Roxy’s Playground – 10.15.09

Pepsi has started some sort of DJ Collective. I am all for it. I am not really a big cola drinker, but I am all for big companies paying us to throw parties, but be warned, contract or no, we will not bow down to any sponsor. The Pepsi DJ Collective features a bunch of people who regularly show up on this site. The party they threw yesterday featured Roxy Cottontail, DJ Drama and Diplo. It was thrown by Roxy so she had her girl Maluca play who is on Diplo’s Mad Decent label. Maluca is Dominican and I happen to live in a Dominican neighborhood, but I was still slightly surprised when I came home at 9AM one morning and saw her and Roxy filming her new music video outside my apartment. I have shot her a few times and she is always fun. She pretty much killed it last night.

The party was in a warehouse on N. 8th in Williamsburg. I think that spot is going to be a regular venue but I don’t think it has a name yet. It did have a bunch of projectors playing crazy visuals all over the walls during the party. It was pretty nuts. The party was hot and sweaty and a perfect combo between Brooklyn warehouse party and corporate event… meaning you could smoke inside and I got free food. There were some good surprises with people grabbing the mic during Diplo’s set. Telli from Ninjasonik did Hold The Line with some help from Star City and Skerrit Bwoy did what he does. Amanda Blank and Atrak showed up as well.

All and all it was a pretty crazy night. You can check out all the photos here… Very slightly NSFW thanks to DBB favorite Vicki.








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