Matty No Times Benefit – 1.29.10

Wow. I was all ready to post these pictures last night but I fell asleep while I was uploading them and woke up at 3 AM.  Woops.

I have had a weird week and didn’t shoot any photos at all. Fortunately Inked Magazine got me out of the house and had me shoot the benefit party for Matty No Times from Three Kings Tattoo who had a liver transplant recently.  The party was only a few blocks from me at Union Pool in Brooklyn and it was completely packed despite the bitter cold.  It was so packed in fact that it was extremely hard to take any pictures.  I shot over 100 photos and ended up with about 25 usable ones which is well below my normal average.  Still, it was awesome to see so many people come out an support especially with a $10 cover.  You seriously could not move a muscle. Gospel, Drunk Driver and Tournament played the show and had their merch sales go to Matty as well.  It was a pretty impressive show of support.

I hope Matty is doing well and hopefully the money raised will go a long way. Click here to see the outtakes from the party.  Some of the best photos will be in an upcoming issue of Inked.




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Bizarre Magazine

In 2002 a UK based magazine Bizarre listed Driven By Boredom on a list of top blogs.  I am not sure if they used the word blog, because that wasn’t really popular parlance at the time, but you get the idea.  I was pretty psyched about it because Bizarre was one of my favorite magazines at the time.  If you haven’t seen it Bizarre is just filed with the craziest shit you have ever seen and a bunch of hot naked girls. Its like the magazine equivalent of a Mondo film. It’s pretty great. I haven’t picked one up in a while, but hopefully it is just as crazy.

I do plan on picking up this months issue because I have some photos in it.  Bizarre covered America’s Most Dangerous Game Show: Strip For Pain in a two page spread in their newest issue.  If you don’t know by now, Strip For Pain is a game show conceived by my friend Doug and often Co-Hosted by Porn Star Joanna Angel. They get a bunch of Burning Angel girls to beat the hell out of several dudes and if the guys survive the girls take off a bit more clothing.  When just one guy remains they do something extra horrible to him, and if he can stand it, then he gets a lap dance from all the girls.  It is a weird thing to watch.  I have photographed it a bunch of times, but if you want to see video, you can click here.

So yeah, Bizarre used 5 of my photos, despite crediting them to one of my favorite photographers and friend Steve Prue. We were both confused by this considering we had submitted almost identical shots of a guy getting punched in the face.  I remember when we showed each other the shots at an event in NJ.  Oh well, it’s still nice to see my stuff in print in a magazine I love, credit or not.  And better it be Steve than someone who sucks.

Lastly, Strip For Pain  host Joanna Angel is up for some sort of crazy porn star contest.  You should vote for her.  I mean she’s awesome, always convincing her girls to get naked for my site and she’s from NYC.  How can you not love that. Vote! (It wouldn’t hurt to vote for the awesome Justine Joli either.)

So yeah, here is a small censored version of the 2 page spread in Bizarre.  If you want to read the article and see the uncensored pictures, click the picture below.


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Intern Wanted

So once again, I need an intern.  I have a bunch of random stuff I need help with, but I really need an intern to help me with the web store I plan on opening soon.  I have a few projects that are hopefully all going to happen around the 9th anniversary of Driven By Boredom on March 1st.  I am hopefully going to be out of town a lot in March and April as well so I will need help holding down the fort. I also am planning an event for late May so I might get really busy in May as well.

So I am looking for someone who can commit on average 10 hours a week through the end of May.  I know it is cutting it close, but I am pretty sure we can hook you up with college credit if you can figure that out with your school.  I know when I did my internship I had to have done a certain amount of hours and I can make sure you get that.

This is not a photography internship. Once in a while I might need help on a shoot, but for the most part it has nothing to do with photography. I am looking for people who are interested in marketing, specifically web marketing.  I want someone who spends a lot of time online and is comfortable with social networking and really basic html.  People with experience in web design/coding with experience in Word Press would be a bonus but that’s not required.  The job can mostly be done from home, except that once in a while I might need film picked up or something like that. The one thing I hopefully will need the most help with though is mailing shit.  Starting mid Feb I plan on opening a web store. I have shirts, tote bags, prints and some other random shit that I will be selling and I need someone to be in charge of making sure people get their shwag. I figure a post office run once or twice a week should be enough, but it also involves packaging and labeling and all that fun stuff.

There will be some benefits, particularly if you are over 21 (or at least have a reliable ID) as far as getting guest listed to parties and the occasional drink ticket if you feel like coming out with me. With a few exceptions I won’t need you at clubs, but if you want to come out for fun we can make that happen.

