New Dysfunctional Family Circus Strips

I was going to do a post of a bunch of viral videos I liked today, but I felt that was better suited as a weekend post, plus if you are any sort of internet geek you have probably seen them all so instead I worked on editing some fucked up Family Circus cartoons.  If you haven’t seen the ones I have done in the past, you should click here to see them.  I am still a bit under the weather so I only did 3 because I am not sure I am mentally quite on point today.  The Swine Flu is eating my mind. Pretty soon I will be slowly walking around shopping malls with a strange hunger for human brains.  It has happened before.  Anyway, I hope you enjoy the sometime funny, always upsetting Dysfunctional Family Circus.




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Playhouse – 4.29.09

It was Trash Yourself’s last night in town which was kinda sad but they played two fun songs and John DJ’d the early leg of the party.  After that Samuel French and Marshall Barnes held it down the turntables for the rest of the night.  I don’t love the shot from last night because I got a new mini-soft box for my flash.  I didn’t really like the look of it, I am going to stick with my pocket bounce I think, they are just so flimsy.  I also, while not sick anymore and feeling pretty tired later in the day.  I need to build back some strength or something.  It probably is not helpful when I stay out till 7 AM because I am helping my friends friend get her car out of the tow pound on a suspended license with no money in her bank account.  Some how it all worked out and then we got milk shakes.

Click here for the Playhouse party pics from Cain.






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The Popeyes Riots

Popeyes Fried Chicken is by far my favorite food on Earth. My last meal would be 3 mild breasts, red beans and rice, mashed potatoes, 2 biscuts and one of their Mardi Gras Cheesecakes. I’d probably have to go to Ben’s Chili Bowl in DC to get the drink, because they have the greatest milk shakes of all time. Anyway, I know that Earth Day is every day and all, but on Earth Day Popeyes gave away eight pieces of chicken for $4.99 and Popeyes all over the country turned into block parties. It is times like this when I wish I had a TV so I could have been informed of this deal VIA commercial. Fuck that would have been amazing. Anyway, not everywhere was it all hugs and kisses… several Popeyes ran out of chicken and at least one refused to honor the deal. Popeyes are independently owned (it’s a life goal to own one…) so they don’t have to go along with national promotions, but like fuck that guy in Minnesota. He denied people a dream come true… a bucket of the most delicious chicken for only $4.99. Anyway, I found all this out cause of Twitter… Specifically Nick The Duke’s Twitter… and then I spent 20 minutes watching videos about Popeyes online. So once again, I need to thank technology for bringing me closer to the things I love… like fried chicken. I am going to leave you with these Popeyes related videos and by the time you are done reading them all I will be at the Popeyes on Delancey St. Come holla.

Ps. If anyone leaves any racists comments on this post about these videos I am not bringing anyone back biscuits for anyone.

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Happy Endings – 4.28.09

I made it out last night for the first time since getting over Swine Flu.  My voice is all fucked up though so it was impossible to talk in the club so people kept asking me what was wrong.  I just kept nodding at everyone.  I still have a bit of a cough and some guy on the subway got up and nearly ran away from me.  My mom even called me to make sure I went to the doctor in case I had Swine Flu.  This panic is so ridiculous.  There are 8 million people in NYC.  How many of them have Swine Flu exactly?  So stop asking if I have it every time I cough.  It’s not funny any more. What an annoying time to be sick…

Anyway, my kids Trash Yourself did 2 songs last night. It was a little odd cause they don’t ever do shows there and I think people were confused as hell to what was going on.  The system there was not set up for it so the vocals were way too low, but over all I think it went over pretty well.  Luckily, you have one more chance to see them tonight at Cain. Come early.

These pictures are mostly uninspired cause it was so damn nice out I spent more time relaxing in the pre-rain breeze than I did taking photos, but there are some really great shots of a cake fight.  I am not sure who’s birthday it was, but she got fully frosted.  Remind me to never have a birthday when the Glitter Kids are around.

Check out the photos here.







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This Is Antietam

About a year ago I met a cute girl in Philly at a Hot Movies party and we talked for a bit and I took her photo and then I forgot about it. A few weeks later I saw some photos of this super cute girl named Antietam. I internet stalked her and messaged her on the Myspace. She reminded that we had met in Philly and that she would be all about shooting with me. I just wish I knew that when we had met because it took her a really long time before she finally made it to New York. She came over the other day early in the morning because she had to be at Dr. Sketchy right after. I was sick as hell so we had to shoot on the futon in my living room. Because I my sickness I hadn’t been sleeping and I think I was delirious. We made the best of the situation and got some decent shots. She said she might be back in late May so maybe we can do something fun when I can actually stand up.

Click here to see the photos of the lovely Antietam. NSFW.

Ps. Wish her happy birthday, she just turned older on Monday.






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Inked Spread

I have done a lot of event work for Inked Magazine over the last few months but I finally have the first tear sheet from them.  These shots are all from the Glamour Garage party during fashion week.  The photos feature Gibby from The Butthole Surfers, Mightnight Fistfight and a hula-hooping Suicide Girl named Calamity. Fantastic.

The May issue of Inked is on stands now, Brodie from the Distillers is on the cover.  Click the picture below to see it full sized.


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Trash Yourself At Cain Wednesday

Hey kids. I really want you to come out to Cain (27th between 10th and 11th) on Wednesday. I always want you to come out but this week is really special. My friends from Trash Yourself will be playing and it should be a blast. Get there by midnight. We will party all night.

Nextly I wanted to update you on my sickness front. Today was the first day that I felt reasonably okay. I laid in bed all day yesterday and I think that helped. Today I got some sun and I think that helped too. I am going to stay in tonight and try to get some more sleep and hopefully I will be back to photographing and updating tomorrow.  It is probably best I haven’t been blogging because it would have been about the NFL Draft, playoff hockey and the hours of Myth Busters I have been watching because I hadn’t left my apartment in 30 hours.

I plan on getting some nudes up tomorrow and going to Happy Endings, so I will see you then, and see you on Wednesday. Party forever.


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Trash Yourself – 4.24.09

The first of a few Trash Yourself shows I helped booked went over very well at Webster Hall last night.  They played 4 songs as a special late night set at Trash.  I was super sick (I am slightly better now) and I just came, shot their set and then went home.  They are playing Wednesday at Playhouse at Cain next week.  I hope you guys will come out for that.  These kids need your support, they are way fun.

Check out the Trash Yourself photos at Trash here.






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The Newest Miami Dolphins

I know the vast majority of you couldn’t care less about football, but I am obsessed with the Miami Dolphins and I threw a Draft Day party at a sports bar called Third And Long and then after the first round my friend Michelle and I walked over to Radio City and caught the second round. It was awesome. I will spare you a detailed breakdown of what the Phins did today, but I am going to leave you with some highlights. If nothing else watch the Pat White clip, he is a human highlight reel. Go Dolphins!

Pick #25 Illinois CB Vontae Davis

Pick #44 West Virginia QB Pat White

Pick #61 Utah CB Sean Smith

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