a new home.  Bob Bland and her partner Jeff opened a new spot in Williamsburg called Kingdom. It is on N. 4th street between Bedford & Driggs. It is right next to the San Loco.  The reason I am getting all specific about the date is because I am throwing an event there tonight at 9pm.  But of course you know that already. What is more important at this moment is that Bob threw her Brooklyn Royalty fashion week party at her new spot.  It was the official opening of Kingdom and while the place isn’t finished yet, it is a very cool looking spot. I can’t wait for the show tonight.

Bob had some models on hand showing off her new line.  They took turns posing in a picture frame.  I got there pretty late, but I ran around and got a bunch of shots anyway.  I took a few cute ones of Bob on the Skee-Ball machine.  Any place with Skee-Ball has to be amazing.   In the 30 mintues I was there I manged to annoy a group of four girls, walked in on one of the models changing and managed to take some absolutely horrible pictures (now deleted).  Fortunately I managed to take some good ones too.  I hope you like the shots, Brooklyn Royalty’s new line, and of course the venue.  Come check it out for yourself tonight.  Free! 9pm! Bands at 10!

 Check out all the shots from the Brooklyn Royalty Fashion Week party at Kingdom by clicking here. Oh, and there is a show there tonight too, just incase you didn’t get the memo.







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All Black Everything – 2.17.10

After the Mad Happy show I ran over to Ella to shoot some girls naked in a bathroom, then I hit up Darkroom for Roe’s party but I didn’t stay long. I finally ended the night over at Happy Endings for All Black Everything.

ABE, in just its fifth week, is the replacement for Ninjasonik’s Poppin’ Bottles, Getting Pregnant party on Wednesdays.  Similar crowd but at least on Wednesday it seemed a bit more jumping that normal. Part of that was probably the fact that it was sort of an after the after party affair for the Jeremy Scott show, but it was also because Roofeeo and Johnsville were holding it down. I had a blast as did the girls I brought from Ella. They got naked at ABE too, so you know, this gallery is NSFW.

Check out all the hot shit from Wednesdays All Black Everything party by clicking here.  Better late than never.








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