Playhouse – 12.10.08

First of all I just wanted to say that it has been pretty exciting today and yesterday because my pictures of the Donnell Library have been posted all over the internet.  I have received quite a lot of traffic from this Boing Boing post, which was then picked up on Metafilter.  Lovely.  Thanks for coming.  Anyway…

I am exhausted constantly these days.  A few months ago my job moved from the Donnell to a mansion in Jersey City.  Now this means a longer commute, which means waking up earlier and getting home later.  I only have to leave 10 min earlier, so that’s not the issue.  The issue is getting home at 1am every night.  I used to get home at midnight, I would come home, work on my site for a bit, and then go out around one.  Now I pretty much have to go straight out or I am too tired to move.  Combine this with the fact that I returned my car and have to take subways everywhere.  The combination is either me not going out at all, or going out and getting about 4 hours of sleep and starting over again.

So when I committed to going to Cain the other night, I deeply regretted it when I was walking from 34th and 7th to 27th and 10th Ave.  It took me a while to wake up, but once I  did,  I had a great time.  I love parties with mixed crowds, and Cain is perfect for that on Wednesdays.  You have the young hipster kids, the Tranny set, and the bottle service types.  There are a bunch of models hang out, the crowd is a lot more ethnically diverse than most of the down town spots, and they have a fleet of hot go go dancers to get people dancing.  The point is, it is a good time, an interesting time and a lot more fun than you will have at most bottle service spots where dancing is discouraged and everyone sits at their tables sipping their $400 vodka.  Also the DJ’s are good too.

You can see all the photos that I managed to take before I fell asleep here.





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