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Well at least for the moment my gallery software seems to be working properly. I have a feeling there are going to be more problems when I try to get up the photos I took on Tuesday. The main thing I need in life is to figure out a new solution for my photo galleries. Jalbum was just not built for a site as big as mine. If nothing else I need a better template so it at least looks slightly like my site. I get tons of traffic to the site galleries, but probably very rarely does that traffic come back to the main site.

Anyway, the Dolphins gallery and the two Yes Men posts now link to the correct gallery pages instead of Flickr. I also will be getting up a bunch of stuff from the last few days in the next few days. I am hopeful to get two more posts up today, but I might take a nap instead. Let’s see what happens.

I wanted to say that the two day break away from Driven By Boredom allowed me to get some stuff done that I had been putting off forever, and I did a pretty sexy photo shoot yesterday. I got a second opinion on my knee and I am going to have to get surgery soon. I also resigned my lease and have a new roommate moving in on Monday. I am not sure you care about any of that, but it is what it is. I will get some photos up tonight, at very minimum the pictures from Trash last friday. While you wait, check out this video of the Yes Men passing out the papers I blogged about on Monday. I show up in the background a few times. I fucked up and slept through their Tuesday prank where Andy evidently got arrested because of an outstanding ticket for riding his bike through a park, but you can read about that here.

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We’re Screwed! Fake NY Post – 9.21.09

Again, my site is still not letting me upload image galleries, but I wanted to get these shots up asap.

Today a large group of environmental and political activists came together to create a fake NY Post that they handed out all over New York. This issue addressed climate change and was timed with a global summit on climate change at the UN. Last year they came out with a fake New York Times that showed a world 6 months in the future where the war had ended and progressive causes had been championed by the world. This issue was less optimistic with a big “WE’RE SCREWED” headline.

I went out with the Yes Men today, one of the groups behind the paper and photographed them handing out the special issue. I am not sure anyone even realized it was fake since “We’re Screwed!” is not that inconceivable for a NY Post headline. I think people are much less shocked by bad news than they are good news.

Watch out. The Yes Men are not done with their climate change shenanigans. Just be on the look out for some really big balls.

Check out the photos from today on my Flickr account until I have my site up and running again.

Update: The above link now goes to my site and not the Flickr.






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Dolphins Vs. Falcons – 9.13.09

So yeah. I run a Miami Dolphins fan club. What are you going to do about it? I am sure I have mentioned this before, but my friend Michelle and I were watching Dolphins games in a Patriots bar for the last several years and were pretty sick of it. We found some other Dolphins fans and an hospitable bar in Murry Hill called Third and Long. By the end of the season last year we were packing the place with Dolphins fans. We decided over the summer to make it official. Dolfans NYC has a Facebook page, a Twitter account and temporary website. And clearly if you have a Facebook page you must be legit. Last week the Dolphins got pretty embarrassed by the Atlanta Falcons, and playing the Colts on Monday night tomorrow is not going to be any easier, but at least the club is looking tough. We brought out more people than we could handle last week and it was standing room only. Hopefully by mid season the Jets fans there will get the hint and go to one of the other 100 bars in the city you can watch the Jets play.

Anyway, I know most of you couldn’t care less about the Dolphins, but I am going to post some photos from our party last week anyway. And get used to it, because I am going to be taking more. Oh, and by the way, these photos are pretty terrible because I used my on camera flash for everything. Deal with it. Go Dolphins!

PS. As per last post, these link to a Flickr page for the mean time because my website is trying its hardest to fuck up my life.

Update: Gallery is working again… Above link now works.




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Yes Men SurvivaBall Launch

The Yes Men are at it again. If you don’t know about them, you should. They are left wing pranksters who protest big corporations using some highly entertaining methods. I have a history with them, as you can read here, and heard about their newest prank and asked them if I could come down and shoot some photos. Other than their people, I was the only photographer on the scene for their test launch. Tomorrow they are launching hundreds these balls at the UN to address the climate week meetings*. Today they had a test run down in DUMBO and we gathered in the sun to watch it all go down. Tons of people gathered to watch, but most of them happened to be part of the wedding that was taking place at the exact same time on the exact same mini beach. It was pretty funny. I would love to see their wedding pictures.

