Fucking Monday – 6.29.09

 Last night I was working on some stuff and ended up not leaving my house until two.  I didn’t really have anything to do but I had been home all day and I just needed a reason to put on some pants.  I figured I would go by Darkroom or something, but as soon as I got off the train a cab drove by and somebody shouted “Igor!” out the window.  It was Prince Terrence and he pulled me into the cab and we drove over to Greenhouse.  It was completely fucking packed in there and pretty nuts.  I wasn’t going to even take photos but my bag kept bumping into people so I pulled out the camera and took some shots.  Pretty much as soon as I took my camera out people were showing me their boobs.  I am pretty sure some fun was had.  I don’t really recall.  I haven’t slept since then and I am sort of losing my mind.

After we went to Le Royale for a bit.  Some fun was probably had there too.  Again, my mind has been lost, so details are hazy. I think we left there at like 430. I ended up hanging out until 6 am with this girl Gabrielle  I met once and two of her friends on a roof in the Lower East Side.  They drank 40oz and I took some photos.  The light was nice so I took some photos of Gabby and then I got McDonalds breakfast.  My meal had nearly 80 grams of fat in it.  That is life changing.

Click here to see the random photos from the night.








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Teddy Blanks @ Coco 66

As I have talked about many times, and will surely do so again, Teddy Blanks is the former front man of The Gaskets, the band I managed for 5 years.  He has just started playing solo shows with the help of a medium sized TV that plays both music and videos.  Teddy’s show at Coco 66 was just his second solo show and his second in about two years.  It was great to see him play, but a bit weird since I have seen him get up on stage 100s of times, but never (okay, maybe once) without his former partner in crime.  Still, he brought it like always and by the end he had a room full of strangers clapping along.

Click here to see some mediocre pictures of Teddy and his TV  I was a bit distracted with the performance to take photos.




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Wig Out – 6.11.09

Here is how to ditch an update. You take a gallery you shot weeks ago and post it late at night on a Sunday and then post another update right after it on Monday morning.

I shot this party in LA called Wig Out for the LA Weekly. I might have posted a link to the LA Weekly gallery, but I am not sure. It was like this Caberet event that everyone is supposed to wear a wig too. I guess there is a different them every month. This month’s was rag time which made for a lot of “I am on the rag” jokes. There was a lot of anti-prop 8 stuff, which is clearly good, but it was a little bit preaching to the choir. I mean, I am pretty sure anyone who would don a pink wig, dress up like it 1904 and go to a party with a DJ spinning rag time and watch a primarily male cabaret performance probably didn’t vote for Prop 8 in the first place. But hey, more power to them.

Anyway, these are super old, but I am super lazy, so click here to check out all the weirdness that is a wig/ragtime themed cabaret party.






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Teddy Blanks Tonight!

Teddy Blanks might be the best front man I have ever seen and I am going to get to see Teddy Blanks do a solo set for the first time ever. I posted a flyer for his first show, but I was in LA. Tonight he is going to be in Greenpoint at CoCo 66 at nine tonight. My guess is he will play between nine and ten thirty but I really don’t know. The show is $7 and I don’t have a list or anything, but you guys should really come. It might change your life a little bit. He will be singing to video/music tracks that he plays out of an old television set or something nuts like that. I have heard about it, but I am excited to see it live. Evidently his first show went really well, probably because so many of you guys made it out right? Come hang out tonight, my parents are in town, maybe they will be there… I will introduce you.

Anyway, I hear Patrick Cleandenim is really good, but I can’t vouch for anyone else on the bill and rumor has it that Teddy WILL be doing a Michael Jackson cover… Get fucking excited.

Here is one of the video tracks that he plays while he does his thing (via his Facebook site).


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Trash – 6.26.09

I think this post requires bullet points.  Things of note are as follows.

  • Alex Magnetic was hosting for the first time in her life.  She was very excited about this. I feel like it was her birthday.
  • Brendon James is my new nightclub stylist.
  • Since SXSW I feel like I see Dan Keyes every day. When he walked in they were playing Discotech. That has to be weird.
  • I came up for a new slur for homosexuality: The Rainbow Blight™.
  • I found out that about 50% of people I told that to don’t know what the word blight means. Rainbow Pestilence is not as catchy.
  • This gallery is NSFW not just for the normal nipple flashes, but actual man penis.  Beware!
  • I got into a heated argument about the allegorical meanings of early zombie films. People left angry. I was right.
  • I spent a lot of the night just hanging out in the back fucking around. You will note many scary up close shots of people.
  • There was some burlesquing thanks to Coco La Pearl and Magdalena Fox.
  • Coco gave me her business card. I had taken the photo on it.  Hmm.
  • I found out I have an unusually high tolerance for total weirdness.
  • I will not get sick of hearing Billie Jean five times a night any time soon.

Click here to see all the pictures from Trash @ The Studio @ Webster Hall.








