Some Ideas. Feedback Appreciated

As I desperately try to get pictures from DC uploaded I wanted to talk to you guys about some ideas I had and get some feedback if possible. Besides, I wanted to get something up for you before I went out for the night in the likely event that these photos won’t be uploaded in the next half hour or so.

My first thought is that shooting sexy naked photos is boring. I want to do some funny stuff. All the nude photography I like is either really high production and glossy or really funny. And since I have zero interest in shooting anything glossy, I wanna shoot more funny stuff. I posted an idea on my twitter about shooting someone naked wearing a hamburger costume. And while the reality of wearing a costume and being naked seems challenging I got a lot of positive responses to the premise. So if anyone has any ideas and/or feels like getting naked to make those ideas let me know. I would be open to shooting dudes for this. My attempts at making people look sexy are 65% fail.

Speaking of dudes, I really need to do some portrait work for my portfolio that isn’t of naked girls so if you are a DJ or an actor or something I will shoot press photos really cheaply right now. I probably won’t do anything free unless you have access to a really great location, are super weird looking or have an amazing concept that can be set up without me having to do any work, but I will shoot you for less than I will shoot your party. Hit me up.

Lastly I wanted to talk to you about trying to do a photo of the month thing. I have a lot of more fine art geared work that no one sees. I shoot more than a roll of week of 35mm stuff that I haven’t put online. I want to turn that stuff into a show or a book or something. I would like to share some of it and I had an idea. I have sold some of my prints in the $200 range, which is not terribly expensive, but out of most of my friends budgets. I wanted to do something affordable and collectable. I feel like one of my biggest regrets in college was not collecting more of my friends art. I have had tons of friends become very successful in some way or another and getting talented young artists work seems like a good investment. Now, I am neither young or particularly talented, but I do get a ton of traffic and I have taken a lot of photos of a lot of famous people and maybe one day in 30 years I will have a book out with photos of people from the turn of the century and people will be some how interested and copies of my prints will be worth as much as dozens of dollars and you will have one because you read this very post.

In all seriousness, the idea is that every month for 6 months I will print one of my 35mm photos at 11×14 signed and numbered out of 25 and sell it for $50. It is a pretty reasonable price I think. This stuff is not going to be party photos or anything, I think I will mostly focus on my street photography work. Now before I do any printing I want to gauge the interest in these photos. I want to know how many people would likely buy one print and who would likely buy multiple prints. In a perfect world I would be to find 10 people who would commit to buy all 6 images. For this I would offer free shipping and a 7th print numbered out of only 10. If I could get 10 people to pay $300 each up front I could easily do these print runs. So please send me an email at and let me know what you think. Ultimately I would love to have a new print available every month but I have no idea what the demand is.

Below is the first photo that I want to print for my picture of the month series. It is a photo of kids playing in the fire hydrant on the corner of my street in Brooklyn two summers ago. Let me know if you would pay $50 for a art quality signed print of it. Feedback would mean a lot. Thanks.


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On My Way Home…

Well my vacation is over and I am going to be officially back in action on Monday.  If you are reading this before 11am I am on a train headed to NYC.  I needed to get back for my Dolphins game.  And I have some DolfansNYC photos from last week I need to get up so I will use this one post to kill two contentless posts with one stone.  I am both updating you with what’s going on with the site and posting pictures that you don’t want to see.  I think that makes for a solid bullshit post.  DC was fun, I hung out with a bunch of random girls I met in NYC on Halloween.  They took me to some parties, good times were had. But yeah, despite me doing nothing for this site over the past couple of days I got a lot of work done on my portfolio and came up with an idea for a photo show.  Let’s just hope it changes your life for the better one day… although it probably won’t.

Moving on, here are the pictures from the Phins vs. Panthers game last Thursday, and here is the accompanying video.  See you tomorrow.


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Save The 941 Theater!

So normally I wouldn’t just copy and paste a press release, but I am on vacation and this is important. I know most of the readers of this site aren’t from Philly, but one of my favorite establishments is facing some problems and they are staging a series of events to reopen. If you are a fan of film or music or culture you could think about donating, even if you might never get a chance to visit. If you live in Philly you should do everything in your power to make it out to one of these events. The show tonight seems completely insane. Click below to read the press release.

(Read the article)

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Spanksgiving – 11.23.09

Roxy Cottontail and crew decided to collect cans at Sway last night to give to food banks for the Thanksgiving Holiday. I spent a lot of time last night watching the bouncers send kids to the nearest bodega because they wouldn’t let people in without some food.  I bet that bodega was happy.  Nearly everyone returned with Campbell’s Soup or Cup o’ Noodles but some people showed up with exotic treats such as canned muscles or codfish in a box.  It was pretty great. I own a can of Salmon I bought nearly 10 years ago because I liked the package design.  I used to keep it on my shelf but now it’s at the back of my cupboard. I should have donated it.

Oh yeah, there was also a party.  Roc and Eli Escobar DJ’d and I took pictures which you can see by clicking here.






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Disco Vibes – 11.20.09

Disco Vibes is a new Disco House party in Williamsburg at Hugs every Friday. The night was used as an occasion to release two new Kill Shop Kill Dance shirts.  There’s a Mickey Mouse disco shirt and an I’M IN BROOKLYN BITCH! shirt. I might have to pick one of those Mickey shirts one of these days. VDRK DJ’d and I shot a gallery which pretty much amounts to a KSK ad, but I am pretty okay with that since they paid for all of the free shirts I gave you guys in March. Oh yeah, did I mention that the party was a lot of fun? Yeah, it was, you can see for yourself by clicking here.