Anyway, this is going to be an exciting week for hilarious radical activism so keep your eyes open, read the papers and check back here. I should have some interesting photos if I manage not to sleep through them.

Lastly, my gallery software is giving me fits right now so I uploaded the shots to Flickr. Hopefully they will be up on DBB soon. Click here to see all the pictures.

*hundreds may be a slight exaggeration.

Update: The picture link now goes to my site and not Flickr.






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Eugene Mirman’s Comedy Festival Opening Night – 9.17.09

I met Eugene Mirman for the first time at South By Southwest in 2004. My friend Ross recognized him and struck up a conversation.  I had no idea who he was and little did I know that a few years later I would become a regular at his weekly comedy show Invite Them Up.  When Rififi closed down so did the show and I started going to less and less comedy, but when I saw Eugene was hosting his own comedy festival I knew I had to make and appearance.  The opening night was Thursday and they had a big pig roast which I missed.  I did get to eat some pulled pork at the end, but by then they had run out of plates and forks so I was eating it with my hands off a napkin. At the show I saw a lot of old friends and got to hang out in the card board VIP space ship that Eugene built and had guarded by a bouncer. Since anyone could go into the VIP fort, it was pretty clear that the crowd was nothing but A-listers.

Eugene opened the show followed by one of my favorite comics on earth Pete Holmes.  He was great as always and even though he did the shortest set of the night, his 12 minutes were probably the longest I have ever seen him do.  After Pete one of the great the loves of my life, Kristen Schaal, did an amazing three part bit full of dancing, magic and my favorite childhood game MASH. After pulling him up on stage it was determined that he was going to live in an outhouse with 57 kids, be married to Kristen and drive a convertible Boogermobile (Not that they even make Boogermobiles in hard top). After that Eugene joined her on stage to preform a hilarious play with an audience member.  That audience member immediately got on Eugene’s nerve and the got in a fight on stage that may have been every bit as funny as the bit. You can see in the pictures below her glaring at Eugene in genuine anger.  Fun times!

Up next was Jon Benjamin who did 5 minutes of toilet plunger material before bringing out Larry Murphy (a fan of DBB) doing a character of a Brooklyn cab driver who has directed a movie about his life as a CIA Black Ops operative/ cab driver.  This was followed up with questions from the audience which pretty much consisted of Jon mocking a British guys accent for 10 minutes. At that point Posies front man Jon Auer gave the crowd a short musical break which was not without humor as he asked a girl in the front row to take a picture of him on stage so he could prove to his mom that he did a show with Eugene Mirman.  I found out later that he was a fan of my site after stumbling on it after seeing naked pictures I took of Misti Dawn.  Finally to end the night famed British stutterer Daniel Kitson came out and did 45 minutes. He probably had about 10 minutes planned, but he couldn’t quite get all the words out.  In all honesty he was hilarious.  I was nearly crying at parts, but he called me out for taking photos and said that all photographers were pedophiles, so I had to shit on him a little bit.  Funny guy though, despite his handicap… being British.

Overall it was a great night and probably the longest comedy show I have ever seen.  Luckily I got a seat after the girl doing the door saw me limping around.  So I gotta give a big thanks to her, and of course to Eugene for comping my ticket. Anyway click here to see all the pictures from the night. Admittedly stand up comedy pictures are not the most exciting, but there are a few nice backstage shots at the end too.

PS. Shots from last nights Invite Them Up reunion show will hopefully be up later tonight.








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DJ Fancy Vs. Lena Marquise

This is part two of 2 Girls 2 DJs night. For part one click here.

So while Erin Jean is still running around topless I try to kick things up a notch. I grab my friend Lena Marquise who was with DJ Fancy celebrating his birthday. I ask her if she wants to join the photo shoot. Lena go-gos and I have seen some scandalous pictures of her floating about so I figured she might be down. She told me she would do it if Fancy wanted her to do it as a birthday present for him. She kept trying to get him to take her shirt off but he wouldn’t do it. I was very much not expecting it when he told me to follow him to the bathroom before grabbing a turkey baster, cheese grater and a spatula. The three of us and Lena’s friend snuck off into the bathroom. Fancy pulled off her shirt with his teeth in the shower and I started shooting. Lena’s friend grabbed the turkey baster and filled it with water and started squirting them with it. All of a sudden the photo shoot went from a drunken birthday photo shoot to actually an attempt at some cool pictures. Some of the shots from this are actually pretty awesome.

