The Jump Off X – 12.20.08

After the incident that happened at SPW that I have yet to blog about, I did not think I was going to make it out on Saturday night.  But a few Advil and a super good movie helped me force myself to go out.  I went to Savalas for the insanely packed Jump Off.  It was the 10th one.  I went to the second one, and some how missed the last 7.  Well it was certainly a party, but the one good thing about Brooklyn is that when I go out I have actual conversations with people instead of just wait in line for the bathroom behind them while they are doing coke.  I spent more time talking to people than I did shooting which was a very nice change.  Let’s see what happened?  Mark Palgy from VHS or Beta Dj’d, a small asian girl went buck wild on some dude outside and I thought some girls how to properly strangle someone.  All and all it was a pretty good night.  Check out the photos.




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