Wig Out – 6.11.09

Here is how to ditch an update. You take a gallery you shot weeks ago and post it late at night on a Sunday and then post another update right after it on Monday morning.

I shot this party in LA called Wig Out for the LA Weekly. I might have posted a link to the LA Weekly gallery, but I am not sure. It was like this Caberet event that everyone is supposed to wear a wig too. I guess there is a different them every month. This month’s was rag time which made for a lot of “I am on the rag” jokes. There was a lot of anti-prop 8 stuff, which is clearly good, but it was a little bit preaching to the choir. I mean, I am pretty sure anyone who would don a pink wig, dress up like it 1904 and go to a party with a DJ spinning rag time and watch a primarily male cabaret performance probably didn’t vote for Prop 8 in the first place. But hey, more power to them.

Anyway, these are super old, but I am super lazy, so click here to check out all the weirdness that is a wig/ragtime themed cabaret party.






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  1. June 28th, 2009 | 11:21 pm

    looks like loads of fun

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