Down With The Clown?

Probably my biggest musical regret in life was the brief period in high school when I listened to the Insane Clown Posse. Now while it is pretty clear to most humans why this band is absolutely terrible, I do have to say that the two shows I went to were super fun, and their third album, The Riddle Box, is still pretty enjoyable. The thing about ICP is that some of their songs are like little horror mini horror movies via song. Their first two albums were so horribly produced and by their fourth album they started adding hard rock elements and went even further over the top, but that third album is pretty interesting. Anyway, enough defending a pretty defenseless band, instead I want to talk about the 10th Annual Gathering of The Juggalos.

I remember the 1st one of these happening. I had pretty much stopped listening to them by then, but my friends and I wanted to go anyway. It was like this big festival in the middle of no where and you could get all this exclusive merch that everyone wanted, because that band is less about the music, and more about buying their expensive shit. 10 years later the festival has turned into a clown filled Woodstock and strikes me as either the worst possible thing you could ever do, or the best.

You have to watch this trailer. It is the funniest damn thing. It is really long, but you have to watch it all, it just keeps getting funnier. The two hosts are the lamest people on Earth and they keep trying to get you psyched about stuff like hay rides and Beach Boy thing BBQs. In this official trailer they can’t even get ICP to show up, they talk to them via telephone. Seriously, this thing is priceless. It also looks like something I really, really, really want to photograph. Normally concerts like this suck for me, because I have to cover all the bands, but I don’t want to see ANY of the bands (Maybe Ice Cube and I would like to see people throw shit at MC Chris). I could just shoot the wrestling and the wet tshirt contests, and the guy shooting himself out of a cannon and the crazy rednecks on drugs. The thing is BYOB and the website tells you they do a visual check of your car which basically means they are encouraging you to bring all the drugs you can hide. I can’t even imagine how great the photos I could shoot there would be. Alas, it is in the middle of nowhere, costs $150, and is taking place while I am going to be on a fishing trip.

Anyway, you need to watch this whole video (make sure you get to the 2:20 mark at least, thats when the hilarious fucking hosts come in.), I swear it keeps getting better. It is like a parody. I mean Rowdy Roddy Pipper is wrestling AND doing stand up comedy! JJ from Good Times and Pauly Shore will be there! Coolio & Vanilla Ice!! I mean Jesus Fuck, this is party time. And I am down with the clown, till I am dead in the ground. Juggalo 4 LIFE, ninja!

Check out these dope events! Dudes on Stilts! Real Midway Games! Karaoke Contests! Magicians! Hay Rides! HAY RIDESSS!!!!

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More Family Circus

Hey! I made these the other day. I am not sure they are up to par with my earlier works, but maybe my earlier works weren’t very good either. If you aren’t up to speed, there are a million people who have redone Family Circus captions over the years, but mine were pretty popular on the internet back in he day. I still get hits from the old gallery all the time, so I figured I would bring them back. I haven’t done a lot of new ones, but if you click here, you can see them all here starting with the new ones and working back. It is nice to come back to them now and again when I am bored and need some new content. You know, for the kids.




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Michael Stewart Turns 40 – 7.28.09

Michael Stewart is one of my favorite people in NYC.  If you have ever been to Beauty Bar, or pretty much anywhere in the East Village, I am sure you know who he is.  He turned 40 last night and despite being up for 30 hours I ventured over to Beauty Bar Brooklyn to wish him happy birthday.  Terry & Marc Alan Gray DJ’d a bunch of dancy rock and roll instead of their usual fair and the kids got down in Bushwick. I got there late and left early, but I got a few nice shots in the hour or two I was there.  Click here to see them all.  I hope you like em, and make sure you wish Mike happy birthday when you see him around.

PS. Mike please don’t have a midlife crisis.  Your whole life is a midlife crisis.  Where do you go from here?








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The Sunday Show – 7.26.09

Ah… The Sunday Show… What wholesome entertainment. My friend Kiki does this cabaret show every month at the slipper room. It is on the last Sunday of every month at 10:30 and it only costs $5. Instead of doing the normal thing where I just talk about the event and post pics, I going to do a quick rundown of the night with pictures and captions. Because of this, everything in this post after the first picture of Kiki dressed as Sarah Palin is going to be after the jump. You really want to check this out, a woman pulled an egg roll out of her vagina, but if you must click here to skip the write up and just get to the NSFW pics. The rest after this…

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Gods Girls Giveaway

Hey! The lovely ladies at Gods Girls asked me to help give away free memberships to their site. I have 6 of them to give away so my guess based on average participation in things like this is that you have better than a 1-10 chance of winning one of them. I am giving the accounts away in 2 different batches. The first 3 I am giving out this week. You have until Saturday to enter.

