Girls & Boys – 2.27.09

Steve Aoki came out dressed as an Indian and whipped the crowd into a screaming mess.  By my estimation he DJ’d for about 6 hours, but I can’t be positive.  It was a pretty great show which is why I stayed upstairs for most of the night.  Plus my brother came out which was rad.  Steve did some stage diving and Atrak showed up and the whole thing was pretty chaotic and fun.  I shot RekLES in a pretty amazing T-Shirt, so look for that in the photos.  You will find out about said shirt in roughly an hour when I post my special March 1st update.  Honestly I want to write more about this madness, but I have to finish the special post and get it up as close to midnight as possible, because it has a 24 hour time limit and I still have one more post tonight and it is 11:49.  Fuck.

Check out the Girls and Boys Vs Steve Aoki  photos here.







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Trash – 2.27.09

I need to make this fast because I have another two updates to get to before a special magical update at midnight. Look for that. Also, I was not at Trash very long last night. I got there and almost at once had to meet someone upstairs at Girls & Boys. I spent most of the night down there but managed to shoot the burlesque performances downstairs and then on my way out to say good bye to everyone I got some more shots. So there aren’t very many, but there are some sexy shots, so check out the gallery.

Update: My girl Shira hosted a mobile video show from Trash last night.  You can check it out on your cell phone here.




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This set of Kati is a long time in the making. Kati was one of my earliest night life friends in New York. I probably met her about 3 months or so after I moved to the city. I never thought she would let me shoot her so I didn’t even ask… until one day I did. I was very surprised to hear her say yes as long as they were tasteful. I had just picked up my D300 and I was trying to shoot some stuff not in night clubs so it was the perfect time. I didn’t really know where we were going to shoot, but when I got to her house I couldn’t think of a better location than her living room. It was all white except for the table. There was a white deer head on the wall. It was amazing. I knew right then I was going to love these photos. I shot the whole thing just using the light from the chandelier and a small desk lamp I unplugged and used as a second light source. I shot these photos a while ago but I really wanted to make them look awesome so I kept telling myself I was going to learn how to use photoshop and do them justice. I never did, but I just decided to pick my favorites and do my best. My best wasn’t very good and the shots don’t match very well, but I still dig them. Because I only picked a handful of these photos to edit, I also included some of the 35mm shots I took of Kati while we were hanging out. I hope you like what we have here. I really like them, plus Kati is awesome so you should leave comments and tell her how much you like her photos. So please click here to see all the photos.





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Playhouse – 2.25.09

 Due to my growing addiction to the internet and an inopportune stop by the police I was really late for Playhouse at Cain last night.  I was already running a bit late, when I drove up 3rd Avenue like a maniac swerving in and out of cars like I was in the Kentucky Derby (if the Kentucky Derby involved cars).  Suddenly I look behind me and there is a cab with police lights pulling me over.  Taxi cops!  I didn’t get a cash cab, or a taxi cab confession, I got two cops shining their flashlights on me asking me if I had any weapons, like bats or knives inside my car.  After a holding me there for a while, they came back all nice and told me to get my break light fixed.  Woops.

Anyway, the party was fun even though I was late.  I made up for it and basically closed the bar down.   There were a bunch of cute 18 year old girls all making out with each other which makes for generally cheesy photos, but was pretty fun.  And you know, maybe some other people got in on the action… other people that happen to run this website… Seriously though, it’s okay.  I can make out with a bunch of girls 10 years younger than me because it is SPRING BREAK 2000!!!  Wooo!! What happens at Playhouse stays at Playhouse… unless I blog about it.  Fuck.

There are photos here.






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Return Of the Dysfunctional Family Circus

Oh, boy.  The Dysfunctional Family Circus is back.  I have been meaning to make new ones of these for so long and kept putting it off but fortunately for you I couldn’t put it off any longer.  You see I found this today.  It is a question to an online exam.  It asks the student to take a serious critical look at my offensive cartoons.  They even call me an “artist”.  I am not sure what sort of family studies exam would even think about sending their students to my website, but hey, it inspired me.  Check out the newest three comics in a series I have not worked on in several years.  I hope you dig them, or at least are at least pretty pissed at me.  I think I may have crossed the line a little bit on the last one…




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Disco Down 1 Year Anniversary – 2.24.09

I didn’t really feel like shooting, but it was the one year anniversary of Disco Down upstairs at Happy Endings and I wanted to say hi.  Six Six Sick has been a bit slow downstairs of late, but Disco Down has picked up the slack.  I didn’t really put any effort  what so ever into shooting last night, but I did take a few photos and I am going to post them here. I did end up having what could turn out to be an important meeting after the party was over… But it is too soon to talk about any of that.





