Brooklynn In Philly

It is not every day you meet a girl this hot who is willing to get naked for no reason. I met Brooklyn at the Backseat Film Festival last weekend in Philly. Somehow someone convinced her to do Strip For Pain when my girl Nicole couldn’t get off work in time. After the insane event, she and I tried to find a place to shoot but people kept coming in. I was looking for the keys to a storage room when we ducked into the back office and shot her on a huge stack of PBR cases. Unfortunately it was pitch black in the office and it made it impossible for either of us to see what we were doing. Plus we had been looking for a good location for like 15 minutes, people kept coming in the office and her boyfriend seems moderately upset with the whole thing… Not because he minded her doing a naked photo shoot I think, but because we were taking too long and he wanted to smoke. Then again, that’s pure speculation, but I either way I find it hard to shoot when people are watching and I rushed it. Fortunately for all of us, she wants to come to NYC when I get back and do a real shoot to make up for this shitty one. Also fortunate, for you guys at least, was that she got sick and couldn’t come up BEFORE I went to Texas so you get to see the mediocre pictures now, and then the good ones later. I was going to scrap this set all together, but Brooklynn is so ridiculously hot that I needed to at least tease you guys with these while I am in Texas. Truthfully I really just want her to move in with me and bare my children, but I think I am okay settling for some better photos.

So check out all of her NSFW photos here… Next update I should be in Austin getting excited for SXSW. Follow me on Twitter, cause I don’t know how much I will be able to blog while I am there.






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