Semi Precious Weapons – 12.19.08

So Semi Precious Weapons did a short set at Trash last Friday at Webster Hall.  I like the idea of short energetic sets at a dance party as long as they get on and off quick.  Their set was tied in with a burlesque number and some insane Michael T thing that didn’t stop the party one bit, and after SPW was done people were dancing even harder.  Those of you who don’t know me well, might not know that I spent about 8 years of my life as some sort of punk rocker.   I was a big fan of the pit and jumping off the highest thing I could find.  I even had a infamous moshing move: The Drum Flip. Now my days of terrorizing the pit are long gone.  The last time I really fucked shit up was at a Municipal Waste show in ’05 or ’06.  I remember that after it was over I couldn’t get out of bed for two days.  I realized at just 25 years old, I was an old man.  I was done thrashing.  But then again, after watching all these little girls scream and tear at the pant legs of Justin from SPW, I felt like this old man needed to show the kids what rock and roll was all about. (Yes, I do realize I sound like a complete asshole.)  I asked SPW caretaker Shaun to hold my camera and as they finished their last high energy song of their short, yet explosive set, I jumped up, ran across the stage and jumped as high as I could off the highest monitor and turned my body in the air and attempted to stage dive.  Of course I dived into a bunch of tiny 18 year old girls and they dropped me from about 8 feet in the air directly on my back.  By the time I got home, I could barely move and my friend had to bring me pain killers and water before I could sleep.  I kept coughing so much that I thought I had punctured a lung and would have to go to the hospital or something.  Some how my back stopped hurting by the next day.  It was a Christmas miracle.  Anyway, SPW was super fun and I got some great shots.  Justin also grabbed my camera and took a few of the crowd after it was over which is why you might notice a disheveled me flicking off the camera.

Oh yeah, do to the complete insanity of the SPW groupie set, this gallery is NSFW.  Also, since there are so many SPW fanatics out there, if anyone wants to buy a 16″ x 20″ print from me, they are available for purchase, just let me know.

Anyway all the shots are here. Have a happy X-mas eve.




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