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Sneaky Sound System – 6.26.09

Last night on my Webster Hall I ran into a pretty amazing brawl.  I only got a couple shots but some people got straight fucked up.  This kid got laid out twice.  After the second time he didn’t want anymore, but his friend was chasing after the dudes throwing bottles.  He just grabbed Snapple bottles off of a street venders cart and started throwing them down the street.  It was completely amazing.  I have a few more pictures I took with my 35mm camera, but I gotta wait to develop them.  And now on to the party…

I had never heard of Sneaky Sound System before last night but they were really fun.  I like my dance music with vocals. I shot them for a while and hung out on stage.  I took a lot more pictures of giant balloons falling from the sky onto the crowd, but they all sort of sucked and I spent half that time trying to make sure they didn’t crash into the turn tables.  I was like blocking baloons with my flash.  Still it was a lot of fun.

By the way, I get my new flash today so I am going to be back in action.  Of course now I have to deal with replacing a button that broke off my camera, but it is one less thing to be frustrated by.

While I deal with all that bullshit, why don’t you guys click this link so you can see all the photos from Girls & Boys at Webster Hall.







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Thursday Madness – 6.25.09

So Michael Jackson died and fucked up my whole day so I went and wondered the streets of NYC listening to MJ blasting out cards. Then I decided to get a MJ tattoo for some reason. It just seemed like a good idea. I went over to Fine Line Tattoo on 1st and 1st and got my friends roommate Wylie to do it. It turned out pretty sick. My friend from the NY Post interviewed me about it and their photographer took some photos but I think it was too late for the paper. Alas.

After that I went over to Anchor Bar where The Fat Jew was bar tending and hung out for a while. I took pictures of him acting a fool and a bunch of the kids there. I didn’t really know any one else there but we made some friends. A lot of people took pictures of my MJ tattoo on their camera phones and we danced to every MJ song imaginable. Kid Cudi showed up which Fat Jew described as a “Twitter Connection” and they worked some ladies in hilarious tag team fashion.

Around 3AM I headed over to Lit to NC-17 to show of my tattoo and see some friends. The best part of Lit is that it is two floors, so if you played your cards right and went up and down the stairs enough, you didn’t even have to go 3 minutes without listening to MJ. It was pretty magical. I took a few more pictures there, but I was mostly just fucking around. This broken flash thing has gotten completely out of hand. It makes me not want to shoot at all, but I need to get something for the Village Voice this week… plus I promised the Fat Jew I would make an appearance. I tried to make due and ended up getting some interesting shots, but so many of them are fucking terrible and I just have to delete them.

Click here to see the photos from the saddest day since they made Sparks illegal.








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Michael Jackson Is Dead

No jokes. Michael Jackson to me is music. I was born in 1980. Thriller came out in 1982. When I was like 3 or 4 years old I got Thriller on vinyl because in preschool it was my favorite thing ever. I used to dance as a baby to Beat It. Off The Wall, Thriller and BAD are the three greatest debut albums of any artist in history. I don’t even care about how much of a weirdo he became, to me he is a legend.

I had planned two updates planned today but they will have to wait until tomorrow. I can’t do anything right now. The King of Pop is dead. Here are my top 5 all time favorite Michael Jackson songs. Although it is really hard to pick just 5.

1. Beat It – This was my first favorite song of all time. I once did a lip sync video to it while my friends had a knife fight.

2. Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough – This is pretty much the theme song for my life. It should be for everyone’s life.

3. Billy Jean – No other song can get me dancing faster. I hear that beat, I go nuts.

4. Rock With You – This song is still being remade over and over again 30 years later. It is THE pop song.

5. Dirty Diana – I have never met someone named Diana without this immediately being stuck in my head.

And Bonus Hit:
ABC – The Jackson 5 have many many amazing songs to pick from, but there is no other song that kills it like ABC.

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This Is Tayte

Yesterday I posted the shots Evelyn took at my creepy motel in LA. Well as I mentioned, she brought her cousin Tayte with her. Tayte is a fellow God Girl and wanted to shoot too. They didn’t want to shoot together being cousins and all so we shot Evelyn in the hotel and then brought Tayte down to the hot tub while Evelyn ordered vegan Thai food. I think these shots turned out really great. The light was amazing. The hot tub was like in a green house type thing where the light coming in was super diffused and soft. Tayte has these amazing big eyes and the light bounced off them really well and there is just something about her that is super sexy. We almost got caught a few times while shooting, but Evelyn was a pretty good look out. After the shoot we all went in the tub (I was in most of the way during the shoot) and just hung out for a bit. I managed to get one shot of the two of them together. The hot tub was kinda luke warm, but still, hanging out in a warm tub with two half naked and kinda amazing girls is not a bad way to spend an hour…

Check out all the NSFW shots here. And check out more of Tayte on Gods Girls here.







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