Roxy Cottontail’s Birthday – 5.16.09

Roxy turned 26 and I had to stay out till 7AM to make sure it all got documented. I hadn’t really slept, but I almost made it. I spent most of 6am – 7 am sleeping on a random girls leg. So to say thanks to her for a place to sleep, check out her music… Anyway, it was a pretty crazy night, and I took like 600 photos and I am posting about 200. That is a biiig post. Due to said bigness, there are a lot of photos below… I wanted to cover my bases or something. Highlights of the night included Jasmine Solano doing a set and convincing Roxy to do a song too, Paloma bringing a turkey baster to the party to steal peoples drinks while they were not looking (very successfully I might add) and my friend Jane Bang showing up with a bunch of cute girls who kept making me take their picture and relentlessly flirting with me. Lowlights included pretty much everyone at the club (Imperial) who was not there for the party (with the exception of some rad girls I know from Cain who were drinking 40oz out of home made pimp chalices), the bouncer who spent 5 minutes searching my bag and feeling me up on my reentry and the 75 minutes it took me to get home due to a fucked up L train. There was also free cotton candy, which was clearly the biggest highlight of them all! In all seriousness, the party was a blast. It seemed like half the Dj’s in NYC were there, everyone got finished spinning at 4 and then showed up. Everyone had a great and the party was still going strong when I left at 7.

I hope you apreicate the run on sentences in this post, it’s not easy being this amazing all the time. Anyway, check out all 200 photos from the party by clicking here. Fun fucking times…










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