Flight Of The Chonchords Season 2 Preview

So Flight Of The Chonchords maybe possibly the best show ever. It is pretty hilarious, the songs are amazing, and I know several of the cast members. It is not actually back on the television yet, but Funny Or Die has released the first episode none the less. I think it is a pretty solid episode, but I was not blown away by any of the songs. It was good to see Murray (Rhys Darby) sing again, but it did not come anywhere near the brilliance of his hit Leggy Blonde. You can watch the new episode below, hopefully it will get you as excited for the new season as it has for me.

Season 2 Online Premiere – Flight of the Conchords (US Only) – watch more funny videos

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Choked Out

Jesus! It is kinda snowing out!  You can’t very well expect me to go out tonight.  That is just not reasonable. It is both cold and wet.  I can deal with one or the other, but not both.  So I stayed home and went through some random old video I had and found this video from maybe 2002.  It is me putting this guy Ian in a sleeper hold like I was the god damned Million Dollar Man.  I think we filmed me doing this to a bunch of people that night, but I only have this clip on my computer for some reason.  Also, he twitches a bunch once he is unconscious, so that’s super fun.  Hip Hip Hurray.  Probably don’t try this at home, it can’t possibly go well. In all seriousness, the first time I did this to someone they smacked head first onto the ground and started bleeding from their forehead.  I guess that Marine regretted teaching me combat moves.  Ooh Rah!

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Third & Long

I just wanted to give a shout out to this bar called Third And Long that I have been to the last couple of Sundays. As you should know by now I am a huge fan of the Miami Dolphins. I have spent the last two years watching football with the Two Michelles at this Patriots bar called the Hairy Monk. I always hated it but they are really the only Dolphins fans I know, and we had our own corner. Last weekend though we were given word of a spot just up the street where Dolphins fans were gathering. That bar is Third And Long. Last week I thought the Michelles were at the game in Toronto. But Tall Michelle called me in the second quarter to tell me that only short was in Toronto and she was at this newly established Dolphins hang out. I jumped in a cab at half time and ended up making it all the way from Brooklyn to 3rd and 35th in about 20 min and only missed two plays. The bar was great and the Dolphins fans were dominant. We had our own section and I cheered till I lost my voice. That was two weeks ago.

On this past Sunday I woke up so excited to make it to Third And Long. When I got there it was only Dolphins fans. Short Michelle had made a big sign for us and we settled in to a loud and exciting afternoon. The Dolphins won again, that’s 7 out of 8 wins in a row. Two more and we are in the playoffs.   They were taking pictures of all of us and chatting it up. I think they were really happy to see a big crowd in there and of of the guys told us that since the Skins were pretty much out of the playoffs, he is jumping on the Dolphins bandwagon. We are glad to have him aboard. The only problem with the bar is that they don’t serve food so I had to get food during half time and bring it in. Yes, the bar is BYOF. Bring you own food.

I got a cheesesteak from Carl’s Steaks which despite being run by Jets fans is one of the best cheesesteaks I have ever had in my life. Best in NYC for sure. I am on a diet right now and had been good all week, it made the steak even better. Of course as soon as I finished my food a catering company came in and set up all this food in the back. The owner of the bar, just decided to buy everyone food. I had just eaten, and I am on a diet, but there were wings, ribs and pulled pork. Not to mention a bunch of sides and deserts. It was such a sick spread. I had to eat even more. I had 4 wings, 3 ribs and a lot of BBQ and coleslaw. Plus a cookie and a brownie. It was one of the great eating experiences of my life. And I still managed to lose like 5 lbs over the last 10 days.

So, LONG story short, Third And Long is my new favorite place on earth. They run a blog which my Dolphins shoes made the front page of (see below) and it is pretty entertaining. Also on Monday’s they have a recession special where you can get mugs of beer for $1. That is pretty brilliant. It makes me want to take up drinking. Speaking of not drinking; Since they don’t serve food, and I don’t drink, I feel totally guilty enjoying myself there and especially with all the free food. So I bought a Sprite and decided to pay $5 for it even though I don’t really drink soda. I hope maybe this blog will convince some of you guys to go there and spend money for me. I will be rallying more Dolphins fans so that will help ease my conscience.

Oh, on an unrelated note, which is going to be mentioned on an upcoming blog soon, I have a Facebook group now. You should check that out.


