Trash – 8.29.08

Friday was my friend Nicole’s birthday party at Trash. I have been so busy on Fridays recently that it has been about two months since I have photographed Trash, which is sort of crazy since I probably went a year without missing it. Anyway, I showed up with Burning Angel’s Kandace and porn star Cherri Cola who were in town working on some sort of pornography related endeavor so I there are a few NSFW shots of them in here. The party was Velvet Goldmine themed so there were a few glamtastic looking people… after dinner I went with two of the people in full David Bowie gear and two go go dancers to a diner where we made quite a scene and met some dominatrixes who gave us a black lesbian porn film called “X-Rated Sistas 3” which I can’t believe I just found a link for on Hot Movies. Anyway, I got home at like 8am and slept pretty much my whole Saturday away. By Saturday night I was so fucking tired from sleeping so much that I just went back to sleep.

Update on the roommate situation as posted yesterday, I found someone to sublet for September, but I am going to need to find a roommate ASAP for October! Help if you can!

Oh! Also, another little anecdote from last night, a girl, I won’t mention any names saw I was a photographer and told me she was a make up artist. She handed me her card within the first 10 seconds of being introduced to her. With it she told me “Call me for work, or call me for sex, just call me.” It was pretty amazing.

Here are the photos from Friday.





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Roommate Needed ASAP!

Oh Jesus.  I thought my roommate was moving out NEXT month.  He is moving out  THIS month!

I need a roommate.  One that will sign a lease and actually stay for a year.

Here are the cons:
No cats/ dogs.
It is $1050 each.
I really don’t want people over here all the time so I am looking for non-drug using kids who do something with their life other than get drunk at parties.  That probably excludes 90% of people who read this site.

I live in South Willamsburg 10 minutes from the LES and from the East Village by train.  I live by the Hewes J, two stops from the city. I live by the Lorimer L two stops from the city and I live by a G train and you can get to midtown in 25 min via it and the E train assuming it is daylight hours.
The place is really big and clean and nice.  It is in a 100 year old building but it was redone a few years ago and looks awesome.  And I haven’t seen a roach in a year.
The neighbor hood is a Dominican neighborhood with lots of amazing shit that I thought only existed in movies: Stick ball, old dudes playing dominoes, little kids playing with fire hydrants in the summer.  it is very safe, pretty amazing, and not quite gentrified yet.  There is good food around and the bodega up the block makes some of the best foot long subs I have ever had in my life for 4 dollars.
I also own over 1000 DVDs and sometimes there are naked girls doing photo shoots in my house.

If you are from out of state, NYC is expensive, but Brooklyn is not.  Everything in my neighborhood is cheap as shit…. Except the rent.

Also I am looking for someone who does not have a lot of furniture.  There is a big room with a big closet for you, and if you have a couch I am all for getting rid of my futon.  There is also probably room for a kitchen table or a bookshelf in the kitchen.

I am a pretty easy person to live with, I have never had any roommates hate me or anything.  I’ve never really fought with anyone I have lived with, but I do keep weird hours and such.  I am mostly clean, and I expect you to be pretty good as well.

Okay.  In theory I need someone this weekend, but that is probably impossible, so if you can move in anytime in the next 33 days let me know.  Please let your friends know. I am freaking out.

They can contact me at!

Also I might be looking for a sublet for just this month if I find someone who can’t move in until October, which seem likely.

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Happy Endings Fight Movie

Oooh.  So I told you I would have video from the fight Tuesday night.  It is pretty blurry and I wasn’t looking in the camera when I was filming so I miss a lot of shit, but the audio is nice.  This is after the fight and this dude is just threatening the bouncers that he will be back.  There is also a little surprise at the end!

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Six Six Sick – 8.26.08

I ran out of batteries.  It was bullshit.  There was a pretty awesome fight between this dude an EVERY bouncer at Happy Endings.  I have a bit of footage of the end where he is just threatening them. I will try to post that tomorrow if it looks any good.  Pauly Crush from Orlando was DJing which was cool but he had to leave right as I was getting there. Other than that the night was pretty average.  I got a handful of pictures and a little bit of video and went home.




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Monsterpeice Theater

What the fuck? I remember Sesame Street pretty well… or so I thought. I guess I did not realize how many of their jokes are completely over little kids heads… and probably most normal adults. After seeing a very strange episode of Monsterpeice Theater on YouTube I decided to search out some of the strangest episodes. Each episode is a parody of Masterpiece Theater, only they mostly focus on obscure movies and they don’t really have anything to do with the movie. But it is pretty mind blowing. Just watch.

The 400 Blows
Ah, the Truffaut classic. French New Wave at it’s finest… Although this script is adapted slightly more literally… I think Grover does a pretty good job as Antoine Doniel… or maybe not. At least it has subtitles.
Monsters With Dirty Faces
Anyone who knows me should know that James Cagney is my favorite actor. One of his classic gangster films has been parodied here. I am not sure how many adults have seen Angels With Dirty Faces, much less little children, but other than the rough demeanor of the monsters and the Irish cop, they don’t have much in common. The quality on this video sucks, sorry.

Twin Beaks
This is how I found these videos and is probably one of the weirdest things I have ever seen. It features an interview with “David Finch” and thanks to an actual talking Log we find out the mystery of the town “Twin Beaks”. And I don’t want to ruin the surprise or anything but it has nothing to do with Laura Palmer.

There are a bunch of these online, but these three have to be my favorites.  And they teach us valuable lessons that we should remember always.  Remember that 400 is a really big number, always to wash your face, and that asking questions is important even if the creepy two faced birds wont tell you, you just keep asking and keep asking and eventually an anthropomorphic log will tell you everything you need to know.

This post was brought to you by the letter I and the number 7.

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If you have seen me recently I have been packing a video camera. I have been working on a web show for I shot a bunch of footage in May and that led to three episodes of the show the first of them is up now. Hopefully, things will go well and there will be a lot more videos to come… So if you see me out, think of your best stories of sex, drugs and rock and roll. I will be looking. Let me know what you think of the first episode.

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Body Work – 8.22.08

Last night I shot Body Work at Savalas in Brooklyn. Honestly I was not expecting a great time, but I was wrong. It was a blast. Dimitri and Rok killed it like expected and Franki Chan guest murdered the crowd. It was pretty much packed all night and even after 4 an over zealous bouncer had to cary a guy out of the club in most hilarious fashion… However the bouncer was new, and the guy was a regular and they let him back in to finish his drink. There were a lot of my old Virginia friends in the place for some reason which was cool and I took some of the hottest naked photos I have ever taken in the bathroom. Those will be up on Monday. But for now you can enjoy these wonders of photography and light here.





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Joe Biden Gets Barack Rolled

Senator Joe Biden of Delaware is going to be the next Vice President of the United States. Let’s give him some dancing music.

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A few weeks ago Krames asked me to shoot a photo of him for XLR8R magazine.  I went down to Happy Endings where he was DJing and we took some shots.  Then after he finished, we took some more.  After all that they used about a third of one of my photos and printed it about 2 inches high.  But then again, it was about three times as big as what they actually WROTE about Krames, so I guess it is pretty good after all.  Anyway, I picked up a copy of the issue, and the first thing I opened to was an article making fun of the Jump because it had like 30 hosts, which I was one of, and which Krames DJ’d.  So we had some positive press and negative press in the same issue.  Amazing.  Click the photos for the full article.



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