Madison Mitchell

Somehow I can’t leave Philly.  I am stuck here for some reason.  Hopefully I will be home by 4 am, but you never know. This is going to be NSFW week.  I have 7 days of 7 girls from my trip.  Get fucking excited.

Madison is super awesome. I knew her on the internets because of her sexy blog and she is one of the west coast Burning Angel girls I have wanted to meet/shoot for ages.  She also was one of the early, early Suicide Girls too.   She and I talk on the Twitters and the AIMs and such and so forth. The night I drove from Vegas to LA I was talking to her on the phone and I didn’t know where I was going to stay. She was kind enough to let me crash with her despite not knowing me and she locked her cat in the bathroom because of my allergies and the next day she drove me to an internet cafe to let me update my website. And although she did leave me there to go eat weed honey coming back back an hour later than she told me, she was still super awesome and we went to In And Out Burger and shot n00dz.

Enjoy her photos here. We hope you like them.




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Not An Update

Okay. I am back.  Well, not this second, but very soon.  Tomorrow I hope.  Maybe the next day.  Let’s just see how it goes.  I am in Philly.  After non stop work for 2 weeks,  hanging out in DC in Philly as been nice.  I haven’t done anything and I was just hanging out.  I spent last night at my friend Doug’s movie theater/venue getting in the way of people working the concession stand for a goth show or something going on.  There was Vampire candy from Denmark that tasted like blood and madness all around.  I can’t even explain it, but I will say that when I got back to my car, there was a man sleeping in it.

I repeat, when I got to my car, there was a man sleeping in it.  Evidently after I put my computer in the trunk of my car, I forgot to lock it.  There was a severely drunk man in my car.  Not a hobo or anything, just a really drunk dude in his late 20’s.  His back was on the steering wheel and his legs were up in the air on the front seat.  I opened the door and said “Hi there, wanna please get out of my car? Oh, and what are you doing in my car?”  He just looked up and went back to sleep.  So I took a photo of him.  Then I asked him again “Seriously sir, I think it is time you got out of my car.”  I thought it was the best thing ever.  It was so damned funny.  My friend Nicole on the other hand has a spicy Latin temper and did not let him get away so easily.  “GET THE FUCK OUT OF HIS CAR NOW ASSHOLE!” she yelled.  It was pretty amazing.  Without saying a word, the very confused, very inebriated man slowly stumbled out of my car and straight up the street.  After a few minutes we left and passed him a half mile down the road still stumbling down the road.

Today I spent the day watching TV with friends.  It was nice.  I don’t really have friends like that in NYC that I can just hang out and watch TV with.

Anyway, presumably at some point I am going to make my way back to NYC tomorrow.   I might not make it, but I might.  Either way, I will be back in NYC soon and while it will probably take me a few days to get caught up with life, pay bills, pack, get my mail, develop film, organize things etc I will be updating daily with n00dz from my trip.  On top of that I will be shooting a photobooth at Cain on Wednesday and hosting Trash on Friday.  Get ready for magic.  This weekend I might have some big news, but it is still in discussions.  Okay, I took a sleeping pill 20 min ago and I need to crash.  Get ready for party time NYC style ASAP.

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More Sundance Links

So finally I have found a day to relax. I have been watching old Aquateen Hunger Force episodes, catching up on 30 Rock and The Office and watching the season premiere of Lost. Later my friend is going to come over and we are going to watch a movie. And I slept for 8 hours. I did wake up from a dream very upset that I wasn’t going to play in the Super Bowl, but I guess that’s just how it goes. I am going to Philly tomorrow for no reason at all, and I will be back in NYC, ready to start working on this site again on Monday. I have so many photos to get up, it is going to be nuts. I am shooting a photo booth at Cain next week and hosting Trash Friday. And possibly shooting a look book over the weekend. I can’t wait to see you kids again. Let’s fuck shit up.

I have had a bunch of my Sundance photos show up on the internets, mostly the photos I did for Flavorpill, but a bunch of stuff none the less. I figured I would link it here and continue relaxing instead of doing an actual update. So enjoy, and a nice photo of a still sexy 72 year old Robert Redford talking to Andie McDowell who I have had a crush on since I saw Groundhog Day for my 13th birthday party.