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Bush: Shoe Dodger

I am sure everyone will have seen this in the next 24 hours, but oh man, this is so brilliant.  An Iraqi journalist threw two well hurled shoes at George Bush, but Bush ducked them both.  He was so quick on his feet.  This is why I am glad we elected Obama president.  He is even more mobile than Bush is.  I am not sure McCain could have ducked those shoes.  What is also amazing to watch is how slowly the Secret Service reacts to this.  Anyway, this is just fucking amazing.  “All I can report is that it is a size 10.” should be in every famous quote book from here until the end of history.  Thanks Nick for the link.

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So a few posts ago I put up some shots of Raven and her friend Mickey. They were Gods Girls models, but Mickey has decided against being naked on the internet, and since none of her Gods Girls sets were up, this was the only place to see her naked, until now. She asked me to take down the photos, so I have. She also told me next time she comes to NYC that she is buying me dinner. So if you saw the photos already you lucked out, and I get to eat free food, and she gets her photos down. Everyone wins I guess. Then again, I am not going to get back that gas money I gave them to drive to her parents house, or the $200 for the lens I broke whilst shooting them or the hour I stood outside an outlet mall waiting for them to pick me up… But then again, I took a lot of shots WITHOUT Mickey in them, and you get to see those now.

As I mentioned in the now missing update, I met Raven in Orlando after I shot Carnival after my trip to Miami for Winter Music. She was like the most adorable thing I had ever seen. When I found out she was a nude model I knew I had to shoot her. On a return trip to Miami she and Mickey drove up and we shot in my hotel room. Anyway, a lot of these photos are too dark, but I have been putting them off for too long. I was going to photoshop them all, but I am extremely lazy and since I was taking down the pics of the girls together, I knew you guys would never forgive me if I didn’t replace them with something. Anyway, despite the lack of the minor level corrections it would take to make these look way better, these photos are extraordinarily hot. I sort of want to marry Raven and I am sure you will too after you see these photos. NSFW obviously.

Oh, and PS. Gods Girls is relaunching their site sometime today, so if you want to see Raven, and an amazing new Gods Girls redesign, click here!




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The New Trash – 12.12.08

Oh snap! Trash is in a new spot.  Trash teamed up with GBH to move the historic party to the basement of Webster Hall.  I think this is a very good thing.  The venue has amazing sound, a built in crowd and a better location.  There are some disadvantages but I think they are well out weighed by the pros.  I think one of the advantages of the club may turn out to be the biggest problem.  The Studio (the name of the basement in Webster Hall) is built for rock shows.  It has a great stage and good sound.  The only problem with that is that for some reason everyone just faces the stage and bunches up by the front.  There are go-go dancers on stage which draw some of the attention, but it doesn’t really make for a great dance floor.  I think this could be solved by moving the go-gos around the room more, but there aren’t great places for them to be as it is now.  The other problem  is the weird crowd.  When three different parties are going on in one venue you get some different people coming in and out.  Personally I like this, it might finally give me the chance to take home a fake boobed bridge and tunnel gal like I’ve always wanted, but some may find the mix of people annoying.  I think my biggest problem with the venue is there aren’t really good hiding spots to take naked photos of people.  Trash has been such a great location for bathroom nudes, but the Webster Hall bathrooms have attendants and the back stage area does not seem so conducive to privacy.  I guess I will just have to get creative.  Oh! Also the party is 19+ which means more cute freshman girls, which is awesome because I am a creep.

Okay, last night was fun but I had to wake up at the crack of dawn to do a photo shoot so I didn’t stay out too late and was pretty exhausted.   I think I got some good shots thought, check out the scene here.  NSFW due to Stormy’s burlesque… again.  That girl just can’t keep her clothes on.






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Playhouse – 12.10.08

First of all I just wanted to say that it has been pretty exciting today and yesterday because my pictures of the Donnell Library have been posted all over the internet.  I have received quite a lot of traffic from this Boing Boing post, which was then picked up on Metafilter.  Lovely.  Thanks for coming.  Anyway…

I am exhausted constantly these days.  A few months ago my job moved from the Donnell to a mansion in Jersey City.  Now this means a longer commute, which means waking up earlier and getting home later.  I only have to leave 10 min earlier, so that’s not the issue.  The issue is getting home at 1am every night.  I used to get home at midnight, I would come home, work on my site for a bit, and then go out around one.  Now I pretty much have to go straight out or I am too tired to move.  Combine this with the fact that I returned my car and have to take subways everywhere.  The combination is either me not going out at all, or going out and getting about 4 hours of sleep and starting over again.

