Return To Fist City – 9.27.08

So I was in Richmond, VA over the weekend. I had to finally return the car I was borrowing from my parents. It is back to taking the subway for me. An hour away from my parents house I got a flat tire too. How fucking perfect is that. So close to home and POP! I was driving on 95 and there was almost no shoulder and cars were wizzing by at 80 MPH so I called the state police and asked them if they could send someone to set up some flares while I changed my tire. Instead they sent a little old fat man who fixed my tire for me. This was pretty embarrassing for me since I am a grown man and should be able to change my own damn tire, but yet this 70 year old guy is doing it for me. Luckily he couldn’t get the bolts off and I had to do it for me, saving me a little face.

Anyway I live near DC, but I took the drive down to Richmond to see some people and do a photo shoot with a Deviant Nation model named JessHawk. (Photos coming soon.) I met her at the NY Couture show and she lives in VA so we had to fuck shit up. I spent most of Sunday watching football and shooting her naked, but Saturday night was spent rocking out at Empire. I called a bunch of people and they were all going there. It was the birthday of the girl who introduced me to Burning Angel’s sister. It was also my friend Erin’s birthday and I had to take some photos. I really just planned on dancing, but out of force of habit I took some shots. I then went to a few house parties and watched some guys set a plastic magic 8 ball Jesus on fire. Which I assure you is important somehow. The highlight of my night was the girl I met who told me to meet her at last call and when I told her that I thought she was a bit to drunk to go home with she said in a a most adorable slur “Listen, this is my watering hole, I am a regular here, and I will take whoever I want home with me! You meet me at last call!” Also, important noting is that I didn’t get to any fist fights this trip and I was only threatened once! God I missed Richmond.

Check out the photos from Empire here… Note my new myspace photo below!





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Bullshit Update #381

I was in DC and VA this weekend.  Got back, went straight to work from the bus station, then straight to my friends birthday party, then I got into a big fight with her because I am a fucking asshole and now it’s 6 AM and I am going to sleep.  I have photos from the trip and fun stuff coming soon.  In the mean time enjoy this:

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RIP Paul Newman

Good Lemonade, great movies.  A legend died yesterday at age 83.  Paul Newman was one of the forefathers of competitive eating.  Newman’s record of 50 hard-boiled eggs stood for many years until Sonya Thomas ate 65 eggs in under 7 minutes. Bad ass motherfucker who even looked in a sun hat.  You will be missed. Comments (2)

Presidential Debates Tonight

I have to work so I am going to miss them… but why watch the debates when you can watch Hockey Mom the movie…

Holy shit I wish this were real… Of course I mean the movie, if Sarah Palin becomes president I carve my own head off with a hockey skate.

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Six Disco Six Down Sick – 9.23.08

So Tuesday or whatever, there were thing that happened at Happy Endings. Things you could not possibly understand! Or something. What? I don’t know.

Anyway, I sort of feel like I took some funny pictures. Maybe not some good ones, but some funny ones, so that is important. Below instead of my favorite pictures, I just posted the funny ones, but there are some more funny ones in the main gallery and a few good ones too.

After the party I watched X fight three random dudes for like thirty minutes. I was sort of just standing there to make sure he didn’t get jumped by all three of them at once. I didn’t really want to start punching strangers, so I am pretty glad it did not really come to that. Just screaming and yelling and a bloody lip and a a torn shirt and minor interactions with the cops. No one went to jail, life went on, good times. No pictures though, but there are pictures from before the fight so…

Click here to watch people lose their minds!






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Dave Hill’s Fashion Week

The first time I saw Dave Hill do stand up about two years ago he showed a video of him interviewing people at Fashion Week.  It pretty much blew me away.  Yesterday I got an email from him with the newest video in his Fashion Week series.  I think you need to check it out as it is once again amazing.  In fact, I am posting the newest one on top and then the older ones below.  Make sure you check Dave Hill online here, or if you speak Japanese here.

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Sammie Sixx

Missy who runs Bombshell Bratz came to NYC the other day and brought her friend Sammie with her.   I took some photos of them flashing strangers on the street which was pretty hilarious and then I broke into the front of a dentist’s office or something to take pictures.  Everyone walking by could see everything and Sammie was pretty into it. It was a lot of fun.  Clearly these pictures are NSFW.

Oh yeah, Bombshell Bratz isn’t up yet, so if you want to see more you are going to have to get a subscription to Deviant Nation.




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Pop Off – 9.20.08

You may notice that these photos are not your normal down town crowd.  This was due to the fact that I was working for Rebel and not the downstairs party and had to shoot everyone.  Each floor had a completely different type of party so, different types of people or something.  The other thing about these photos is that there are a lot of smoke machines at Rebel and that makes for some bad photos, so sorry about that.  It was still a pretty crazy night and I didn’t get home until like 7:30 AM or something.  Anyway, just check out the photos here.




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Super Bowl Bound

The Miami Dolphins could in fact be the greatest football team every to play the game of football.  Okay, maybe that is a slight exaggeration, but last week when they got embarrassed by the historically lowly Arizona Cardinals I was sure they were the worst team to ever play the game, so watching them beat the living snot out of the hated New England Patriots was enough to bring tears to my eyes.  Seriously, I only got 3 hours of sleep last night and I actually considered sleeping in and missing the game.  It would have been the first game I missed since 2003.  Thank god I woke up randomly at noon.

I am sure you don’t care but Ronnie Brown lined up as quarter back six times during the game and scored on 4 of those plays including a passing touchdown.  He rushed for over 100 yards with 5 scores.  Ricky Williams also had nearly 100 yards and they gave up no sacks and no turnovers.  Fucking brilliant.

Okay, so I am going to take a nap now, but Jesus fucking Christ I am ecstatic.  Miami Dolphins #1! Comments (2)

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