Happy Spooks-o-Eve

Halloween used to be my favorite holiday.  I loved the whole week.  I love photographing the horrible costumes.  The thing is this year I am sick and there is no party that I am super excited to go to.  I didn’t do anything this week and while I am feeling a lot better, I just don’t really want to do anything.  I didn’t even get any paid work this year which was my number one reason I gave to one of my closest friends for skipping her wedding tomorrow. I couldn’t afford it.  But I didn’t get any real jobs, I missed work today anyway, and I am going to be a short drive away Sunday to work on the Obama campaign…  So fuck.  I am an asshole.  At least I got her a used knock off George Forman grill.  Although it is pretty gross.  Also, I didn’t get a costume.  I sort of wanted to go as sexy Sarah Palin, but I guess everyone else will have to do that instead.  I have a cow costume, a wet suit, an Obama mask, a John Kerry mask, a luchador wrestling mask, a silver tuxedo with tails, and a whoopie cushion costume.  I am not sure what to do with all that.  But I think maybe the cow costume paired with a fur coat would make for a pretty good hip hop cow.  I need to come up with some cow related rap pun.  Maybe MC Udders will have to do.Anyway, since I am sick I am just going to leave you with the really amazing Halloween update I did last year and a few trailers for some of my favorite scary movies.

A Few Of My Favorite Things: Things Zombies Do

Wild Zero

Salo – 120 Days Of Sodom

The Butcher

Bad Taste

I Spit On Your Grave

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Real Virginian

As a man who was born in raised inside the Beltway in Northern Virginia I was more than annoyed to see McCain campaign let me know that I am not a “Real Virginian”.  Well, as a fake Virginian I will be returning to my place of birth over the next few days to go door to door campaigning for Barack Obama.  For the trip I am printing up a bunch of buttons to give out.  I asked my friend Teddy to design them for me and he did a fantastic job in the 5 minutes I gave him to do it in.  Anyway, if you happen to live in VA, and own a button maker and want to make some buttons, here is a template so you can make your own.

Also, just for a site update type of thing… I am really sick.  I went to work for a few hours today and came home now I have a fever and cant breath.  Here’s hoping I can make it to some sort of Spooks-O-Eve type of event tomorrow.


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Just A Few More Days…

Less than a week now until the election. Even with Barack Obama leading in the polls I am still extremely nervous. I am going down to Virginia on either Saturday or Sunday to help get out the vote. I have posted a few videos.

The first is a video about an old man getting to meet Obama. It pretty much made me tear up. Watching three generations of people work together in support of a candidate instead of against him is extremely inspiring. This is the most important election of our lives.

This video is his 30 minute prime time ad that he ran today on television. His live speech at the end is particularly worth watching, but I hope you will watch the whole thing.

This third video is specifically for my Virginian friends. It is a little primer on making sure you are prepared to vote on Tuesday. For any of my New Yorker friends who are leaving town to vote in a swing state, make sure you use an ID with the address of where you are registered to vote. If you have a New York ID but you are registered to vote in New Hampshire or something, bring your Voter ID card or your pass port, not your NY State ID. You don’t want to get turned away. And anyone out there, who is telling themselves that he is going to win anyway, or that NY is Blue anyway so why bother voting, don’t think that way. We need to give Obama a mandate. He needs to win the popular vote and win big. Philly friends, PA is a closer race than you think. DO NOT FORGET TO VOTE. Take off work, volunteer, and help make this world a better place.

Oh, and lastly, Republicans who read this blog, consider staying at home… I need health care. Thanks. Or at least watch these Errol Morris interviews with Republicans and Independents for Obama. Morris is one of the greatest documentary filmmakers who has ever lived, and one of my favorite directors on the planet. His videos are sensational…

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Joker’s Wild

So I haven’t taken any photos in two days mostly because we are in the midst of this CMJ into Halloween thing and I am not sleeping and I am getting sick.  That being said I did go out tonight.  I saw Nick and Nora which was just insane because every single location in the film I have been in.  I spent almost the entire movie just looking for my stickers (I think I saw two, I need to get the DVD).  I then went to see some comedy and saw Eugene Mirman and Jessi Klein.  I talked to her for like 30 minutes about the election.  That was good.  After an earlier conversation today with my college roommate who told me he was “undecided” it was good to talk to someone as obsessed with this election as I am.  She’s also really cute.  I then stopped into Annex for Joey Nova’s 40th birthday which was sort of insane.  (The fact that he is 40, not the party.)  Then I went to AK for my friend Nessa’s birthday.  The Real World cast was there again.  I didn’t take any photos this time but I did talk to Chet for a bit about his media drama and it was suggested to me that one of the most attractive females on the cast is actually a transvestite.  Then it was on to Happy Endings for a few minutes and then home.  Anyway, none of that is very exciting, but was mildly exciting was the super villain the Joker beating up a homeless man… or something to that effect.

