Driven By Boredom Tattoos

The DBB 8th Anniversary party part 2 at Cain last night was insane.  I will have all the photos up tomorrow.  You guys gotta come out to Trash tomorrow night, I will be giving away the rest of these T Shirts. Hit me up for guest list, I still have a few spots.

Before Cain, and before I got my new tattoo, I went over to Glamour Garage in Williamsburg to hook my friends up with some Driven By Boredom tattoos.  Glamour Garage hooked them up with free tattoos to celebrate the 8th Anniversary, and I have done (and will be doing more) photo work for them in trade for DBB tattoos, so if you want to look as awesome as these sexy ladies, let me know.  I have a list of 8 more people who told me they want some so hopefully we can keep posting shots like this.  Thanks to Dakota at Satan’s Hammer who just happened to be stopping by Glamour Garage and hooked the girls up with their ink even though GG’s normal tattoo artist Bryan was out of town.

Now without further ado, here is JoDee and Bianca rocking their tattoos at the anniversary party last night.  More pictures coming soon…



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