Playhouse – 12.17.08

Another Wednesday night at Cain.  It was super packed for Felix Da Housecat.  It was maybe a little too crowded, but I sometimes get claustrophobed.  I know that is not a word, but I use it a lot, so you are going to just have to deal with that.  I also sort of hate people who give me shit about taking their photo at these things.  It makes me want to just shoot my friends and no one else.  People act like they are some fucking rock star.  “Don’t take my picture, I am a model!”  Seriously, I don’t give a fuck.  I take photos so people can see themselves online, its fun, or because people pay me to take it.  If you don’t want your photo taken, that is fine by me, just don’t be a dick about it.  I seriously could care less about taking your photo. Then again, the exact opposite is true about the party.  On the other half of the room from all the models and rich douche bags, are the trannies and queers who love to get their picture taken.  You guys are the best.

Anyway, sorry for bitching.  I am just really tired.  I have some time off work for the holidays and hopefully it will be the break I need to get my shit back on track.  Anyway, last night for the most part was actually really fun and I took some good photos.  You can see the pictures here.







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