Lastly and most importantly, I have had a lot of problems with interns in the past and I need someone responsible and without substance abuse problems. Two of my 4 previous interns ended up totally screwing me over because of their drug problems and I cannot have that happen again. Seriously, if you have a $100 a day coke habit do not fucking email me. I will find out.

Okay, if you are interested in this internship, and you think you can manage to do this without disappearing or fucking up my business, please send an email to  If you have a resume that’s great, if not, just tell me about yourself and send me a Facebook link. If you don’t use Facebook, this is probably not the job for you. There will be some tedious bullshit work but will make this job as fun for you as possible.

And for the 99% of people out there who don’t want to be my intern and are viewing this post as a waste of time, enjoy these cute puppies:

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Semi Precious Weapons Video Shoot – 1.22.10

Friday night was pretty nuts.  My boys Semi Precious Weapons are back in town doing a bunch of dates with Lady Gaga at Radio City Music Hall. They decided to turn the weekly Trash party into a shoot for their song “Semi Precious Weapons”.  I figured the song was called “I Can’t Pay My Rent, But I Am Fucking Gorgeous” being as that is the hook, but clearly I am wrong. Evidently it’s self titled. My fault.

Anyway, after hearing the song 25 times in a row Friday night I probably should be sick of it, but it’s a pretty serious song.  They have done a video for it before, and used it as the sound track to a Beatlemaniaesque promotional video. It was also on their first album, and their EP and I guess it will be on their next album too since they are doing a video for it and all… I am sure they are sick as hell of it, but that’s how the music industry works.  You have to promote the same 5 songs for three fucking years. It’s pretty awful, but at least it’s a rad song and I am excited to see the video.

I did a pretty epic stage dive off a monitor into a crowd of 18 year old girls. Everyone moved out of the way and I landed on my back but not before putting my hand into the lovely Suicide Girl Bettina’s face. Woops. Justin from SPW announced to the crowd that I had done that the last time they played Webster Hall and informed me that I had broken his friend Krista’s wrist in the process. I felt pretty bad about that since Krista is my birhday twin (May 29th, 1980).  No one broke anything this time, but my back still hurts like hell two days later. I hope it makes it into the video, but I have my doubts…

This gallery is pretty nuts because I was kinda using my camera as a prop in the video. I took several hundred pictures without even looking in the view finder.  I was just dancing and running around taking photos of anything. Everyone got super drunk and super naked. I think there was an open bar at some point because it was out of control in there. When the video was almost over and I realized it was after 3am.  I have no idea how the night went so fast when the only song we heard all night was “Semi Precious Weapons”.  It actually made for a great night. Everyone was partying as hard as they could to get filmed. It was one of the best Trash’s in a long time.  Party for fucking ever.

Check out the massive amount of NSFW pictures from the Semi Precious Weapons music video shoot for their self titled song “Semi Precious Weapons”.

Ps. Congrats to SPW for all the successes they have had.  I have known these dudes forever and I actually like their band unlike most of my friends bands. I just hope that if they get as big as I think they will that they will take me on tour with them or something and maybe they can help me pay my rent, because I am not quite as gorgeous….












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AVN Awards Red Carpet – 1.9.10

So I posted the link to these pictures on the Village Voice a while ago so I didn’t feel a real need to get them up right away.  I have 800 photos that I took at the Semi Precious Weapons video shoot last night and I don’t have the energy to edit them right now so I am just going to throw up these pictures and call it a day.

The Adult Video News awards are basically the porn Oscars. They are held every year during January and happen at the same time as the Adult Entertainment Expo.  They tend to feature a shit load of porn stars and some minor celebs.  This year Dave Attell hosted and I got a shots of Dave Navarro and Margaret Cho.  I think Flavor Flav was there but I didn’t see him.  Anyway, the red carpet step and repeat stuff is pretty boring, both to the viewer and to the photographer, but I had a reserved spot for me and had a good time yelling at people to look at my camera.  The lone of porn stars was never ending and I took nearly 1000 photos, which was a huge mistake because I didn’t bring a back up battery.  My battery lasts over 800 shots, so I rarely bring out my back up.  So during the end of the Red Carpet my battery died and it was amazingly embarrassing. I have never really had anything like that happen to me before especially not while I was standing next to Getty and Wire Image guys. I spent the rest of the carpet trying to convince porn stars to do funny shit for the entertainment of my fellow photogs. “Show us your teeth!”  It was a good time.

 Click here to see all the pictures from the Red Carpet of the 2010 AVN Awards. Mildly NSFW.








