Spankrock – 7.18.09

So as amazing as Monotonix was, I am not sure they were the highlight of the night.  Spankrock was fucking amazing.  They headlined the Stillwell Ave Stage and despite being on the 2nd stage, they were the last band to play.  The set started out during the day time and by the time they got kicked off the stage it was dark. This made for some really crazy photos.  I was pretty excited when I got to the front of the stage and saw Prince Terry looking like he was in Earth Wind & Fire or something getting down on some conga drums. Shit just got better from there when Naeem told the crowd to jump over the barrier that separated the VIPs and Press from everyone else.  It pissed off the security staff and a few of the photographers, but everyone else went nuts.  Moments later Jah Jah aka The Rev McFly from Ninjasonik came out (Telli aka bathroomsex was already on stage) and fucked everyone’s shit up, including his own.  At some point Naeem fell over a monitor and in either in a fit of rage, or a fit of rocking the fuck out, he started trying to kick the monitors into the crowd.  This pissed off the sound guys to no end and almost crushed the small girls standing next to me. (Fortunately, in a great moment of personal heroism I managed to keep the monitors from murdering them.)

After that Naaem disappeared and my future girlfriend Amanda Blank came on and did her thing.  These girls behind me were yelling “Amanda! I want to be you!”.  I am not sure Amanda Blank is the best role model, but as soon as she came on stage kids were getting berserk.  Amanda was barefoot on stage wearing this tight black dress with some sort of cloak that covered her entire head.  Her skirt was unreasonably short and everyone at the front of the stage could see up in the whole time.  She asked me after the show to “try to avoid putting (her) vagina on the internet”.  I think I did my best, but she still just exudes sex.  I can see why girls become groupies.

Eventually Naeem came back on stage and all of them performed at once, running all over the place hyping each other and causing a ruckusSome girls got on stage and the back of the stage became a dance party.  During the end of their set they started pulling people up on stage. Telli saw me in the crowd and tried to pull me up but I was holding my camera.  I handed it to him and climbed up.  At this point the security staff was throwing everyone off stage and the second I got up a guy grabbed me and tried to get me off the stage, but Telli still had my camera. He was yelling at the guy to let me stay on stage, but he was pretty intent on kicking me off.  At that point Prince Terrence stopped playing his drums and pulled me away from the bouncer and sort of blocked me into his drum area.  I got my camera back and took about 2 shots before they pulled the plug on Spankrock.  I am not sure if it was them pissing off the security or the sound guy or just the fact they were about to run into the fireworks show, but they refused to let Spankrock play their last song.  This caused a bit of a commotion and a lot of wrestling with security and knocking over drums and general madness, unfortunately at this point I had shot 2100 photos and my batteries were pretty much dead.  Everyone was super pissed, but shit got worked out when an hour later Spankrock played a show on the middle of the Williamsburg Bridge.  At this point I regret missing out on that because it was evidently epic, but at the time I couldn’t think about anything but laying in my air conditioned room, so I completely flaked.

Anyway, the Spankrock shots turned out pretty sick, you should click here to check them all out for yourself.










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  1. July 23rd, 2009 | 4:08 pm

    great description and photos. haha.

    i’ll have to upload mine today.


  2. August 5th, 2009 | 4:02 pm

    Igor you are the shit. These shots are f’in great. I especially like the one by the speaker. I could only wish.

  3. August 5th, 2009 | 4:57 pm

    Thanks guys.

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