2009: A Year In Celebrities

While everyone is looking back at the last 10 years I am going to give 2009 its due.  2009 marked the first calendar year I was completely self employed and the creation of my awkwardly titled corporation: Driven By Boredom Productions LLC. It has been a good year and I have done some fun stuff. I have never been one to put too much importance in hobnobbing with celebrities or I would probably travel north of 14th street once in a while, but people seem to care about celebrity stuff so I put this gallery of some of my better paparazzi shots from the last year. I put it together when working on my makeshift event portfolio so if you checked that you have seen a bunch of these, but then again if you have been reading my site over the past year you have probably seen them anyway.

This is my last post of the decade, so check out the 2009 celebrity gallery, and I will see you in 2010.








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10 Years Ago Today…

I am not going to do any top 10 lists or decade wrap ups or anything like that, but I think I should have a post or so looking back to where my life was 10 years ago.  I was in college at Penn State. I hated it. I was this punk rock kid but all my friends were ravers in the mid-late 90’s DC club scene.  I went to two parties that night a hotel party and a hose party at a spot called the Crack House.  I didn’t drink or do drugs so I was responsible for driving people around.  I also was really into wrestling for some reason.  I have a bunch of footage from that night, but the only thing I have online is this video of me and my friend Dylan wrestling at the hotel party.  I am pretty sure this was at like 10 PM, because I know I spent midnight and most of the night at the Crack House.  I think the most embarrassing thing about that era of my life was bad pants choices. Despite my punk rockness at some point after 1999 I started wearing raver pants. In the vid I am wearing ice camo which was made popular by this local punk band called the Infertil but in the context of the rest of the party they look pretty ravetastic.  Over the next year or two I bought at least one pair of JNCO’s and at least one pair of UFO’s.  Mistakes were made.

Once for Halloween I went as myself in 2000. I wore JNCO’s and the unfortunately tight He-man ringer tee that I am wearing in this video.  I also rocked SOAP shoes and a jacket with flames on it. It is almost too bad Y2K didn’t destroy me then…

Anyway, watch this stupid video of me wrasslin’ to rave beepin’ and then let’s hope that I don’t look back at my life 10 years ago and have the same regrets I do now.  Let’s hope the regrets are much much worse. Go out and kill tonight.  I’ll be the belligerently drunk guy waving glo sticks like it’s 1999.

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Cricket Prank

So a long time ago I posted this video about teaching little kids how to cheat on tests on YouTube. The video went viral and I did an interview on Good Morning America about it and Bill O’Reilly played it on his TV show. To this day I get comments from people asking me to make more videos. Well today I was hanging out with my friend and I showed her all these comments so we joked about making a new video.

So guess what? Now there is a new video.  I don’t really know any other ways to teach kids how to cheat, but as a former petty suburban criminal I know tons of stuff about teaching bored kids how to be delinquents. When I was in high school I had a master plan of releasing 10,000 crickets in a shopping mall food cour on Black Friday.  I never did it although I was legitimately considering it. Years later I still had every intention of doing it but I just had not pulled it off.  Unfortunately September 11th happened and I figured doing something like that would have gotten me in a lot more trouble than it would have previously. So the dream died and I left the bio terrorism to the pros.

Today I bring that dream to the people. I made a really dumb video of me telling kids about this prank and jokingly encouraging them to try it.  Who knows, maybe one day some kid in Kansas will make my dream a reality because let’s face it… that would be fucking hilarious.

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New Event Portfolio

So I am trying to book Sundance gigs this year so I made a makeshift event work portfolio. I created eventsbyigor.com two years ago to book a Sundance gig, and I finally updated it with some halfway decent photos.  I got gigs at Sundance the last two years so let’s hope we can pull it off this year too.

So this site is very hastily put together and a bunch of it is just celebrity bullshit, but I figured you guys might want to check it out anyway.  I am not sure why I picked the shots I did exactly, but it is some of my better, more commercial (as in not naked) event work.  One of these days I will redo it with an actual best of the best gallery and a design that isn’t horrible, but for the moment this will have to do.

Click here to check it out.


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More Dolphins Stuff

I haven’t updated much over the holidays mostly because I haven’t had anything to post. I havent done anything all week.  I went to a Washington Capitals game last night and I watched 20 hours of Heroes in the last 2 days, but I haven’t taken any photos or anything. But I do have a bunch of Dolphins stuff for you. This could have been three posts, but I decided to do you guys a favor and bunch it all up so it seems like I am posting less about football and more about drunk and naked people.  But don’t worry, there is only one more week of football after today so this site should be football free all spring long.  But until then, let’s get into it.