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Shay Ryan & Envy Amor

I shot Gods Girl/ Burning Angel Evny Amor last year (see the pics here) when I was in LA and I figured a year later I was back and maybe we should try again.  She brought with her her Twitter friend Shay Ryan who is now infamous after my pictures of her were posted on several big sites. She also got accepted as a Burning Angel since I put up her pictures a few days ago, so things are looking up for our chances to see her have sex with people on video.  Good times!

Anyway, Shay and Envy don’t have sex with each other in these pictures because I like to keep it classy.  Well, we are shooting in a creepy motel room so maybe classy isn’t the right word.  I like to keep it trashy, but at least not graphic.  I mean, you can go to other websites if you want to see porn, you come here to see mediocre pictures of girls topless, drunk people hanging out at night clubs and witty banter such as you are reading right now.   Despite the PG-13 rating on most of my sets, these are still pretty damn sexy and are well worth taking a look at.  So please do.

You can see Shay Ryan & Envy Amore get naked in the same room together by clicking right here.  I hope it makes your day.




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Circa – 1.21.09

Circa was packed last night and pretty crazy.  The mixer is still broken and we blew the speakers at around 3 am but the party didn’t stop. I broke part of my flash and I was in a really bad mood until some really funny shit happened.  I was talking to this girl who is a friend of a friend, and evidently the guy she was with didn’t like that.  After about 5 minutes he got up and said to her “I’m leaving! Why don’t you let him take pictures of your cooter!” That would have been enough to brighten my spirits right there, but when she got up to talk to him, he said something to her along the lines of “…but he has a mustache!” And then he demanded I take his picture while he flicked me off! Classic! Seriously, the whole thing was so fucking funny. To his defense, the scene he made did get her to leave before I took pictures of her “cooter”. Ha!

Okay, other than that brilliance, I did end up pulling one girl into a bathroom for like 3 pictures.  So yeah, NSFW and stuff. Um, I was keeping it pretty low key because of my broken flash, but there are some pretty decent shots.  I haven’t been paid for this party in three weeks, so I am not sure if I will be doing it next week, but if I am, you should come out, things just keep getting weirder. I am proud to say I am part of the best party the Darkroom has had since Mike Nouveau stopped promoting M.

Click here to see all the pictures from Circa last night.

Ps. Is it weird that “cooter” isn’t in my spell check’s dictionary?








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Violet Monroe Returns

When I was in Vegas I had an amazing suite at the Hard Rock Hotel paid for by the Village Voice. It was really amazing and I wanted to do a lot of photo shoots in it. Unfortunately the Hard Rock is off the strip so talking people into coming over way way harder than I realized. I did manage to get my friend Burning Angel & Gods Girls friend Violet to come over and do a quick shoot on my sectional.  It was right after the AVN Award and her and I were both exhausted after a crazy sleepless weekend, but we managed to get a pretty hot shoot out of it. It’s pretty scandalous in fact.

There is only one shot below because I forgot to have her shoot pictures where she wasn’t fully naked.  But there are a bunch of hot pictures that you can see by clicking here.


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Daisy Sparks

NSFW week as suffered some set backs.  First I skipped Monday and last night two girls I shot asked me not to post their pictures. I am hoping to redo one of those shoots soon, but who really knows. People are flakes. Fortunately, I found some older photos that I never got around to posting, so I think the week will continue after all!

Day two brings us the lovely Burning Angel Daisy Sparks.  I had talked to her on Twitter over the last several months but she lives in LA and we had never met. I recognized her in the Venetian Casino when we were in Vegas together and introduced myself. An hour later I was playing penny slots while everyone else was drinking and I asked her to press the button for good luck.  She hit all 7’s! I won $120 on a dollar bet. It was pretty fantastic. I told her I was going to buy her a present, but I never did.  Don’t worry Daisy, I still owe you…

After she helped me beat Vegas I clearly fell in love with her and we had to shoot.  She had an amazing hotel room that I thought we could shoot in, but when I got there about 9 porn stars were getting their make up done and the place was a mess. She sugested we shoot in the bathroom, but all I ever do is shoot in bathrooms so I was a bit dissapointed.  I had an idea though. There was a little room off to the side of the bathroom with just the toilet in it. I realized that if I sat on the toilet, I could shoot her against the wall and it wouldn’t look like a bathroom. I guess I am ruining any sort of illusion by telling you this, but come on, you guys are like family. I can tell you anything.

So yeah, we shot against this weird wall paper for a grand total of 10 minutes before I had to rush over and get in the press line for the AVN Red Carpet. I was hoping we would get a chance to do a real shoot later, but alas it was not meant to be. Still, come of the pictures are super cute and I hope you like them.

You can click here to see all my pictures of Ms. Daisy Sparks in the full nude! If you want to see her do a lot more than just be naked, click here.


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