Playhouse – 1.28.09

Okay, finally.  It is 8AM, but I am predating this to yesterday. Weird night last night, and Friday night, but I guess we will get to that later.

Playhouse at Cain was my first night shooting back in NYC and I had a lot of fun.  I met some new kids, and reacquainted myself with this adorable girl I knew from High Voltage back in the day.  I messed around with an idea for a photo booth for next time maybe.  You can see the experiments at the end of the gallery; the mostly red images.  I don’t really have a whole lot to say about the evening, because it happened several days ago.  This always happens when I let a few days pass before getting up images.  Oh well, hopefully I can remember some of the interesting shit that happened on Friday when I update when I wake up, assuming I have time to update before the Super Bowls.  Okay, just click on this link and see the damn pictures, there are a bunch of good ones.  I had a good night.








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Avry Heart

Okay, before we get started with this update to NSFW Week, I am sure some of you are wondering where the fuck the Cain photos are from Wednesday.  I am having severe issues with all three of my computers and it is driving me fucking nuts.  If anyone has a PC keyboard they want to give me, it only has to moderately work.  I only use it for image editing, I don’t need to type shit.  Anyway, the Cain photos will be up tonight, but like 5AM tonight.  Then Trash photos tomorrow and another naked girl.  Then the last naked girl Monday and then we start getting the rest of the Sundance shit up.  So now that you are updated, let’s move on to naked girls.

This is Avery Heart.  She’s a Vegas local I met at the AVN Weekend.  I asked her if I could take her photo on the floor of the AEE and she asked me to hold her purse while she posed. As soon as I started shooting 10 other photographers ran over and started shooting, then video cameras and this whole mad scene.  After I took my two shots I just stood there for 15 minutes holding her bag.  She felt pretty bad about this and offered to do a private photo shoot.  Unfortunately by the time we left the expo and got back to my hotel she was running late for something.  So we shot these in like 5 minutes and I shot them at some insanely high ISO and they kinda don’t look great.  But content is king, and you guys probably like cute naked girls more than you like my photography work, so check out these mediocre photos of the pretty adorable Avry Heart.




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Vandal Vyxen

I met this girl at the Burning Angel party in Vegas.  You would not believe the hardcore shit this girl was into if you met her.  She was totally shy and sweet and has an adorable French Canadian accent and a girlfriend back home that she wouldn’t cheat on with me.  Then after meeting her and sort of falling in love with her I googled her and found her website where among other things, she has sex with a tree.  Seriously, she ties a strap on to a tree and has sex with it.  What the fuck?  What is up with Canadians?  They seem so nice with their health care and charming horse riding police men and then you see things like this or go to Vancouver and you are just like, holy shit, there is something wrong with these people.

Anyway, Vandal is awesome, we totally bonded and I hope I get to see her again one day. So check out these hot photos we shot in the Venetian Hotel in Vegas.




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Oh Fuck. It’s The Internets.

This is almost too amazing to even blog about.  Here is an old news report about newspapers trying to get digital editions of their papers online in 1981.  Pretty much every word in the video is hilarious when viewed nearly 30 years later.  This is the type of video you would see in like Back To The Future or some comedy where they go back in time and there is some one talking about how talking pictures will never replace silent films or something.  At the end of the clip the woman is like, “The telepaper won’t be much competition for the street edition.”  Whoops.  Little does she know that less than 30 years later Mexican billionaires would have to keep papers afloat just for kicks.

Honestly, I think I am far too tired to be writing this blog, it should be amazingly funny, but it is just barely making sense.  The words are not coming out of my hands correctly.  Just watch the video and think of all the funny things you are thinking about it, and then pretend you read those things here first.

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Trash Tonight!

I scheduled a hosting gig at the newest location of Trash for my first week back from my west coast jaunt. Trash has been at Webster Hall (11th between 3rd and 4th Ave) for the last couple months and I have to say it is fantastic. It has been so much more fun than it was at Home Sweet Home or 40 C. It has a different feel, but it is bigger, louder and has a weird cross over crowd. Trash is down stairs, and Alex English and Co. throw a jam upstairs, but there is also a third room that attracts a different crowd all together. I personally like the mixed crowd. I also love the sound system. The first time I walked down there I thought there was a live band playing.

Anyway, Trash is tonight and every Friday, so come out. If you want on the list, drop me an email and we shall see what I can do… See you there.  If you don’t get on my list and want to come, mention Driven By Boredom for reduced admission.

Oh yeah, keep in mind, this is at “The Studio” at Webster Hall.  It has it’s own separate entrance on the side.  So skip the madness at the front and look for Brendan James.


