Dirty Polaroids

I spent a few hours today working on my topless Polaroid book. I probably haven’t talked about it on here in a while, but I have photographed hundreds of topless girls on Polaroid over the last 8 years. Not all of them have given me permisson to use theirs so I am somewhat limited, but I still have a ton to choose from. I am picking the best photos and writing a story about each girl and making it into a book. That will hopefully get published some how. Anyway, it has probably been up for a while, but I just noticed that a few of my polaroids were uploaded to the French website 50 Rooms. It is a pretty respected site as far as dirty Polaroids are concerned, so I am quite happy to be up there. In celebration here are a few newer topless polaroids that are not quite going to to make it into my book.

Click here to see my 50 Rooms shots, and click here to see the below images uncensored.


Stormy Leather

Burning Angel’s Draven

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  1. October 22nd, 2008 | 11:02 pm

    If you plan on taking any more polaroids (dirty or not) you better order your film online. I hear the film is being discontinued and is already hard to find.

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