So when I committed to going to Cain the other night, I deeply regretted it when I was walking from 34th and 7th to 27th and 10th Ave.  It took me a while to wake up, but once I  did,  I had a great time.  I love parties with mixed crowds, and Cain is perfect for that on Wednesdays.  You have the young hipster kids, the Tranny set, and the bottle service types.  There are a bunch of models hang out, the crowd is a lot more ethnically diverse than most of the down town spots, and they have a fleet of hot go go dancers to get people dancing.  The point is, it is a good time, an interesting time and a lot more fun than you will have at most bottle service spots where dancing is discouraged and everyone sits at their tables sipping their $400 vodka.  Also the DJ’s are good too.

You can see all the photos that I managed to take before I fell asleep here.





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The Donnell Library Center: A Eulogy In Pictures

A few months ago the Donnel Library closed its doors.  Since the 1955 the library on 53rd street has been a New York landmark.  It stood across from MOMA and had one of the best film libraries in the city.  Unfortunately, the City Of New York thought it would better serve the public as another midtown luxury hotel.  Due to the bylaws establishing the library that space HAS to have a library, but due to loop holes, they are tearing it down, building the hotel and then shoving the library into the basement.  I think the New York Times put it well when they said:

When the $220 million hotel opens, sometime in 2011, a new Donnell library will occupy part of the first floor and an underground area, coexisting with hotel guests paying $750 to $2,000 per night for a room.

I can’t believe how sad it is.  I know that I love the internet, and part of my job is to digitize library books so they can be available online.  But it is very troubling to see technology kill off libraries and newspapers (I am looking at you Tribune).  So, as I mentioned my job is to digitize books.  I work for The Internet Archive.  Until October I worked in the Donnell Library and got to watch it go from a bustling location, to a party closed less frequented library, to basically a book store, to an empty shell of a building.  Long after it closed we continued to work.  Our last week there they really began ripping out it’s guts.  Coincidentally on our last day I got my new camera and got to work an hour early, and stayed a little bit late, wondering all over the building collecting some memories of the fantastic place. It’s pretty horrifying to walk into a room with dust all over the floor, baby chairs all pushed into a corner, wires hanging from the celling, and realizing you are standing on a Winnie The Pooh poster.

I think I took some pretty amazing photos back in October.  I am not sure why I have been holding onto to them for so long, but I think part of it was that I didn’t know if I could come up with a fitting eulogy for the place.  I am pretty sure I didn’t but it is time to get them up.  These images need to be seen.  Also, if you are wondering, there are several shots of people in this gallery.  They are my coworkers at Archive.org with the exception of our amazing West Indian security guard who I think we all miss.

Click here to see the full gallery of pictures.  I have posted a lot of photos below, more than I normally do with a photo update, but I think there is more of an impact when you see a bunch at once.









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I graduated from VCU a while ago and yet I retuned to Richmond to take dirty pictures of an 18 year old VCU freshman named Remi.  I think she is pretty adorable.  I met her on Gods Girls where she is a model.  She is friends from some of my old friends and she’s a rad girl.  I picked her up in her dorm, a place that I have not stepped in 7 years.  We had no idea where to shoot, so we drove around looking for something cool.  I had an idea to call my friend Jamie to ask him if we could shoot in the convenience store that his wife runs.  It’s like a NYC style bodega called All Star Market.  Unfortunately although it was pretty late on a Sunday but they were still open.  But Jamie buys cars, fixes them up, and then sells them and just then happened to be working on a car at a machine shop.  He invited us there to shoot.  We didn’t get to shoot with the welding stuff or the fork lift or any of the other amazing tools there, but we did get to shoot in the break room that had a bit of a surreal look to it with, very washed out colors and hunting magazines.  Also, thanks to Jamie and his friend for the place to shoot, but even more thanks for Jamie for making an appearance at the end of the set.  Check that out.

I was trying different combinations of flash and fstop and white balance and stuff trying to figured out how I wanted to shoot it, when I accidentally set the balance to tungsten which made the fluorescent lights turn super green.  I noticed my mistake after the first shot but I liked the way it looked in my camera.  Turns out it was way too green, but I wasn’t shooting raw and I don’t want to correct them all so you get to see them green.  I have corrected a few of them and they look much better but I just don’t have the time to do them all.

But look, they are hot photos, so just look at them now.  Love Remi.  She is nice.





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