Ashton Kutcher On HollyScoop 

Bossip On Kim Porter And Russel Simmons (Here Too)

Pop Culture Madness Le Tourment Vert Celebrity Sightings

Zach Gilford Interview

World’s Greatest Dad Interviews

Lauren Lee Smith Interview

Robert Redford Photo


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Yes Men Fix The World – 1.18.09

IN 2004 I had just seen the movie the Yes Men.  The movie was about 2 guys, coincidentally enough, The Yes Men.  They pose as spokesmen for large corporations and either go on TV and apologize for those companies, or satirically exaggerate the positions of the company often with hilarious results.  So I get a call from my friend Miguel.  He asked me if I had ever heard of these guys because they were staying at his place.  Evidently his roommate was good friends with Mike from the Yes Men.  So my friend Teddy and I joined the Yes Men and Miguel and several other people for dinner.  After dinner we went on a prank run with them.  They had  huge bus painted with George Bush’s face on it.  The idea was that they would go around the country pretending to be Bush supporters and make people agree wholeheartedly to the most evil parts of his political agenda.  Teddy and I dressed up as a cowboy and an oil sheik and got on top of the bus and danced while they gathered a crowed and made them pledge to go to any war no matter what, never have an abortion no matter what, and give up the 4th amendment in order to prevent terrorism.  After it was over I decided to give the Yes Men this giant inflatable cowboy costume I had.  I thought they could use it on their US tour.

Unfortunately a week later their bus broke down and I never heard from them again… Until Sundance…

I saw that the Yes Men were premiering their new film.   I didn’t have time to see it, but I did have time to go down to their press wall and bug them about it.  I walked up to Andy and said “Hi, I am Igor, I met  you in Richmond, Va. You stole my cowboy costume.”  He remembered who I was and was sort of laughingly apologetic.  He gave me a bunch of copies of their fake New York Times in trade.  Evidently they are going for a lot on ebay.  When I saw Mike from the Yes Men, he felt even worse about it.  Evidently he lost the battery pack and didn’t want to send it back to me broken.  The good thing to come out of this was that they turned the idea of the inflatable suit in to a big part of their new movie, The Yes Men Fix The World.  They pretended to be representatives for Haliburton and they announced to the world that they had created a large inflatable ball that protects you from danger in the event of catastrophic global climate change.  It looks like a giant tick or something, as you can see below.

So after the press meet and greet I had to leave, but they invited me to the after party.  I brought a bottle of Le Tourment Vert Absinthe with me and everyone proceeded to get super wasted.  Anyway, it was fun times.  Check out the photos.  And note the photo below of the dog who tried to attack the SurvivaBall.  It really works!







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IFC On Demand Press Conference – 1.19.09

Ah, my first proper Sundance post… with many more to come…

My friend Joe Swanberg is a great director. I have talked about this on DBB a number of times. He emailed me the other day to ask if I was going to be at Sundance. I was, so he invited me to a breakfast/ panel he was on with Steven Soderbergh. They were announcing IFC On Demand’s new Festival Direct. Festival Direct is on demand movies that come out at the same time that they premiere at a film festival. The first 5 films are premiering this March at the SXSW Film Festival. One of those movies is Joe’s new film, Alexander The Last. When it opens at SXSW it is going to be on IFC at the same time. Janet Pierson, the producer of SXSW Film, was there to explain her decision to work with IFC On Demand as was Jonathan Sehring of IFC. Pierson is the wife of John Pierson who along with making Spike Lee and Kevin Smith famous, was one of my little brothers favorite college professors. Joe was at the event to talk about why he decided to forgo a festival run for on demand and Soderbergh was there to talk about releasing a big budget movie like Che On Demand while it was still in it’s original theatrical run.

To read more about the press conference click here, but to se my photos of the event, click over here.




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My Man Barack

I have been so insanely busy at Sundance that I haven’t had time to shower much less update, but I had to give a shout out to my main man Barack on his big day.  I am getting on a plane in a few hours and headed to DC.  I was going for the inauguration but I won’t make it in time.  It’s okay, it will still be great to be in DC and hopefully I can party with some people. I am staying with my parents for a day and hopefully will have time to get a good update together.  In the mean time, read my original endorsement of Obama from way back in February and watch this clip of the speech that got the ball rolling just over 4 years ago.

