Hello Harlow

This is Harlow White.  Harlow is not her real name of course, I don’t think it is anybody’s real name. It is however my ex-girlfriend’s stripper name though.  And when I told her that I shot a girl named Harlow she said she would “Cut that bitch’s face off, then see her try to use that name!”  Let’s just hope she was joking.

Anyway, this Harlow I met on Gods Girls before she quit the site for some reason.  We talked about shooting forever but then she moved to California for a bit.  Well she is back in New York and her friend and her came and hung out with me on Saturday. We had a planned shoot in mind that was abandoned for a night on the town and a few quick photos in the Annex bathroom.  Since Annex is closing I figured I needed one more shoot in their bathroom.  That bathroom has served me well and I honor it with this set.  I want to shoot her again, but who knows when that will be.  I always plan these shoots and then they end up never happening or being half assed, but these photos are super cute anyway.

 You can see all the Not Safe For Work images of Harlow by clicking here.



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Teddy Blanks @ The Annex Canceled!

UPDATE: Tonight’s show was moved to Tuesday by the Annex new owners, unfortunately Teddy is not able to make it Tuesday night so he will not be playing. My friend Grier’s band Great Tiger is still playing though, so you should check them out if you get a chance.

Well the Annex is closing in a about two weeks, but Teddy Blanks is playing there first Monday night. He is playing at nine so you can use it as a chance to pregame. I can get a few people in for free I think so if you know my number text me and I will see what I can do. Either way he puts on a hell of a show an it is worth whatever the small cover price is. Hope to see some of you there.

And if you can’t make the show, you can always pick up his new EP on iTunes.


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Ninjasonik @ Girls & Boys – 8.28.09

I am kinda in a hurry so I am going to just skip over the writing and give you the details.

Mishka threw a party for their Keep Watch XI Mix Tape at the Girls & Boys party at Webster Hall. Ninjasonik performed and then Klever DJ’d. I fucked up my knee during Ninjasonik and spent the rest of the night limping about like Tom Brady. Since I am posting a bunch of photos of dudes rapping I will end the post with some pretty ladies. Sound fair?

Okay, click here and see all the pictures from the night. I am going to go shoot naked photos of a model I met on the internets. Peace out.








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Michael Jackson’s Birthday @ Trash – 8.28.09

We celebrated Michael Jackson’s 51st birthday at Trash yesterday down in the Studio at Webster Hall.  With the Mishka event upstairs (pics coming soon…) Webster was definitely the place to be Friday night. Other than the usual Trash related madness there was a MJ themed cabaret featuring Yoshi the Asian Michael Jackson as well as two burlesque dancers who shook there stuff to the King of Pop.  There is a topless Thriller themed zombie Michael Jackson burlesque number in there so the pics are NSFW.
Also as I was walking to Odessa for late night food, I passed a guy trying to stuff himself into a newspaper box. The girls I was with suggested he take off his shirt and go in head first so he did.  It was pretty funny.  Also one of the guys called us hipsters, which is only funny because he was wearing a MSTRKRFT shirt.  Incidentally that shirt looks curiously like this picture I took of them.

Anyway, click here for all the pictures from the lower level of Webster Hall.  Upstairs pics coming soon.






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Party At Piano’s – 8.27.09

Anton Glamb hit me up last night to tell me that his group Bad Beginnings was going to be playing a show at Piano’s at midnight with Ninjasonik. He didn’t go on until nearly 3AM and Ninjasonik did a 3 song set, but it was a good time despite the sitting around. A band called Hate Hugs opened up who were pretty sick they did this sort of electro/punk/hip hop thing which I was digging on pretty hard. After that Anton & Mr. Star City fucked shit up with the help of KielO57 from Memberz Only. Ninjasonik closed it out with their mini set which ended with Johnny Nelson joining them to put the crowd in a body bag. Also, before the show I found this amazing tshirt that says Party All Night, Sleep All Day on it and has an all over print that looks suspiciously like the an Ernie Barnes painting from Good Times and then after the show I ate yam fries with this adorable girl I met outside of Piano’s. It was a good night. Click for here photos.







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Chicken Jams

Sometimes I wish I posted more music on this site. I like music blogs. I have this idea to start a blog that is only about food. I don’t think I am going to blog about food or post more music… but today I am going to post two songs about my favorite of all foods: Chicken. As you may know, I have a chicken tattoo. And if I was about to be executed my last meal would definatly involve some Popeyes. I just recently was sent a link to a Fats Domino & Doug Kershaw song about my beloved Popeyes and I really wanted to post it for you. It is god damned amazing. I also decided to give you one of my favorite songs ever, which also happens to be about chicken. It is a Cab Calloway song from the 1930’s called A Chicken Aint Nothing But A Bird. It is slightly an anti-chicken song, but great none the less. I got into Cab Calloway when I was about 15 which I think is pretty weird. Most white 15 year old kids from the suburbs are not listening to Harlem Renaissance era big band music, but I was a strange kid. Anyway, check out these two songs and enjoy a photo of the wild chicken who roams my neighborhood in Brooklyn.

