Bad Kittys – 7.24.08

So, I wasn’t going to go out on Thursday.  I was on break.  No photos right?  Well that all got fucked up when I found out that Rony’s Photobooth was on tour, hitting up Beauty Bar’s all over this fine country of ours.  And at this very same time Beauty Bar NYC impresario Michael Stewart was finally turning 21 and I had to be there to see him take his first legal drink.  So my goal, of course, was to go out there for 30 minutes or something, say hi and go back home, get to sleep and get up early so I could get some shit done.  And, of course, I failed miserably.  Despite me barely being able to keep my eyes open I decided to pull out my camera because there were all these people I really wanted to see.  After that I wanted to make sure I got enough photos for a gallery so I kept sticking around, but I was too tired to shoot.  ALSO, amazingly I earlier in the day found out that my brand new camera is broken already and that it might not be covered under warranty.  So I was tired, and pissed and despite my need to get out of there, I was just socializing and not taking photos.  I was having a very good time talking to great peoples and such, but at some point I had enough, I had to get to sleep.  As I was leaving I offered two friends a ride home because I thought they lived near me.  After a missed exit and a lot of screaming we arrived at Popeye’s which while still open, was completely out of chicken.  What sort of madness is that?  So by the time I finally got them home, and me home, it was nearly 5 in the morning and I still had to get the Jump photos to the Village Voice.

Despite that bullshit, it was actually a really fun night.

Moving on, I wanted to address one thing.  Rony, what is up with the Bad Kittys thing.  Shouldn’t it be Bad Kitties?  Or is it Bad Kitty’s?  In that case what or who is Bad Kitty and what is she possessing.  Fill a brother in.

Lastly, the pictures from the night are here.  They are taking with my old camera, and I did not take many, so we are just going to have to deal with that.






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  1. bill
    July 26th, 2008 | 4:59 pm

    what’s wrong with the new camera? As a fellow nikon guy I’m curious?
    Im planning on getting the D700 soon and they pretty much have the same body.

  2. July 26th, 2008 | 7:50 pm

    totally jealous of the full frame on the d700
    i bent a pin on the card reader
    i have no idea why nikon uses compact flash, it is the third time i have bent a pin, although twice were on these cheap ass adapters that it is almost hard NOT to bend them. i had no problem with bent pins on my d70, but from what i have read online, it is a very common problem with anywhere from 150-500 price tag to fix….
    the nikon approved camera store in NYC is closed on wed, and i cant get it to the shop monday so I am going to have to wait until tuesday to see if its under warranty

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