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This place is nuts. So much more fun than last year. I am completely stressed out but getting some good shots. I am working primarily for an Absinthe called Le Tourment Vert. They are the main spirit sponsor to the festival so we get a lot of access to cool things. Last night I was at a party at Tao with Sting, Paris Hilton and Russel Simmons. That was pretty nuts. I have shot a bunch of celebs; the three aforementioned, Amy Poehler, Kim Porter, Wesley Snipes, Guillermo del Toro, Jeff Dowd (aka The Dude), Monique, Kelli Garner, Jason Ritter, Brett Rattner, Aaron Paul and a few others…

Many of these images are being serviced to media and things so I can’t post galleries yet, but here are a few photos that appeared on the Flavor Pill blog. Flavorwire also posted some of my photos from opening night party, but I didn’t run my batch Photo Shop filter through them so they are all upsettingly dark.

So yeah, here are a few celeb shots to hold you over until I get to the rest of the photos in later updates.




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Dim Mak Tuesday – 1.13.08

So last year when I was in LA I went to the Dim Mak party at Cinespace and I had a pretty good time, so this year I figured I would try to check it out again. Last year I sort of just talked my way in and it wasn’t a big deal. I invited a friend of mine who I had a crush on in high school to come with me. She was worried about not getting in or a line or something, but I was like “I talked my way in last year and I worked for Dim Mak at SXSW and I know a bunch of people there.” I also put us on the reduced list if we made it by 11 we could just get in for $5 and I was okay paying that. Anyway, we got there at like 11:05 and they told me the reduce list was closed. And I started trying to talk my way in and the guy was like “Oh wow, that’s amazing, go pay full price.” Then the bouncer told me I couldn’t bring in my bag because it was some how against dress code for a man to have a bag. “No flip flops, no men with bags.” So now I am arguing with another guy. And all the door people are now pissed off at me. Right then like a thousand flash bulbs go off around the corner and a flock of paparazzi are following someone down the street. It is Steve Aoki and Benji Madden. Steve pulled me in and the bouncers looked like dicks. Igor 1, Bouncers 0.

Anyway, the party was a lot of fun. Pace Rock DJ’d and Benji Madden played a few tracks while Steve was Djing. They killed it a little bit. I danced a bit even. I met some cool people and yeah, good times. It was funny to be in a room and read my twitter feed and see Skeet, Pace, Dan Oh and others Tweeting about the party. LA is good for Tweeting. It is also amazing for taking photos of people. Everyone is so damned excited to get their photo taken. I can’t walk 5 feet with out getting asked to take someone’s photo. I enjoyed that. I enjoyed that last year too. I also ran into Cobrasnake who I have not run into in years for some reason.

Okay, check out the photos from Tuesday. They are pretty fun.







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Sunday At The AEE – 1.11.09

So day 3. I laid down for about an hour before I checked out, but I didn’t sleep. I packed all my shit up and walked over to the AEE. It was pretty dead because most people had left town after the Awards. This made for the best photos. I could get stars attention better, and there were less photographers to get in my way. I just walked around and talked to people I knew. I bonded with Satine Phoenix and I think I started to bug Stoya. I met this girl from my dads home town who gave me a blow job in a can. It is like a Flesh Light but disposable. She said it was better than a Flesh Light. I haven’t tried it yet. I might, but I am sort of terrified of the idea. An older lady who was working the concession stand flirted with me and gave me a free water because she liked my belt buckle. She was kinda a MILF. Also, I actually waited in a line to meet a porn star. Nina Hartely was signing autographs and giving hugs. I really wanted a hug from a legend and her line was short. She hugged me and asked me about things and told me to make sure to wear gloves and a warm coat during Sundance which is something that my mom has been telling me every day this week. She is the perfect MILF. (Nina, not my mom you asshole.) After the AEE was over, I said my goodbyes and drove off into the sunset. Headed west to Los Angeles and a new adventure…

Check the photos from Sunday. These photos actually have some nudity in them. It was the last day and no one cared if they got kicked out for showing too much skin. So I finally got to shoot a photo of Dana DeArmond’s boobs. Amazing.







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