Firstly, and most importantly, the organization I co-founded, DolfansNYC has a new logo. My friend and brilliant artist, James Callahan, drew it up for us.  I think it is insanely bad ass.

Secondly, I have two weeks of photos for you that I haven’t bothered to post.  You can see photos from DolfansNYC meet ups at Third & Long from the Jacksonville game we won, and the Titans game we lost.

Lastly, if you care about any of this, click here and watch the Dolphins 5th Quarter Live Show. It will make my friends in the Dolphins organization happy… and it is a pretty cool show if you are  Dolphins fan.

Okay, that’s it. There are some photos below. I will be back in NY soon.  See you then.




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Not sure how I managed to forget to update for 3 days. Its Christmas and I was busy. Now I am in DC and I might not get a lot done but I will give you some videos real quick and try to do a real update or two by tomorrow.All of these videos are from Greg Rutter’s Definitive List Of The 99 Things You Should Have Already Experienced On Ther Internet Unless You’re A Loser Or Old Or Something.  I had seen 95% of these but there were a few new treasures. All of the below videos are old favorites except for the top video which is pretty much my new favorite viral video ever.  The last one is pretty long but worth watching all the way through if you haven’t see it before. Enjoy them all and happy holidays.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gJQ6LeKwHNI Comments (1)

X-Mas Photo Booth – 12.18.09

For some reason it took forever to upload these pictures yesterday and I went to bed kinda early so I didn’t have a chance to get them up and then today I had to watch football, then I had to nap because the Dolphins lost and I felt like killing someone, now I am gonna go see Avatar in 3-D because I need to pretend that I live in a magical space world for 2 hours so I don’t kill myself thinking about the Dolphins fucking their playoff chances in the ass. So I am going to put these photos up right now, then later I will reupdate this post with some sort of explanation of why I am posting hundreds of photos of people sitting on a latex wearing Santa’s lap.

In the mean time, click here to see the photos. NSFW.


So, I am back. It seems to be 830AM and not the night time, but it has been a long night. I will make this quick and then just leave you with a bunch of random pictures I liked. DJ Jess asked me to do this X-Mas photo booth. I didn’t really know what he wanted but I showed up with and extra flash and tried to rig something up. I didn’t set up lights or anything, but I hung a second flash from the stage lights.  It seemed to be a little hot but actually I could have fixed that, but I took 700 photos so fixing them wasn’t really an option. Legs Malone played S&M Santa and Shain did his thing as elf extrodinare. Also, at the end of the night Stormy Leather took over as Santa too! It went pretty well I think, Legs only got slightly groped and we only had to kick like 5 or 6 people out. Jess verbably straight murdered a kid who was talking shit during the burlesque. It was pretty great.  Speaking of burlesque, I decided to shoot those acts with my light still up. You can see how I have it rigged and it made for a few nice shots. I didn’t post anything below cause the good ones are NSFW and cause I feel like I should stick to the photo booth theme, but they are in the gallery.

So, once again, the gallery can be seen by clicking here, and I am gonna try to get a few hours of sleep before I get ready to head to DC to hang with my family for Christmas. Ho. Ho. Ho.










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Mini Post Office Live Blog

Everyone seems to love my post office live blogs via Twitter. I figured I would give you another one.  It was only a few Tweets but I think posting this is a better idea than going outside in this damn snow. I had a big photo shoot canceled today because of the snow so I will be damned if I am going to leave my house any time soon. If models can’t make it to me, I can’t make it out side of my building.

Anyway, this live blog contains two bonus Tweets.  Moments after I left the Post Office I went to the bank and New York Jets fat fuck of a head coach Rex Ryan was at the bank. He was wearing a miss matched Jets sweat suit and an ugly Jets hat. What a mess. I would have talked shit but he was with his family which might explain what the Hell he was doing in Williamsburg. Also when I was at the post office I bought 20 post card stamps so I can mail out some of the extra Christmas cards I made 2 years ago. If you want one, I still have a few stamps left, hit me with an email.

And remember you can get up to the minute brillance like this daily by following me on Twitter.


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Circa – 12.17.09

Hey. You need to be at Circa next week.  Darkroom was bumping on last night and people were getting nuts. We need you next week.  Darkroom is best when they open the second room/bar so we need to pack that place.  Thursday nights need to be as good as Mondays used to be and I am going to try my damnedest to make that happen. I guess I am officially on board Prince Terrence and Carol Sharks party so lets make this the place to be Thursday nights.  Check out the photos from Circa by clicking right here… but be warned, this gallery is not safe for work, unless you work loves nipples.








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