Gods Girls, for those of you who don’t know, is one of my favorite things. I have a shit ton of friends, most of whom you have seen topless on this site, who are much more naked on Gods Girls. They posts 4 sets a day with a mixture of amateur and super professional stuff that will get any engine running, metaphorically speaking of course. (Disclaimer: Gods Girls is not a source of alternative energy.) Gods Girls is just filled with naked girls with tattoos who will actually talk to you if you message them. For example my friend Tatye down below. She was ever so nice to pose with a sign so I would have something sexy give you guys with this post. She even got naked for me in a hot tub when I was in LA. If you have a Gods Girls membership, maybe she will get naked in a hot tub with you. Well, probably not, but if you have a credit card, she will get naked on webcam with you.

All you have to do is follow me on Twitter if you don’t already and then just hit me up on there. Best case senario is that you just hit the retweet button up there in the corner of this post. That being said, I understand if don’t want everyone on Twitter to know that you are trying to win free access to naked chicks, so if you just want to message me on there and let me know you are following me and want to be involved in the contest. I will pick three people randomly from the people who get at me. At least one of them is going to go to a new follower, so for those of you who don’t follow me already, you have a reason to now.

Now, if you are one of those crazy people who don’t know how Twitter works and think that people are just gonna be harassing you about what food they ate today, I am giving you a chance to win too… but you are going to have to work for it. If you make me a fan sign, and email it to me, I will add you into the contest. It has to be either naked, hilarious or both. If it sucks, you have no chance.

Lastly, the other three passes are going to be given away via Twitter all next week, so the only way to win those is to follow me. So if you don’t win one of these first three, you have another chance…

Get tweeting, win alt porn.

Ps. If you have something you want to give away, let me know, I need to be running more contests. For the kids of course…

UPDATE: Here are your winners.  Follow them on twitter! @misterthursday, @kurometarikuu and fellow photo blogger @claytonhauck.


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It Was Friday Yesterday – 7.24.09

Yesterday was Friday and I was not feeling well. I am not sure what even possessed me to leave my house at all but Prince Terry told me to come to a party in the basement of a Chinese restaurant and who the hell am I to argue with that? When I got into the city, he wasn’t there yet so I went over to Ruff Club for a sec. It was by far the most dead I have ever seen it, but I did see a bunch of people I haven’t seen in ages which was nice. I took a few shots of these rad girls nearly naked in a bathroom which I feel I haven’t done in a while. I then took them to the Chinese restaurant with me.  Naeem from Spankrock was there and he told me that he had no memory of the time we stole a bottle of Vodka from a hotel party in Miami. He said “I have stolen a lot of bottles of Vodka.” Touche.  The party was kinda weird so after a quick escape I went over to Webster Hall for Kelly from the Glitter Kids birthday. I made it just in time to take bad photos of her getting her birthday beating. At this point my new flash wasn’t working at all, which leads me to believe that I either need new batteries, or something is wrong with my flash mount. Let’s hope it’s the first. Girls and Boys upstairs at Webster was awful, nothing but the bridge and tunnel crowd, and while Trash downstairs was a bit better, I was still feeling kinda awful, so I made an early exit.

Here are some random pictures from the evening.






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Happy Endings – 7.21.09

So as I mentioned in the last post, I went to Happy Endings with Ginger after our dinner meeting.  We had meant to stay for just a drink and then I was going to go do some work.  We just sat in the back talking and shooting her mini set.  That was until my neighbors came down.  My neighbors are both cute girls and they were both really drunk. As soon as they met Ginger, the three of them were off on a wild tear through the bar, ending up with them having their own personal bouncer who stood by them dancing to keep creepy dudes away from them… and there were a lot of creepy dudes.  It was pretty funny actually.  So a lot of this gallery is them, and then the rest of it is just a few quick shots I took in between trying to make sure those girls didn’t kill any one.  It was a tattoo themed evening that included Alex English calling out the Hug Life crews ink, fake boob tattoos, real scissor tattoos, and more fake boob tattoos. It was a bizarre night. NSFW.