Cab Calloway – A Chicken Ain’t Nothing But a Bird

Fats Domino & Doug Kershaw – Don’t Mess With Popeyes


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Post Office Live Blog

Whenever anyone mentions Twitter to me, they somehow bring up the time I live blogged from the Post Office.  I am not sure what it was about that, but everyone seems to have seen it and remembered it.  Fortunately I was unfortunate enough to have another particularly bad trip to the Post Office today.  They didn’t have the package pick up line open, but they didn’t tell anyone that until 30 minutes after I had waited in that line.  People were pretty much losing their shit from the moment I got there.  The Williamsburg Post Office is honestly the worst place I have ever been and I have spent a lot of time in both Texas AND Delaware.  So, for your reading pleasure I present to you Post Office Live Blog Part 2.  Please keep in mind to read it from bottom to top, and as always, please follow me on Twitter to enjoy things like this in real time. I was on point this morning.


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Girl Talk – 8.23.09

I woke up at 5pm yesterday and pretty much raced out my door to get down to the Pool Party to see Girl Talk.  It is the first time I have ever shot one of the Jelly NYC Pool Parties and I have to thank them for hooking me up with a press pass at the last minute.  I might have mentioned this before the last time I shot Girl Talk but The Gaskets used to play with him back in the day and I always thought he put on a fun show.  I am glad he is getting all this attention. I remember the first time we played with him at the Delancy several years before I moved to NYC.  It was probably 2003.  We ended up getting our car towed and had to pay $250 to get it out PLUS another $250 for parking too close to a meeter. When we got paid at the end of the night we made $11.  All the other bands made $7 but they felt bad about our ticket so we got the little bit that was left over after splitting the money.  Girl Talk was way glitchier then. He was closer to Kid 606 than the stuff he is doing then.  Musically I didn’t really get it, but he got the crowd going nuts and by the last time I saw him in VA he was fucking clubs up.

The show was pretty good, but the way the press area was set up was kind of annoying.  They let all these people on stage but they were kicking the photographers off.  People were going up and getting their shots and getting kicked off.  I decided that I was probably only going to get one chance to do it, so I wanted to wait for the perfect time. Unfortunately before I got that time the stage broke and it started raining.  So many people had jumped in the press pit that it was impossible to do anything.  Usually that is where I shine as a photographer because it makes me feel like I am in a battle, but the rain was really worrying me and after they pushed his DJ booth back to protect it from the rain I pretty much gave up and shot some crowd stuff before.  I was on the way home when the girls I met from NJ told me they had a table reservation at Brooklyn Bowl and I was starving.  Brooklyn Bowl was the after party spot so I ended up hanging for a bit, taking pics and spending $34 on brisket and a milkshake.  They day was somewhere between a disaster and an amazing fucking time… I am just not exactly sure where.

Oh yeah, one more thing.  This gallery has exactly one NSFW pic in it that I feel like I need to make note of. I have seen my friend Kari’s boobs at parties many times over the 8 or so years I have known her and she was one of the early Burning Angels and I never once took a photo of her boobs. Last night she flashed me for a picture and while it is not exactly a work of art it is pretty historic.

Anyway, my flash batteries died on me again by the time I was at Brooklyn Bowl so those , but click here to see all the pictures I took Sunday.












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High Voltage – 8.22.08

I had these up yesterday AM, but some how I didn’t manage a post out of them until just now.

So, High Voltage returned two weeks ago and is about to make a quick exit.  Evidently the Annex was sold and the word is that it could be closed as early as Sept 1st or as late as “mid September”.  I have also heard that they are turning it in to a sports bar, which as far as I am concerned is a best case scenario.  I think there are too many dance party spots.  If we get rid of a few of them, maybe the ones left will be more fun.  We have just too many options right now and it makes every party kinda mediocre.  We need less parties, less DJs, less promotors and less party party photogs (yikes!).  If that happens, parties would be better and some people might actually be able to make a decent living doing this stuff. That being said, I think Annex was a great club, the ownership was cool and they let people do a lot of fun things.  Annex is not one of the clubs I would have liked to see disappear, but if it does, I am glad it is not going to be some shitty dance club.  I also thing the LES needs a decent sports bar. There is no where in the LES where you can watch all the NFL games on a Sunday and it is a bitch finding spots to watch Hockey.  I know you guys probably don’t care, but I do.

Anyway, Saturday was pretty weird.  All my friends were there either really early or really late.  By the time I got my bottle all my friends were gone and it took me like 90 minutes to find enough people to drink it all.  Basically as soon as it was gone a big group of my friends showed up. Kinda a blower, but I did meet some cool kids out of it.  I met these rad British chicks (one of which I want to photograph really badly so I hope she emails me) and these two girls from NJ who came to the party after reading my Twitter.  When we were leaving they were trying to figure out to get to the PATH train where one of the girls cars was parked.  I walked them to the F train but when we got there it was clear that these girls were far to drunk to walk to the subway much less drive a car so I  bought them a bunch of 2 for $3 egg McMuffin’s and we made friends with a McDonalds employee who pretty much fell in love with us when she realized we were going to clean up the huge Coke we managed to spill every where instead of leaving it for her.  Anyway, that was an amazing run on sentence and I am just going to get to the pictures now.

Word of note, High Voltage was over run with a Bachelorette party which while sort of lame, was actually super fun.  Click here to see all the pictures.








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