Oh Fuck. It’s The Internets.

This is almost too amazing to even blog about.  Here is an old news report about newspapers trying to get digital editions of their papers online in 1981.  Pretty much every word in the video is hilarious when viewed nearly 30 years later.  This is the type of video you would see in like Back To The Future or some comedy where they go back in time and there is some one talking about how talking pictures will never replace silent films or something.  At the end of the clip the woman is like, “The telepaper won’t be much competition for the street edition.”  Whoops.  Little does she know that less than 30 years later Mexican billionaires would have to keep papers afloat just for kicks.

Honestly, I think I am far too tired to be writing this blog, it should be amazingly funny, but it is just barely making sense.  The words are not coming out of my hands correctly.  Just watch the video and think of all the funny things you are thinking about it, and then pretend you read those things here first.

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  1. January 29th, 2010 | 11:23 pm

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