Check out all the pictures by clicking here.








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Heellooo Ginger!

So I have been wanting to shoot Ginger since the second I saw her back in February at an event I was shooting for Inked Magazine.  She emailed me about a shoot pretty much right away but for whatever reason it never happened.  We talked about doing it several times but never set anything up.  We came up with a pretty good idea for a shoot, but we had to wait until she got her new tricked out lowrider bike.  In the mean time we decided to get some food, get to know each other, and talk about the shoot.  We went to dinner in the LES and came up with both ideas for the shoot, and a possible idea for a secret photo project that I hope works out.  After dinner she had to get home, but Happy Endings was having their open bar and we were so close…

Four hours later she was dancing half naked on tables, ever girl with a boy friend there was ready to kill her and we had done this mini set.  We just shot it in the back room while we were taking and hanging out with my neighbors.  This strange Asian dude just stood there watching us awkwardly.  The set is pretty much safe for work, but it is a bit scandalous. I actually think the slightly more scandalous pics of her are in the party gallery from that night which will hopefully be up either late tonight or tomorrow. My internet is still hit and miss so uploading full galleries has been a bitch.

Anyway, check out these hot pictures of Ginger and be on the look out for her low rider bike set in a few weeks.






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Spankrock – 7.18.09

So as amazing as Monotonix was, I am not sure they were the highlight of the night.  Spankrock was fucking amazing.  They headlined the Stillwell Ave Stage and despite being on the 2nd stage, they were the last band to play.  The set started out during the day time and by the time they got kicked off the stage it was dark. This made for some really crazy photos.  I was pretty excited when I got to the front of the stage and saw Prince Terry looking like he was in Earth Wind & Fire or something getting down on some conga drums. Shit just got better from there when Naeem told the crowd to jump over the barrier that separated the VIPs and Press from everyone else.  It pissed off the security staff and a few of the photographers, but everyone else went nuts.  Moments later Jah Jah aka The Rev McFly from Ninjasonik came out (Telli aka bathroomsex was already on stage) and fucked everyone’s shit up, including his own.  At some point Naeem fell over a monitor and in either in a fit of rage, or a fit of rocking the fuck out, he started trying to kick the monitors into the crowd.  This pissed off the sound guys to no end and almost crushed the small girls standing next to me. (Fortunately, in a great moment of personal heroism I managed to keep the monitors from murdering them.)

After that Naaem disappeared and my future girlfriend Amanda Blank came on and did her thing.  These girls behind me were yelling “Amanda! I want to be you!”.  I am not sure Amanda Blank is the best role model, but as soon as she came on stage kids were getting berserk.  Amanda was barefoot on stage wearing this tight black dress with some sort of cloak that covered her entire head.  Her skirt was unreasonably short and everyone at the front of the stage could see up in the whole time.  She asked me after the show to “try to avoid putting (her) vagina on the internet”.  I think I did my best, but she still just exudes sex.  I can see why girls become groupies.

Eventually Naeem came back on stage and all of them performed at once, running all over the place hyping each other and causing a ruckusSome girls got on stage and the back of the stage became a dance party.  During the end of their set they started pulling people up on stage. Telli saw me in the crowd and tried to pull me up but I was holding my camera.  I handed it to him and climbed up.  At this point the security staff was throwing everyone off stage and the second I got up a guy grabbed me and tried to get me off the stage, but Telli still had my camera. He was yelling at the guy to let me stay on stage, but he was pretty intent on kicking me off.  At that point Prince Terrence stopped playing his drums and pulled me away from the bouncer and sort of blocked me into his drum area.  I got my camera back and took about 2 shots before they pulled the plug on Spankrock.  I am not sure if it was them pissing off the security or the sound guy or just the fact they were about to run into the fireworks show, but they refused to let Spankrock play their last song.  This caused a bit of a commotion and a lot of wrestling with security and knocking over drums and general madness, unfortunately at this point I had shot 2100 photos and my batteries were pretty much dead.  Everyone was super pissed, but shit got worked out when an hour later Spankrock played a show on the middle of the Williamsburg Bridge.  At this point I regret missing out on that because it was evidently epic, but at the time I couldn’t think about anything but laying in my air conditioned room, so I completely flaked.

Anyway, the Spankrock shots turned out pretty sick, you should click here to check them all out for yourself.










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