The four of us walked out of the bathroom covered in water and no one even stared. It was 6 am I was covered with water and had just shot two respected New York DJs with two pretty sexy naked girls. It was a totally unexpected good night. Just two hours earlier I was sitting in a gas station wondering how I got talked into this random Brooklyn after party with #moredudes than you could count. After the after party a bunch of us walked to Dances place and scared a lot of parents taking their kids to school. For some reason Robb kept telling them we were going fishing, but I am not sure that put their mind at ease, especially since everyone was drinking beers in the middle of the street at 730 in the morning. The next several hours will have to remain a mystery, but I will say that it almost ended with a trip to see an 1130 showing of Inglorious Basterds. Fortunately, I managed to escape and walk my crippled ass home around noon. What a weird fucking night.

Check out the photos of Fancy and Lena Marquise getting wet and naked in a bathroom by clicking here.




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Dances With White Girls Vs. Erin Jean

So it was 3AM and I was headed home from hanging out with my friend Ibi when I decided to stop by Happy Endings just to say hi. An hour later I have been bribed into going to some house party with 7 dudes and some random girl that Dances With White Girls had found. We met Fancy and two more girls there and rolled up to this apartment in South Williamsburg with 9 dudes and 3 girls.  It was clear from the start that we needed #moredudes.  When we got there there was no beer, so a beer run was attempted.  The beer run returned with 24 warm PBR’s and a cheese danish for Dances.  I don’t drink so this was pretty much hilarious to me.  I was so tired I just was laughing at everything.  When the rando that Dances found was drinking warm beer and ice out of a goblet I pretty much lost my shit.  She started telling me about a photo shoot she did where she posed naked with food covering her NSFW zones so I decided to try to make the party slightly more interesting by convincing her to cover her nipples with onions. I know that doesn’t even make sense, but it had to be done.

I decided that we needed to do a photo shoot, but I decided that since Dances found her he had to art direct.  Fortunately he had some pink sunglasses and a matching Members Only jacket on him.  He clearly came prepared.  We shot a few drunken shots and then I figured the shots would be funnier if he was in them, so that happened. It turned out that the girl was a nude model named Erin Jean.  We were just fucking around at first but it turned out she does this stuff for a living.  I am hoping when she comes back in October we can do a real shoot.

Anyway, while she was still running around the apartment topless I thought we should get one of the other two girls in a sea full of dudes involved… And that’s when shit got interesting…

This will be continued in 2 Girls, 2 DJs night part two. Coming soon to a website near you.

In the mean time, check out the NSFW photos of Erin Jean featuring DJ Dances With White Girls by clicking here…




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The Zaz Report

Listen, I spent like 5 hours wasting my life watching Matt Zaller interview celebrities. I seriously watched 60 of them until like 8am. Then I slept all day.  Now I have to go take photos and I don’t have time for a legit update, so let’s put all that wasted time to some use. Here are three of my favorite Matt Zaller interviews.  And let it be said that while he is no Nardwuar he can be pretty fucking funny. God damn.

PS. Every time I see her I fall slightly more in love with Aubrey Plaza.

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New York Couture Spring 2010 Fashion Show – 9.12.09

This is the third time I have shot the NY Couture fashion show and I think it keeps getting better.  Cassie is a friend and their photographer Steve Prue is one of my favorite photographers to run into. Their clothes are absolutely insane and while I am pretty sure you have to be an anime character to wear them, they make for great photos.  Due to my bum knee I mostly avoided the crowd and shot just the show and the VIP/backstage area.  My girl Contessa and Rock of Love’s Angelique “Frenchy” Morgan hosted.  The band Ultraviolet Sound played the after party.  Fun times were being had, but I dipped out early to ice my knee and cut all my hair off.

Click here for the New York Couture Spring 2010 fashion week show at Webster Hall.









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