DJ Fancy Vs. Lena Marquise

This is part two of 2 Girls 2 DJs night. For part one click here.

So while Erin Jean is still running around topless I try to kick things up a notch. I grab my friend Lena Marquise who was with DJ Fancy celebrating his birthday. I ask her if she wants to join the photo shoot. Lena go-gos and I have seen some scandalous pictures of her floating about so I figured she might be down. She told me she would do it if Fancy wanted her to do it as a birthday present for him. She kept trying to get him to take her shirt off but he wouldn’t do it. I was very much not expecting it when he told me to follow him to the bathroom before grabbing a turkey baster, cheese grater and a spatula. The three of us and Lena’s friend snuck off into the bathroom. Fancy pulled off her shirt with his teeth in the shower and I started shooting. Lena’s friend grabbed the turkey baster and filled it with water and started squirting them with it. All of a sudden the photo shoot went from a drunken birthday photo shoot to actually an attempt at some cool pictures. Some of the shots from this are actually pretty awesome.

The four of us walked out of the bathroom covered in water and no one even stared. It was 6 am I was covered with water and had just shot two respected New York DJs with two pretty sexy naked girls. It was a totally unexpected good night. Just two hours earlier I was sitting in a gas station wondering how I got talked into this random Brooklyn after party with #moredudes than you could count. After the after party a bunch of us walked to Dances place and scared a lot of parents taking their kids to school. For some reason Robb kept telling them we were going fishing, but I am not sure that put their mind at ease, especially since everyone was drinking beers in the middle of the street at 730 in the morning. The next several hours will have to remain a mystery, but I will say that it almost ended with a trip to see an 1130 showing of Inglorious Basterds. Fortunately, I managed to escape and walk my crippled ass home around noon. What a weird fucking night.

Check out the photos of Fancy and Lena Marquise getting wet and naked in a bathroom by clicking here.




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