Between Annex and AK I was walking up Ave A when I see a skinny guy with his face made up to look like the Joker.  He was yelling at what appeared to be a homeless man to give back his money.  I thought this man might have mugged the Joker, but it did not seem to be very successful.   As I walked by someone pushed someone and then the Joker took off his jacket and put up his dukes like he was a boxer from the 1880’s.  The homeless man did the same and they started swinging wildly at each other.  No one came near connecting.  I really thought the homeless guy was going to beat this dude silly, but it appeared as if neither was going to do any damage.  After a few more wild misses the Joker tackled the other guy into a fire hydrant and began punching haphazardly at the man’s face screaming “GIVE ME BACK MY MONEY!” After about 10 punches to the face the man on the ground started saying “I’ll give it back! Stop! Stop!”  The Joker let him up for a second only to flip him over and start punching him in the back of the head.  After I realized he was not going to stop I started to walk towards them to break it up when he let the guy up.  The guy was pretty dazed, but considering he took about 30 punches to the head he doing pretty good.  He started to take money out of his pocket which totaled two dollars.  Then he kept apologizing and, get this, they actually hugged.  The 70 year old toothless crackhead who was watching the fight with me came up to me and said “Can you believe all that was for two dollars!” And started cackling mightily.  I laughed with him for a minute and made my way up the street.  As for my best guess to what happened, the Joker had a girl with him who he said was his wife at some point during all this.  I think he may have given the guy two bucks, and then the guy said something about his wife, he demanded the money back and it was on… but that is pure speculation.  I have no real idea what happened, but it was fucking amazing.

I wish I had my video camera, because I would have been able to post some crazy ass Bum Fights style shit, instead of this video…

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World Zombie Day – 10.26.08

My friend Doug Sakmann is at it again… He always throws the most insane parties that involve at least blood or pornography. Last night was a little of both. After a very successful Zombie Crawl in Brooklyn he returned to the city for a Zombie Flashmob/ Canned Food Drive. I had just finished watching the Dolphins kick the hell out of the Buffalo Bills and I was feeling in high spirits. I was dressed in my full Dolphins gear and wanted to go home but I realized the Zombie Crawl was a few blocks away at Union Square. I got there right as they were taking a group photo. I didn’t really have time to take good photos, I just put my camera on automatic and hoped for the best. By that time they were gnashing and wailing their way over to Whole Foods which freaked out all the employees. Seeing hundreds of the dead asking you for caned corn could be a bit upsetting. All the clerks were mentioning Resident Evil. I was told not to shoot in the store and I was tired and dressed in Aqua and Orange so I decided I would go home and meet the Zombies later. 12 hours of zombies is even too much for me. I showed to the Knitting Factory a bit late and many of the zombies had split. I did get to see Cleric play and Nassau Chainsaw tear shit up. Disgraceland Hook Squad was there suspending people and causing ruckus. There was a Strip For Pain with Burning Angel Girls. There was a performance by the Living Dead Girlz and I have to say that right now I that my sleeping pill kicked in so if some of this doesn’t make since thats why. I will just stop the update. And do my best get the photos up. There are a lot of them and they are ghoulish! There are some zombie tits in this set, so be on the look out for nudity and hide it from your boss. Watch and learn. Don’t get bit.

Ps. If I remember any of this tomorrow, I’ll add more links, and maybe fix the errors. until then I need to sleep.







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Fool’s Gold CMJ Party – 10.23.08

Fool’s Gold Record’s turned one and they had an anniversary party for CMJ. I went down to Webster Hall to check it out and only had to put up with moderate shit this time getting in. That place is sort of a nightmare, but I had fun this time. I was pretty excited to see Kid Sister and I spent most of the night either on the stage or talking to Ellen Stagg about astrology, or something… Atrak and his brother (Dave 1 of Chromeo) Dj’d and Trackademicks spit shit. Jokers Of The Scene ended the night… or at least were still spinning when I left at like 3:30. Good times had by all. Photos go here.

Update: These photos were blogged about on the Village Voice here.







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High Voltage W/ Spank Rock & Amanda Blank – 10.22.08

Spank Rock and Amanda Blank showed up at High Voltage with XXXChange, Pase Rock, Eli Escobar and a host of people who fucked shit up at Annex all night.  High Voltage needs to have a big event like that once a month some how.  It was sort of a blast.  As I mentioned before I have a huge crush on Amanda Blank and seeing her destroy it house party style only added to that.  It was pretty much just chaos and   hula hoops all night.  Sorry it took so long to get these up.  I’ve been massively busy with CMJ.  Well, sort of, I really haven’t done a god damned thing in two days, but a man has to sleep some time.  Anyway, check out the photos.  Hot shit.






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Kid Sister – 10.23.08

I have the biggest crush on Kid Sister.  How can you not?  I am not quite sure if it is as big as my crush on Amanda Blank, but I will post her photos tomorrow.  Seeing them back to back made for a good CMJ.  Anyway, I have a lot more photos from the Fool’s Gold party that I will put up tomorrow, but until then check out the shots of Kid Sister tearing shit up.  Just look at those fingers.  Those are some pro nails.  Jesus.  Anyway, these photos are sort of mediocre, but fuck, it was a fun show.




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60 is the magic number.  60 Democratic senators would give them a filibuster proof majority.  According to 538 they have a 32% chance of doing that.  Let’s make that number go up.  Move On sent me this link where you can donate to several of the swing senators campaigns.  There are two big ones they don’t list though.  Al Franken of MN and Ronnie Musgrove of MS.  Now, I am not sure I would really love to see Al Franken with any sort of actual power, it would drive Republicans out of their minds and he is just barely up in the polls.  He could use your donation.  Musgrove is not on the Move On list probably because he is a bigot and a religious zealot.  That being said he is from Mississippi so what do you expect and at least he caucuses Democratic…  I guess. I can’t bring myself to do it but, you can donate to him here.  Oh you can also help get rid of Ted Stevens in Alaska by donating to Mark Begich here.

Get on this now. I just donated $100.

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