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5 Links

I am busy at work on editing photos, working on a possible show or at least portfolio site, and getting ready for my SXSW trip. I am also trying to find work for Winter Music if anyone need a photog. (I might have time to shoot a party or two at SXSW as well, hit me up.) So long story short is that I am just going to throw some links at you. These are things I wanted to blog about, but haven’t really thought they justified a full post. So… here are 5 links, that I dig:

1. My friend Leah Taylor did some investigative journalism at Virgin Records the other day for the Flavorwire blog. She and a friend decided to check out all the cheap deals in store for us all. Her findings made me lough out loud twice. Seriously, I am sitting alone in the dark laughing at my computer screen. That does not happen often. If nothing else she gets you hip to the 10% sale on Christmas Gremlins. Only $24 after discount!

2. Street Boners & TV Carnage. I haven’t seen TV Carnage in years but when I saw some traffic coming to my site from a link posted in the comments section for a Street Boner post I rediscovered TV Carnage. TV Carnage were these DVD’s that just had hours of TV edited into hi-larious montages of bad television. But now they have all sorts of clips and you can still buy the old DVDs I think, rereleased and what not. My favorite was a montage of like 20 cops being asked to turn in their gun and their badge. Classic, yo.

3. What could possibly be better than LOL Cats? Rol Cats. I am not sure if these are found Russian LOL Cats then incorrectly translated into english, or if the whole thing is made up from the get go, but either way they are brilliant. I asked a Russian friend to translate the actual text and she just started laughing and asked me how I find such weird shit. I guess it is like the secrets of a Tootsie Roll Pop, the world will never know.

4. My brother came over to watch Lost last week and we had a conversation about TV we had been watching. I was convincing him to start the Wire and he demanded I watch the live action Tick show. I loved the cartoon, but when the live action Tick was on in like 2001, I tried watching one episode and gave up. I am pretty sure everyone else did too because their are only 9 episodes. That being said, we were all wrong, this show is fucking brilliant and it is now online for free.

5. The Huffington Post comedy section is pretty on point usually. I have been checking it ever since in the post election world they abandoned their original content site 23/6. I was a big 23/6 fan, but they still have some original stuff, and the stuff the aggregate is usually pretty top notch. But my favorite post of late has been their list of the 9 Weirdest PSA’s. I am going to post my favorite for you down below. After you watch it, read the article. And remember, EVERYBODY IS ON COCAINE!! EVERYONE!! Comments (0)

Lindsay Lohan Topless

Finally. I has been so damn long since I have been able to post about some naked celebrities on here. It is one of my favorite things to blog about because it requires absolutely no effort on my part and it ups my Google traffic tremendously. I still get like 100 hits a day from people searching Google images for “Vanessa Hudgens Naked“. It is pretty nuts. So here are some shots of Linsay Lohan topless. Her hair is covering most of her, but when Paris and Ms. Spears are remembering to put on underwear this is the best we can do. God I hope I can come up with something interesting to blog about tomorrow to make up for this post. Sorry.

Oh yeah, also there is this Beyonce nipple slip from the Oscars! What a day! (Just be happy I didn’t do a separate post just for that)

Click the photo below for the uncensored image, or see the rest here.


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Creative Grooming

Sinead sent me a link to Creative Grooming a very long time ago, and I knew I had to blog about it but I just kept putting it off.  I realized that a) Probably a million people have blogged about this allready and b) There is nothing I could possibly say to express the feelings I have about this.  That being said, I am going to try.  This woman not just styles her poodles in horrifying ways, but there is an entire magazine devoted to covering horrible shit like this.  Her abominations have actually made the cover twice.  She wins actual awards for dressing her dogs fur up to look like… well not dogs.  I mean you would think that just painting a Greatful Dead bear on a dog would be stoneable offense.  I think there is something about that in the bible.  And she is just not happy with her dogs looking like the back of a VW Bus, decided that her dog should look like a snail, a shark and a fucking chicken.  Who the hell would want to see a dog that looks like a chicken?!  (Admittedly everyone, but it is still fucked up.)  PETA needs to stop trying to take away my delicious force fed duck liver and get their asses in gear on this.  If Banksy spray painting some cows pissed them off, this should have them crying in their sleep.  Speaking of sleeping, the only way I have been able to sleep at night since witnessing this is to pretend this is all an elaborate hoax and these dogs have been photoshopped, because I am just not comfortable living in a world where dogs are walking around disguised as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  God have mercy on us all.




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