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I met Gen ages ago and we at once talked about shooting. I had this idea involving this spiked baseball bat that I carved myself out of two 2″x4″s for a sculpture class in college. We finally got together and she came over and we walked out of my apartment to shoot on my neighbors roof and it started fucking pouring rain.  We tried to shoot but after 2 minutes we were miserable. It was too cold and too wet and I couldn’t really shoot and hold an umbrella at the same time. We were ready to give up and went back to my apartment and as she was getting changed I snapped a shot and I really liked it so we shot more in my kitchen. It was all pretty half assed but Gen rules so we had to give you guys something. I also have a rule about not shooting in my bed room, because people think I am sleazy for shooting naked people to begin with and the last thing I want to do is to encourage ideas about me sleeping with the models I shoot.  I made an exception for Gen though because the shots were nice and because she’s a total lesbian so I don’t think it counts.

Anyway, click here to see all the photos of Gen.





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WIRED Store Opening – 11.21.09

I got a last second email from my editor at the Village Voice asking me to cover the WIRED Magazine Store opening.  They opened a new store in the Meat Packing district and they threw a big party with an open bar and free food.  The place was insanely packed and until it cleared out a little bit I could barely get any pictures. It was pretty crazy for a room full of tech geeks. Clearly they know how to party… I mean they got Moby to DJ…

Moby also designed an interactive mural in the store. Several other celebrities worked on the store design including a gaming area designed by Tony Hawk and a green area designed by Adrian Grenier. On top of Moby a number of celebs showed up. The biggest of them probably being Chris Noth from Sex In The City, and far more importantly, Law And Order: Criminal Intent which is one of my favorite shows.  When I saw him I meant to tap him lightly on the shoulder, but right as I went to tap him, he walked towards me and my tap became a shove. He looked at me like he wanted to punch  me, but I told him I was a big CI fan and he posed for some pictures.

Another favorite show of mine is 30 Rock and Scott Adsit who plays Pete on the show was there. I told him I had seen him at another event, but he was with his kid so I didn’t want to bother him.  He told me it was his nephew and thanked me for bothering him now. I thought that was pretty funny.

I also met musicians Gavin DeGraw and Nicole Atikins, but the one celeb everyone was most excited about was Vince Offer aka the ShamWow! guy. People were running up to him to get his picture and he made crazy face and gave thumbs up signs all night.  That guy is pretty epic. He also once punched a hooker. The really weird thing about meeting him was that the slap chop rap remix was in my head all day for some weird reason, and when I get to the party, there he is… “Hi, it’s Vince with the Slap Chop. Slap your troubles away…”

Yes indeed, slap your troubles away…

Check out all the pictures from the WIRED party here.






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Funk Buffet

My girl Breezy B accosted me several months ago demanding that when she finished her first mix tape, I would blog about it. I mean, I would have anyway, but now I am pretty scared that if I don’t she might try to fight me. Well her mix tape, Funk Buffet is finally out and you guys need to get on it. Breezy has some of the best side-boob in the game and now she has some beats to match. She also has one of the weirdest preview videos I have eve seen. See below.

Download Breezy B’s new mix tape Funk Buffet now!
Download the cover art here and track listing here.

And on an unrelated note, I just wanted to remind you guys about the party at Hugs tonight. Come by. Hopefully things will get weird and we can cause some ruckus.

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66Sick Two Year Anniversary W/ Andrew WK – 11.17.09

If you look back in this gallery of 66Sick’s past you will notice several galleries that took place more than two years ago, yet some how these bastards are trying to pull the wool over our eyes by throwing a two year anniversary party. That being said, when Andrew WK is involved anything is an excuse to have a party. Mr. WK rocked the fuck out of the Happy Ending’s basement despite the fact that the house PA could not possibly keep up with his vocal antics. Fun times were had by all.

I have to say though, the best part of the night was not Andrew WK, although he was quite the explosion of fun… The best part was seeing a ton of people who I haven’t seen in ages out to see him. I rarely have as much fun as a party as I did last night. And usually when I have a great time, I get some great photos and last night was no exception. Some of the best moments came care of the fantastic Mr. Josh Madden who demanded a 5lb tray of gummi bears instead of a bottle of vodka for his hosting fee. From one non drinker to another, I am going to steal the fuck out of his idea. Next time I am hosting you kids are going to get a shit load of Swedish Fish instead of free booze. Anyway, about the pictures… let’s just say when the Gummi Bears got involved things got out of hand.

After the party I somehow got convinced by OJ to become a prop in a Last Nights Party photo shoot by laying down in the middle of the street. I am not sure I have ever seen Bronques as happy as he was when he came up with the idea. While laying in the street some douche bag drove at us as fast as he could and swerved at the last second. I kept thinking about how crazy it would have been if a dozen hipsters were killed during a LNP shoot. The photo shoot came to a quick end when some people in the building above us decided it would be a good idea to throw eggs and onions at us. I got splattered. Anton Glamb threw the onion back at the bastards despite his hand being broken and arm in a cast.

It was just that kinda night. Click here to see all the pictures.










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