DBB Anniversary Part 2: Playhouse – 3.4.09

I have to say it was completely amazing to see a room full of people wearing my t-shirt. Wednesday night was a fucking blast. I gave out so many damned shirt that I think I am going to have to do a second run to fulfill all the people who ordered free ones. I am going to give a ton more tonight at Trash so come to Webster Hall. Mention DBB at the Studio door for reduced admission. Or you could hit me up to get on my guest list.

Anyway, last night was intense. My brother came out wearing an Italian silk suit that he paid $100 dollars for in Thailand and the proceeded to get extremely drunk. I jumped around and poured Vodka down everyone’s throat and tried to have a good time despite totally stressing about passing out shirts. I just tried to cure my nerves by hitting on girls who are about the same age I was when I started this site… 8 years ago. People kept congratulating me on the Anniversary which is sort of funny because it is not really a HUGE accomplishment to have had what basically amounts to a glorified live journal page for a little under a decade. I need to throw a party for my 1 year anniversary of joining Twitter whenever that happens. Any excuse to get a free bottle of vodka to spill all over people.

I wanna thank my intern Michael for helping me pass out shirts all night and of course I need to give a shout out to Kill Shop Kill for providing all the shirts. You guys gotta check out their store on N. 5th and Bedford. It is sick. I stopped by to pick up the shirts and it looks amazing. I hadn’t seen it since the opening. Lot of rad shit in there. UPDATE: Aaron from KSK wanted me to let you know that if you mention me (Igor) or this site you get 10% off anything in the store!

I was too busy passing out t-shirts and acting a fool to be taking very good pictures, but some of them are pretty fun. I will probably post most photos of people rocking my fresh gear and people getting my vodka thrown on them below though so you are actually going to have to click here to see the best stuff from the gallery.







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