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NSFW week continues with a Burning Angel named Envy (Who goes by Amor on Gods Girls) who added me on myspace several months back. Since then we have discussed shooting if we were to ever be in the same place at the same time. Luckily for everyone, she came over to my amazingly seedy motel. I spent 3 days in the LeBrea Motel and I have to say it was amazing. I am not sure if I liked the shag carpeting or the oriental bed spread more, but it was fucking awesome. And 10 times better than the shitty casino I stayed at in Vegas for half the price. Anyway, we shot like 300 pictures in 45 minutes. You can see the best of them by clicking here. Hot shit.






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Billy Bob Thornton & The Boxmasters – 1.18.09

Five minutes after arriving at this concert I still had no idea Billy Bob Thornton had a band.  I was given a ticket to “A Celebration Of Music In Film” at Sundance by a press liaison who was trying to do me a favor for covering the Yes Men premiere for the Sundance Institute because the Wire Image guy showed up too late.  I had no interest in going to this “Celebration” but they were pouring the Le Tourmont Vert Absinthe I was working for at the party, so I figured I would pop in, get a few product shots and move on to the other parties I had to cover.  When I got in this pretty rocking twangy country band called The Boxmasters were playing.  People were watching, but no one seemed too animated.  Everyone was just sitting down listening.  I took maybe five pictures from the back of the room before their song ended and the lead singer began with his between song banter.  That’s when I realized that Billy Bob Thornton was fronting the band.  He started in about how he moved to LA to become a singer and that he got into acting by accident and that it was a terrible choice.  He went off on the film community, Sundance goers, critics and film as a medium.  He said the only movies he watches are movies with his children.  He started bitching about how in his day movies cost 35 cents and you got to see a double feature and you were happy about it dammit.  None of this critiquing bullshit from some no talent critic.  This tirade lasted about 10 full minutes before he told the audience that clearly anyone who showed up to his show was not one of the aforementioned film losers and that if he saw a single person out there with their arms crossed judging him he was going to come out into the audience and fight them.  I think everyone believed him, because with in a few minutes everyone in the room was dancing, myself included.  After smoking a pack of cigarettes on stage, making out with random girls in the audience when he got off stage, playing drums and ranting between songs, it was very fucking clear to me that Billy Bob Thornton is a fucking bad ass and someone you should not cross.  This is a good look for a tough rockin’ country band.  Speaking of good looks, check out the photos of the drummer.  The man looks like Clint Eastwood with Jim Jarmusch’s hair. Imagine what that dude was up to 30 years ago.  What a complete bad ass.  The steel guitar player was just too amazing for words and the dashing guitarist looks like a rockabilly version of John Flansburg.  Like I said, it was a good look.  This combined with the fact that one of the dudes from ZZ Top was watching from the side of the stage, made for an intense experience.  I am glad I was at the right place at the right time.

So seriously check out the Boxmaster photos here.  They might change your life.






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Julene Obscene

I have known Julene on the internets for years. Not only does she get naked on the internet for Gods Girls, but she also works for the company. She runs a lovely blog, and she has her very own meme. I wanted to shoot her last time I was in LA but I didn’t get a chance. This time we were going to shoot but we didn’t have a place. I already did two sets in my amazing motel room (coming soon) so I decided to shoot her in the shower. I know shower sets are super played out, but the shower was pink and awesome and I had never done one before. It turned out well, but I didn’t really shoot any safe for work shots, so the ones below are not representative of how hot the photos are going to be when you click this link. Enjoy.




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Well, it is Tuesday of the “Mostly Naked Girls I Photographed On My Trip” Week and I can’t think of anyone more appropriate than a girl who’s name is… Tuesday.  I met Tuesday at this crazy fetish party in Vegas.  I was about to leave when she came up to me, told me I was hot, started kissing me, and then gave me her number and said good bye.  She lived in LA and she wanted me to look her up when I got there.  45 minutes later for whatever reason I still had not left the party yet.  I saw her again, this time she had lost her phone and was freaking out.  I had her number so I called it.  It just rang, so I tried again and this time a guy picked up.  He was one of the hosts of the party and I got her her phone back.  I was rewarded by more making out and this photo set you see here.  She was pretty intense and amazing.   Unfortunately we never made it to LA to do a real, more sober, more organized photo shoot.  It was sort of hard to concentrate with 10 people watching and taking photos with their iPhones.

So, I sort of want to marry this girl, so I hope that I can one day at least shoot her again.   But in the mean time, you guys should click here and look at the hot NSFW photos I shot of her in Vegas.




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